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Lowly Young Miss of a Prime Minister’s Manor, What Were You Thinking

The matter that Feng Yu Heng sought Yao Xian for help was the matter of Bai Fu Rong being poisoned. She and Yao Xian quickly returned to her courtyard, telling Huang Quan and Wang Chuan that they would not be receiving guests. They then went straight into the medicine storage room.

Inside the pharmacy, Yao Xian saw the comatose Bai Fu Rong and was also shocked: “Is this rapid aging disease?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “It’s very strange, isn’t it? I also never thought that someone would be able to produce a medicine that could cause rapid aging disease in this era. Grandfather, as you see it, can this be treated?”

Yao Xian thought for a bit then very cautiously said: “This sort of illness was considered a difficult problem in the modern medical world. Top medical experts have researched this illness without any results. But I once participated in a medical conference. During this seminar, there was one medical expert that had brought up the idea of “injecting new life” by using the extracted disease and performing a trial in reverse. The result of this reversed trial would then be used as a type of medicine and injected back into the patient. At that time, his draft was still rudimentary and did not receive approval from the conference. I had also never seen a patient with rapid aging disease. But after seeing her today, I recalled this matter.”

Feng Yu Heng began thinking carefully for a long time. Yao Xian was a specialist in cytopathic bacteria. He was different from her. Her specialization was surgery. This sort of medicine was something that she had heard of before, and it was not completely unacceptable. Either way, Bai Fu Rong did not have any other treatment options. It would be better to give it a try. It would be much better than waiting for her to die.

“Then grandfather, let’s give it a try!” She said to Yao Xian, “When this matter has been resolved, there is another matter that needs to be verified.”

Yao Xian cast an inquisitive gaze at her; however, Feng Yu Heng did not continue to speak, changing the subject and asking him: “How is Yao shi?” After so many incidents, she could no longer bring herself to call that woman mother in front of her grandfather. Finally, that was no longer her mother.

Yao Xian could also feel the change in Feng Yu Heng’s heart and quietly sighed, saying: “I bought a small residence for her, and it’s not far from the Yao manor. Every now and then, your aunts will go and visit her. There’s nothing wrong, and she’s fine. She just keeps worrying about Zi Rui.”

In truth, Feng Yu Heng really wanted to ask if Yao shi had ever worried about her, but hearing Yao Xian’s tone, it was most likely that her thoughts were unrelated to her. Thus she smiled bitterly and told Yao Xian: “That child Zi Rui is also one that can’t be held down. He actually snuck out on his own and went over to the Eastern border to meet up with his Highness the seventh prince. Fortunately, eunuch Zhang noticed and sent hidden guards along to protect him until Zi Rui arrived at seventh brother’s place.”

Yao Xian also felt helpless. In regards to Zi Rui, his feelings toward Zi Rui were never as warm as the feelings that he felt toward Feng Yu Heng. After all, the one before him was his own granddaughter from his previous life, while he was the body’s original owner’s grandson.

The two continued to chat for a while before Feng Yu Heng left the space on her own, leaving Yao Xian inside her pharmacy.

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan were waiting outside. Upon seeing her come out, Wang Chuan immediately asked: “Young miss, will you be going to the Feng residence today?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Un, no matter what is said, I need to go and take a look. Prepare some banknotes. In a moment, buy some things along the way. In any case, we need to give off the appearance of paying them a visit.”

Wang Chuan complied and went to the treasury. Huang Quan dragged Feng Yu Heng into the room to get changed. At the same time, she told her: “That Prince Lian has taken an interest in Fu Ya and insisted on investigating why she so closely resembles young miss. Fu Ya avoided him the entire time. After returning to the manor, she could no longer hide, and the two chatted for half of the night.”

Feng Yu Heng was also helpless. When she got back, she would need to think of a way to quickly disperse these people. Keeping them in the imperial daughter’s manor the entire time was not something that could be done. She asked Huang Quan: “Where’s Li Sheng?”

Huang Quan said: “That one really does come close to fulfilling the role of princess. Prince Lian and Fu Ya were chatting, and she just accompanied them to the side. From time to time, she would massage Prince Lian’s shoulders. She was very kind.”

Feng Yu Heng found it a little hard to face what sort of people she brought into the manor. Shaking her head in irritation, she brought Huang Quan and quickly left the manor.

Wang Chuan’s side also quickly chased over, holding a basket of fruit. She told Feng Yu Heng: “These were all sent in the morning. This servant has already picked some to bring along. Bringing them to the Feng family will also look good.”

Huang Quan smirked, “But of course, the current Feng family would struggle if they wanted to eat any fruit.”

As she said this, the group got into the imperial carriage and headed toward the Feng residence. Along the way, they stopped to buy some presents. By the time they arrived at the Feng residence’s entrance, the driver outside began to say: “Why is the Feng residence so lively today. They shouldn’t be waiting to receive young miss, right?” While he said this, he reduced the speed of the carriage and turned around to lift the curtain, saying to the people inside: “Young miss, there are a large number of people surrounding the Feng residence.”

Feng Yu Heng stood up and took a few steps forward, very quickly seeing the situation in front of the Feng residence. She though a bit and had the driver stop the carriage. She then brought Wang Chuan and Huang Quan out of the carriage to find an intersection to stand in.

Before they could get closer to the crowd, the surrounding citizens’ voices could already be heard, with one of them saying: “Who knew that the prime minister’s manor’s second young miss would be so humble, actually coming to apologize herself. She really is a good girl!”

To the side, a young woman said: “Speaking of, it should have been the Feng family’s third young miss that went to apologize. After all, it was her embroidery that ruined the wedding clothes. A maidservant venting by cursing isn’t much. On the contrary, the young miss of the noble prime minister’s manor personally coming to apologize, this Feng family’s third young miss holds herself too high.”

There were also people that spoke up for the Feng family: “This matter never should have happened to begin with! When looking to get wedding clothes embroidered, why not just ask for an embroiderer to do it. Insisting on troubling the Feng family’s third young miss, why should she embroider it for her!”

Someone immediately rejected this idea: “If you don’t want to embroider it, they definitely could have rejected this job. Why did they need to agree? After agreeing, they embroidered a pair of common ducks. Isn’t it clear that she was trying to humiliate her.”

“Right! Right! The Feng family’s third young miss went too far! The prime minister’s manor’s young miss needs to get a fair ruling!” For a while, the surrounding citizens became agitated, expressing their discontent for the young miss from the prime minister’s manor.

At this time, a weak but beautiful voice came from a girl inside the crowd: “It’s not like that! Everyone, stop saying things like this!” The voice sounded a bit worried, “I came today to apologize to the Feng family’s third young miss for the commotion that my maidservant caused at the embroidery shop. This matter is all our fault. It cannot be blamed on third young miss Feng. I ask everyone to stop saying things like this. If you continue like this, I will feel even guiltier!”

Feng Yu Heng squeezed forward and was finally able to see Lu Yao’s appearance.

“Her looks are quite good.” She quietly said: “Her actions are also quite good.”

Huang Quan snorted coldly and said: “Why does she look so contentious? If you want to apologize, just apologize. Knock and go inside. What’s the purpose of getting so many citizens to surround the entrance?”

Feng Yu Heng squinted her eyes, what was the purpose? She had seen this trick too many times. She really had to thank the heavens for arranging to place her in this Feng family after the transmigration. During her time with the Feng family, she had seen all kinds of tricks and people. It was to the point that she could clearly determine whether someone was a pure white lotus or a green tea bitch.*

She looked at the girl ahead of her with a worried expression that was trying to stop the citizens that were speaking up for her and snorted to herself. This sort of person wanted to marry into the Yao family and ruin her cousin. What did Lu Yao take the Yao family for?

At this time, Xiang Rong came out of the Feng residence’s entrance with Shan Cha at her side. With a look of confusion, she looked at Lu Yao in a daze. After a long time, she asked: “Young miss, are you looking for me?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed. Coming to apologize, yet you don’t report your name. This Lu Yao’s ideas really were great!

Just as she was thinking this, Lu Yao took a step forward, bringing her maidservant forward. She then suddenly bowed deeply. After partially kneeling, she did not stand back up. Instead, she said: “This young girl came today to apologize to third young miss Feng. Yesterday, I have offended you and hope that third young miss Feng will be magnanimous in forgiving me.”

“Hm?” Xiang Rong was puzzled, “You are apologizing to me? Quickly get up.” She reached up to help Lu Yao; however, this was avoided, as she continued to remain kneeling without getting up. Xiang Rong was a little anxious, “Speak clearly about the situation. I don’t know who you are. Where is there any mention of offending the other?”

At this time, someone from the crowd raised their voice to say: “She is the second young miss of the dignified left prime minister’s manor, and she has personally come to apologize to you. Just stop pretending. The young miss of the prime minister’s manor came and performed such a grand salute, yet you still are not willing to be lenient. Really, the current Feng family is just a common family, yet you still hold yourself so highly.”

Xiang Rong finally remembered at this time and looked at Lu Yao in surprise: “You are the second young miss of the prime minister’s manor?”

Lu Yao nodded and said with an apologetic look: “Yesterday, my maidservant was unreasonable and went to cause a commotion in front of your embroidery shop. This caused a great deal of trouble for third young miss. After I heard this, I had trouble sleeping for a night. Early this morning, I rushed over to apologize to third young miss. A servant’s mistakes are the mistakes of the master. I hope that third young miss will forgive Lu Yao!”

The more she spoke like this, the more anxious Xiang Rong became. Working together with Shan Cha, she finally managed to get Lu Yao to stand up. Xiang Rong helplessly said: “This matter was originally my fault. I have already prepared the money to repay the cost of the Sichuan brocade and was preparing to visit young miss Lu to apologize. Who knew that you would come here.”

Lu Yao repeatedly waved her hand: “No need. There’s no need for you to make reparations. It’s not easy for you to save up some money. Speaking of, the reason that I wanted you to do the embroidery was to give you a chance to earn a gift and ease… ease… hah, my meaning was that I understand the Feng family’s situation. Right now, my father is the prime minister, and I was hoping to help you. Who knew that it would arouse the anger of third young miss Feng. That resulted in a pair of common ducks being embroidered. This matter was me not being thorough in my thinking. Third young miss, don’t be angry anymore. As long as you can calm down, no matter what you ask of me, I will accept apologizing in any way.”

The citizens were truly unable to continue watching, all of them criticizing Xiang Rong: “Feng family’s girl, don’t be too egregious. She’s is the young miss of the prime minister’s manor, and you are currently nothing. Why are you still not kneeling to thank her for her grace?”

Tears were welling up in Xiang Rong’s eyes. A feeling of sorrow washed over her heart. She took a step back and was about to kneel to thank Lu Yao for her grace, hoping that the matter would be resolved quickly.

However, at this moment, a girl’s voice came from the crowd filled with pressure, saying: “Lowly young miss of a prime minister’s manor actually dares to have this imperial daughter’s younger sister embroider your wedding clothes. What exactly were you thinking?”

*TN: A green tea bitch is a person that looks innocent but is actually calculating and manipulative. Ex. Feng Chen Yu

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