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Chapter 3.2
Doctoring the world: CHAPTER 3 2/3

March 7, 2018jinxcharllet

Hu XiaoTian listened to the other side who was a female police officer, immediately he felt disappointed, but because the other side was a female police officer he didn’t recklessly do anything, he stretched out his hand, and lightly flicked the sword away with his finger and said:“Could I trouble you to move the sword away, if you were incorrigible it would not be good.”

Of course Murong Feiyan didn’t know what the word incorrigible meant, coldly said: “You are a Da kang citizen, the son of an offical of the court, bathing in the emperor’s favour/grace,but doesn’t set an example to make a difference, going as far as to shamelessly kidnap women in broad daylight, 你可知罪[do you acknowledge your sin?]”

Hu XiaoTian listened to Murong Feiyan’s interrogation[string of questions], he immediately understood that this lad/girl was a black whistle [tln:saying things without know what’s going on], I say, have you properly understood/investigated the circumstances/context or not? As soon as you came, you have placed all the charges on the head of this father of mine, have I mislead u? Hu XiaoTian determined this Mu Rong Lad/girl is not here to become the enemy of his family, but was here to form a friendship with the Tang Family, thus showing biased/favouritism .[偏袒]。

Hu XiaoTian said :“In broad daylight, you break into houses, carrying a weapon, threatening the safety of my law-abiding citizens,你可知罪?[do you acknowledge your sin?]” Murong Feiyan said:“I am a police officer! It is my duty to eliminate crime.”

Hu XiaoTian said:“Are you really a detective/police officer?Do you have a search warrant?What kind of place do you think Shangshu mansion is? Come on? ” This sentence that he said to Murong Feiyan was only to probe at her, the word [Search Warrant] is a bit unfamiliar to her, but who knows if she really knew,Hu XiaoTian didn’t guess wrong,Murong family and the Tang family are family friends,Murong Feiyan and Tang QingXuan are close/best friends, once she heard that Tang QingXuan had been held captive she immediately brought people over, without thinking about going to the JingZhao YinHong[尹洪] office first to apply for a search warrant,if it was an ordinary case,the procedure could be done half heartly, but today she broke into ShangShu mansion, the ministry of Commerce’s house, who has a deep

relationship with the emperor, even her boss was not even a 3rd rank offical, she suddenly realised, that today she may have stabbed a big leak.

Hu XiaoTian was watching Murong Feiyan expression the whole time, seeing hesitation in her eyes, he immediately speculated that this lad/girl Murong feiyan had been shocked by his words, didn’t you know that I also took a masters degree in psychology?

Hu XiaoTian used his hand to carefully hold the blade, and slowly backed away, moving his neck away from the tip of the sword, then took a step back.  

Murong Feiyan pretty eyes flickered, her mind was muddled with indecisiveness, however, today her priorities lay in saving lives,, other things can wait until she is done, you can run but you cannot hide, she pulled the cloth off Tang QingXuan‘s mouth, and used the sword to cut the rope that tied Tang QingXuan, Tang QingXuan felt extreme shame and anger, once she was free, she grabbed Murong Feiyan ‘s sword from her hand and charged over, she shouted: “You Kinky/obscene thief ! I’ll kill you!” and ran/charged towards Hu XiaoTian.
XiaoTian this anger ah,a bunch of cowardly waste, we used to eat our own family to save our skin, this old man only needs your protection for a while, one after another faster than a rabbit fleeing, called it, no professional ethics at all. Hu XiaoTian these four months of training cannot be topped, running away like the wind is very becoming of a man, not to mention the constraints of the robe today, wearing only a pair of shorts, with big strides, and a beautiful/graceful/elegant pace, shaking off Tang QingXuan is not a piece of cake。

In terms of running, Tang QingXuan was a 100 percent not Hu XiaoTian a match, though others can do martial arts, seeing that he was unable to drive her away, Hu XiaoTian bend towards the ground, then thrust forward into the sky and flew, and twist and turned three hundred and sixty degrees, no! Seven hundred and twenty degrees.

Hu XiaoTian looked up while running, seeing that the Tang lad/girl was catching up to him, I’ll say, this flying thing is faster than running. Cheating! Cornering is cheating! Hu XiaoTian saw the same as the goshawk rabbit dive down figure of Tang QingXuan, from her face it

it can be seen that she has clearly completely lost her mind, once a woman has lost her mind everything comes out, but the hero doesn’t have an immediate loss.

Guards, guards! Hu XiaoTian realised that the family guards were running faster than him, but there was a loyal, in the most crucial moment, Liang DaZhuang from the ground dizzily climbed up, this servent wasn’t thinking of doing it for his master, he just happened to get up, while thinking of dodging to the side, stay away from this piece of land. But his tall, fat figure just became a great cove, Liang DaZhuang went around his servent, and shoved/pushed him out .

Liang DaZhuang wasn’t fully awake yet though, and saw Tang QingXuan swinging her sword from the air, only the did he understand why the young master pushed himself, this servant screams, efforts were used up when I was taking care of you: “I’ll fudge your uncle……”Although this sentence was used to curse Tang QingXuan. this was also to curse at Hu XiaoTian , he was a servant, he sold his body not his life, Why are you so mean I went as far as to block a sword for you.

It’s a good thing that Tang QingXuan was skillful, and retracted her sword with ease. seeing that Liang DaZhuang was shoved away, keep her sword away, then using her small legs to kick, Peng!sound, then thrust forward from Liang DaZhuang’s thick melon head, though her feet are small , the power was not light, Liang DaZhuang was kicked by such soft legs, Dong!He knelt on the ground, if not this earth-shattering kneeling played a buffer role, he was afraid his head would have been push into his stomach.

Hu XiaoTian as a result, he got a respite / breather , he didn’t continue running, because infront Tang TieHan lead a group of people to block, Hu XiaoTian dipped his head to turn towards Murong feiyan and ran towards her, in the eyes of outsiders-it didn’t make sense, but Hu XiaoTian went to look for Murong feiyan which was actually the most safest place, she is jing Zhang’s fastest/strongest female officer, and should be one of the most knowledgeable and law-abiding people in this group, cannot stand to watch this lad/girl dig her own grave, the sword is grabbed

is grabbed by the girl from her hand, if anything unexpected unfortunte was to happen, she cannot escape being guilty.  

Hu XiaoTian’s masters degree in psychology was not taken blindly with luck, Murong feiyan saw that Hu XiaoTian was running towards her, she show an expression that was contradictory and complicated.

Tang QingXuan used Liang DaZhuang head as rebounding force, was in the air to two backflips plus seven hundred and twenty degrees swivel, and once again approached Hu Xiaotian, angrily said: “kinky thief! Watch the sword!”

At this critical moment Murong feiyan grasp Hu XiaoTian’s arm, took the lead, and pulled him behind her.

Tang QingXuan did not expect Murong feiyan to help Hu XiaoTian, the sword that was to stab him midway had to pause, she was full of confusion:“Big sister Murong, step aside!”

But Murong feiyan replied:“QingXuan!Calm down!”

Tang QingXuan angrily shouted: “I will absolutely kill this kinky thief today!”

Hu XiaoTian listen to the conversation between the two of them, and understood,these two lad/girl were childhood friends, no wonder this female catapult came to the scene at a very fast pace. 

Tang QingXuan want to bypass Murong feiyan with a the sword that ready to stab/kil, Murong feiyan was actually in the position of a good friend, but she still has to up hold her position in jing zhao government as the top female officer, and is familiar with Da Kang’s laws, Tang QingXuan was on the verge/really wanted to kill/cut down Hu XiaoTian, only afraid that this troublesome situation would turn into a big mess, even the prince commits sin onto people, but Hu XiaoTian’s sin had not reached to the point of murder, looking at Tang QingXuan’s clothes were neat and tidy,doesn’t look like she was violated in any way, even if Hu XiaoTian were guilty, he would still go through a trial sentence first. Seeing that Tang QingXuan was about to stab again, Murong feiyan reached out to stop her by grabbing her wrist, she whispered: “ QingXuan, you must calm down !”

Tang QingXuan felt ashamed and urgent, even her eyes were turning red, clenched her teeth and yelled: “Big sister Murong, if you still value our long years of friendship, then let go/step aside, I will definitely kill this kinky thief.”

Hu XiaoTian was hiding behind Murong feiyan’s back, facing back to back he said: “Official Murong, you may Murong, you may be a law enforcer, being unbiased judgement, telling what is right from wrong, lets go to the court so that all is clear.”

Murong feiyan turned around and glance for a moment, my feelings tell me that i should defend the law of the universe that was originally myduty,still need your reminders from a rich playboy? A little distracted, but to think that Tang QingXuan had hit her shoulder with her palm, Murong feiyan staggered back, Murong feiyan didn’t actually think that Tang QingXuan would actually lift a hand and start a fight , throughout the whole Tang family Tang QingXuan had the worst temper, stubborn temper, after she suffered such a humiliation, right now an idea remained in Hu XiaoTian that was like being pricked by much tension.

Tang QingXuan sheathed her sword, seeing that Hu XiaoTian was speedinging up to flee, Murong feiyan who was taken advantage of was standing firm, the sword in her hand flew out, cold light flashed straight pass near Hu XiaoTian’s heart。

Hu XiaoTian heard the wind that the sword cut, immediately felt anything but assured, the hairs on his body stood up, his heart cry, I’m dead too, his already knew that the lad/miss was stubborn, so he didn’t drag on to make it look like a soap opera , he a clever person may have become the victim of his own ingenuity (tln: he’s too smart for his own good), the hard earned windows of opportunity that he made for himself were squandered by himself, i’m dead too, egret ah!

The sword’s edge was a foot away from Hu XiaoTian, Murong feiyan ‘s pretty face turned pale, even if she wanted to salvage the situation it was too late , her heart complained bitterly, my silly sister , if Hu XiaoTian really died, who knows how many heads will roll.

A iron-sword figure stabbed over, Dang! The sound, the place where the sword was thrown hit just underneath Hu XiaoTian, so the sword was hit like this, it immediately deviated from it original path, diagonally fly out in the garden grass.

Life and death moment but the personal guard Hu Tianxiong at the scene, just in time to see Tang QingXuan going to stab Hu XiaoTian, Hu Tianxiong skillfully shot vibrating sword out , and brought Hu XiaoTian back to the side of the living.

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