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Chapter 3.1: To Invert Black and White

On one side Liang DaZhuang just entered the room, and on the other Tang TieHan and Tang TieCheng had brought their men and rushed to Hu XiaoTian’s front. The sight of Hu XiaoTian half naked in loose shorts had the Tang brothers baring their eyes round like a tiger, and flaming anger burning on the inside.

Tang TieHan pointed his knife at Hu XiaoTian and said, “Hu XiaoTian, what did you do to my sister?”

Hu XiaoTian smiled widely and said, “What do you want me to do to her?”

“Erk…” Tang TieHan actually got caught off guard by the question, as he scratched his head, turned towards his second brother Tang TieCheng and asked quietly, “Second bro, what do we want him to do?”

Tang TieCheng roared, “DOH! Brat, if you dare touch even a hair of my sister’s, we brothers will burn your whole Shang mansion until not even a single tile is left!”

Tang TieHan poked his brother once, “Second bro, he already did, he already did!” Just moments ago Hu XiaoTian had sliced a thread of his sister’s hair right in front of his face; Tang TieHan is an honest man who says exactly what he sees.
Tang TienCheng breathed angrily, “Why didn’t you say earlier! Hu XiaoTian, if you dare touch even a finger of my sister’s…”

Hu XiaoTian interrupted him and said, “Cut the bullshit; I’ve touched your sister from head to toe. Now what?”


It is at this moment Liang DaZhuang escorted Tang QingXuan out of the room with a waist knife. This guy had gone in hoping to get a neat view, but the moment he entered the room and saw Tang QingXuan perfectly neatly dressed he could not help but be disappointed. The Young Master is just too darn shady; he ate the meat but didn’t even leave a drop of soup for his servant! You’ve finished your good business, so what’s the rush in putting back all her clothes? And she’s wrapped up so tightly too; it’ll be great if I can even catch a glimpse. Liang DaZhuang cursed so in his heart, but his expression was fierce like a demon as he walked to Hu XiaoTian’s front with his knife now held against Tang QingXuan’s neck. By now he has fully calmed down and with some confidence in his heart, his words also became unusually imposing.
“Get back! Get back right now, or would you like to try and see if I’ll cut her!”

Tang TieHan clasped his head miserably and said, “Here we go again…” He had absolutely no way of dealing with this hand and even Tang TieCheng is a little dumbfounded. What can they do? Their sister is in the enemy’s hands; it is like wanting to toss at a rat but being afraid of breaking the vase.

Seeing that the group was frightened by him, Liang DaZhuang could not help but feel proud of himself, and just as he was about to pull out some more awesome words he felt a light pat onto his shoulders.
Hu XiaoTian nodded towards him and said, “Get out of the way, get out of the way, you’re blocking the camera dammit!”

Although Liang DaZhuang did not know what a camera is, he does know that he’s blocking the young master. But Liang DaZhuang thinks he meant well because he just wants to protect the young master. What an ungrateful person, just like dog bites Lü Dongbin*, Liang DaZhuang muttered in his heart, but he obediently pulled Tang QingXuan and took a step backward.
Tang QingXuan glared fiercely at Hu XiaoTian with her beautiful eyes as if she wanted to swallow his heart.

It is only then Hu XiaoTian noticed that a piece of cloth had been stuffed into her mouth. Obviously, this is Liang DaZhuang’s work; no wonder the girl was so quiet the entire time. The cur; he didn’t mooch off her did he? He knew he was trouble the moment he saw him.

Hu XiaoTian took a step forward, “Who was the one who said he wanted to burn down the Shang mansion?”

Tang TienHan glanced towards his brother, and Tang TieChen slapped his own chest and said, “I, Your Father, am the one who said it. If you dare touch a finger of my sister’s, I will burn down the whole Shang mansion until not a tile is left!”

Hu XianTian stretches a hand to fondle Tang QingXuan’s small hands, before lifting his magnificently curved chin and laughed with a ‘hehe’, “Okay I touched her. Burn the place!”
“Erk… Do you think I’m a coward… Bring me a torch!”

Sure enough, amongst hundreds of people, there will always be a troublemaker, and one such person passed a torch over as Tang TieCheng lifted it and began searching for a good lighting spot.

Hu XianTian said, “It’s easy to light a fire, but difficult to stop it. If you torch the place now there will be no turning back. Setting aside the question whether the whole lot of us can get out of here alive, the moment the government hears about the burning of Shang mansion your whole family would not be able to avoid an ending by execution.”

Tang TieCheng felt his heart shudder, the torch coming to a sudden stop in his hand, “You’re threatening me?”

Hu XiaoTian said, “You brought hundreds of men over, you forced your way into the mansion, you beat up my servants, you made a horrible mess out of the entire place and now you even want to burn down my house! Just what difference is there between you and a bandit?”

“You’re the bandit, you kidnapped my sister…”

Hu XiaoTian laughed “hehe” coldly, “But we’re on my home ground man. I have both witness and evidence, and I’ll say that you brought hundreds of my men into my home illegally with the intent of robbery. Who do you think the government will believe, me or you?”

Tang TieHan said, “You clearly kidnapped my sister and she’s still tied up as your hostage right now! Do not speak nonsense!”

Tang TieCheng said, “Don’t listen to him, big bro, if he has witnesses then we too have witnesses, and a lot more too…”

“So what if you have more people?” Hu XiaoTian was starting to realize that these people’s intellect was worryingly low, as he took another step, “What is it if not robbery to bring hundreds of armed men into the mansion without permission? Or are you rebelling?”


“What you? By the law of DaKang, if it is proven that you are plotting to rebel, then every single one of you will have your entire families executed!”

Huala! The whole group behind the Tang brothers unanimously took two steps backward because of Hu XiaoTian’s threat. He wasn’t wrong in that if they were to be accused of treason, it truly would end up in execution all the way unto the 3rd generation.

Tang TieCheng roared furiously, “Do you think I got this far frightened? I absolutely I will not forgive you today, Hu XiaoTian!”

“Give it up, do you seriously think a loud voice makes you impressive? Fuck you! Holding that damn torch yelling about burning the mansion; aren’t you tired waving it about and doing nothing? C’mon, the whole gang’s here to cheer you on, waiting for you to bring the fire. You can’t possibly think to disappoint them? Just do it already!”

Tang TieCheng bit his lips, and it was at this moment a black dressed man squeezed in from the back, causing the man at the front to trip and accidentally strike Tang TieCheng on the arm. The hand on the torch slipped for just a second, and with a “Hu!” it flew out to the open.

Everyone stared at the torch as it flew high in the sky before finally landing on top of the grass kiosk at the garden. Since the top of the grass kiosk is all, well, grass, plus it had been dried under the sun for an entire day and susceptible to burning at the tiniest spark, with a “Hong!” it burned instantly and within moments the whole kiosk was enveloped in fire.

The group from Tang family immediately looked stunned. Tang TieCheng roared furiously, “Which one of you son of a bitches hit me?”

Every person behind his back immediately looked towards one another. No one dared to admit that they were the one who ran into him.

Someone cried, “The kiosk is on fire… The kiosk is on fire…”

Hu XiaoTian glared ruthlessly at Tang TieCheng, “You actually burned it?”

Tang TieCheng replied, “I didn’t do it!” He turned to his brother hoping that he would become his witness. But Tang TieHan misunderstood his meaning, “I didn’t burn it too; the torch is in your hands. It has nothing to do with me!” Fuck, not even his own brother could be counted upon.

Although the kiosk was on fire, since it was situated beside the garden’s pond, it was likely that the fire would not spread inside the mansion and onto other buildings.

Tang TieHan knew that burning the Shang mansion was definitely no small matter, and so he immediately ordered his men to put out the fire before it could spread. At the same time, the Hu family’s servants had heard of the commotion and rushed over. The blue and black Hu Fuo yelled loudly, “The Tang family had set the mansion on fire! the Tang family had set the mansion on fire!”

The scene dissolved into a mess, and at this moment someone cried, “Big bro… the calvary’s official’s here!”

Liang DaZhuang suddenly was not afraid any longer. He didn’t think his young master was too cool, in fact, he felt like the most awesome person on the scene right now was none other than himself. It was he who had a knife on Tang QingXuan’s neck and intimidated all these people from careless acts. But every person has some level of manipulative streak and self-gratification, and with Tang QingXuan under his control, Liang DaZhuang was starting to feel smug again. This guy brandished the knife in his hand and roared loudly, “Get down now and be ready to be arrested!”

Within his own delusion, he accidentally blocks half of Hu XiaoTian’s view, and Hu XiaoTian glared again with extreme dissatisfaction at this useless servant. This fucker’s blocking my limelight again. Does he not know who is the lead and who is the support? This kind of servant who buries the hooks with padding is just too short-sighted.

Thankfully, Liang DaZhuang quickly came to his senses and pulled Tang QingXuan to the back. It is at this moment a black shadow suddenly shot down from the roof behind him, and when he finally noticed it the hilt of the sword had already slammed into his wrist. Liang Da Zhuang shrieked once horribly, and his knife fell to the floor with a “Dang Lang” sound.

A curvaceous figure flew down from above the roof. A roof at least thirty feet tall; cleared so cleanly it was as if she was a bird. Her head wore a black gauze hero cap, her body clad in purple cardigan moire brocade robe, on the inside a red martial artist’s shirt, and black thin heel boots. Her skin both white and soft, eyebrows straight as a sword piercing deep into the hair, a pair of bright eyes as cold as autumn’s spring, valiant and formidable, light as a frightened dragon, she is none other than the government’s top constable Mu Rong Fei Yan, and as she flipped multiple times in the air the surrounding people gave a unanimous applause.

Hu XiaoTian had to admit that her flips were indeed impressive, but at the same time he could not help but feel puzzled in his heart. Is every woman in this era born a gymnast? Nearly al of them make their appearances by doing front flips a few times plus three hundred and sixty degrees body spins; was she that afraid that her somersaulting capabilities wouldn’t be known by the whole world? Flashy. This is just way too flashy.

But although Mu Rong Fei Yan’s movements were flashy, her actions were without hesitance. Before Liang DaZhuang could reach she had already lifted a foot to kick him away from Tang QingXuan’s side. With her left hand she pulled Tang QingXuan into her guard, and with her right she pointed her long sword right at Hu XiaoTian. Originally Hu XiaoTian should have the time to escape the moment she jumped downwards, but he then realized that Liang DaZhuang, the coward was so pathetic he could not stand a single blow. Therefore Hu XiaoTian’s first reaction wasn’t to escape but to control Tang QingXuan. Only then he could control these people, and force the Tang family to be as hesitant as the man tossing at the rat behind the vase.

Hu XiaoTian’s plan had zero faults really, but there were deviations when things entered the execution phase. To begin with, he had severely overestimated Liang DaZhuang’s abilities. Next, he thought that the handsome-looking crossdressing chick just had a showy front with no real abilities to follow up with, and the third he had believed himself to be able to fully control Tang QingXuan within this short period of time. But when the action finally started, only then Hu XiaoTian realized that he was dead wrong. In the end, it all came down to the fact that he overestimated his own abilities.

Liang DaZhuang did not provide any sort of resistance against Mu Rong Fei Yan at all. Hu XiaoTian barely got his hands on Tang QingXuan’s sleeves before she was snatched away by Mu Rong Fei Yan, who had then pushed her long sword against his throat. On instinct, Hu XiaoTian closed his eyes under the pressure of its cold, hard shine.

It was now Liang DaZhuang climbed back to his feet with a swollen face, and the moment he saw his young master was captured he yelled and rushed forwards. Mu Rong Fei Yan did not even look at him as she planted a backward kick squarely on this guy’s chest. Immediately Liang DaZhuang let out an even more earth-shattering scream than the one before, and he sank to the ground on all fours.

Mu Rong Fei Yang glared coldly at Hu XiaoTian. Hu XiaoTian showed no fear whatsoever as he smiled towards this crossdressing chick and said, “Hey babe. And you are?”

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