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Top Scholar Is in the Yao Family

Feng Yu Heng’s actions caused the members of the Yao family to feel very moved. After all, her current status was different. She was conferred the title of imperial daughter Ji An, and this title of imperial daughter was obtained through her own merits. But for the current Feng Yu Heng to put aside her status and kneel and pay respects to them, this meant that this child was not overly prideful. Instead, she was respectful to her elders and kind to others. It was as they had thought, she was their favorite Heng.

There was naturally no need for this between Yao Xian and Feng Yu Heng, but the uncles were too moved. Earlier, the eldest uncle, Yao Jing Jun, had patted her head. This time, the second uncle, Yao Jing Xiao, and the third uncle, Yao Jing Yue, went forward to help Feng Yu Heng up.

Feng Yu Heng felt her arms being held tightly, but it was without ill intent. Instead, it was a feeling of not knowing how to express their doting love. It left her feeling filled with love.

With the uncles and aunts having had their chance to cherish her, the six cousins were also itching to go. Unfortunately, Yao Xian did not give them the chance. Waving his hand, he said: “Stop holding onto Heng. Let her get some rest. Did we not prepare some refreshments? Bring them up, bring them up. Let’s speak while eating.” He then said to Feng Yu Heng: “To be returning from the imperial palace at this time, you must have already eaten dinner, thus I did not have them prepare it. Just some refreshments have been prepared. This will also give us a chance to talk.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, expressing that she thought the arrangements were good.

Very quickly, tea, pastries and fruit were brought out, with two of each being placed on each table. Feng Yu Heng received some special treatment. The head madam, Xu shi, pointed at the excellent pastries and said to Feng Yu Heng: “Look at how pretty these things are. Just looking at them will make you hungry! Hah, it’s a pity that there isn’t a daughter to enjoy these pastries that I made.” While saying this, she picked up a pastry and personally placed it in Feng Yu Heng’s mouth.

Feng Yu Heng ate it and found that it was indeed delicious, thus she smiled and said: “Either way, the imperial daughter’s manor is right next to the Yao manor. Later on, I will have someone open up that small entrance again. That way, it will be easier for us to move between the two. If aunty does not find it annoying, Heng will come over every day to eat pastries.”

These words made the members of the Yao family very happy. Her coming over every day to enjoy tea and pastries meant that they would be able to see this cute little girl every day. To the members of the Yao family, this was the most joyous thing in the world!

The entire family chatted to Feng Yu Heng for a long time. During this time, the eldest madam, Xu shi, had succeeded in winning the right to sleeping with Feng Yu Heng for the night. She smiled so widely that she could not close her mouth. The second madam, Qin shi, laughed at her: “Even when eldest nephew became the top scholar, I did not see eldest sister-in-law so happy. Really, in our family, sons are not as well-loved as daughters.”

In regards to these words, everyone was in agreement. The Yao family was a typical case of favoring daughters and not caring for sons. This was something that everyone had accepted long ago. It was just that the words top scholar caused Feng Yu Heng to freeze.

“What, the top scholar of this year was eldest brother?” She looked at Yao Shu. He looked to be around 23 or 24 and had a healthy look. He was the one among the six children that was most favored by Yao Xian.

Yao Xian laughed, “That’s right. This child went to try out the test and ended up being the top scholar.” He then looked at his second grandson, Yao Sen, and his third grandson, Yao Xuan, and continued: “Those two were second and third in this year’s examination. Our Yao family took all of the top spots.”

The eldest uncle, Yao Jing Jun, also nodded and picked up on the conversation: “Father said it. Having been away from the capital for so many years, the capital has already changed a great deal. The Yao family can no longer be as low-key as it had been in the past. It caused the three of you, mother and children, to have suffered a great deal of bullying. Since we’ve come back, we must take advantage of the situation. This time, we will not be bullied by anyone.”

Feng Yu Heng was not thinking about this. She asked Yao Xian: “On my way back, I heard someone say that the new left prime minister’s manor’s second young miss is engaged to the top scholar. Could it be eldest brother?”

When this was mentioned, the smiles on the faces of the Yao family receded slightly. Although they were not unhappy, it was no longer as joyous as it had been.

Yao Xian said: “This engagement was something that Prime minister Lu asked the Emperor for. The Emperor asked for my opinion, and I said that I would ask the child. As a result, your eldest brother said that he had met the Lu family’s second young miss a few times, and she was quite a good girl, thus the engagement was accepted.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at Yao Shu and saw his youthful face began to turn a bit red. It was clear that he felt embarrassed, thus she knew that her eldest cousin was interested in that person. There would be no need to say too much more. She just smiled and said: “Then younger sister will congratulate eldest brother. For our Yao family to be welcoming a wife, eldest brother will be the first. Younger sister will definitely prepare a good gift for eldest brother.”

“Hah.” The eldest madam, Xu shi, sighed at this time. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, she said: “Speaking of, your father was also the left prime minister once, and you were also the second young miss of the prime minister’s manor. If this engagement was… Hah!” Xu shi helplessly shook her head, “It’s also us that were unlucky; otherwise, how great would it have been to bring the family closer together.”

The third madam, Miao shi, quickly said: “It’s not too late! Aren’t there still five more? Heng, take a look and see which one you like.”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed. Was she picking out vegetables at a market? Which one she liked. These were close relatives, but this was the ancient era. Things like this were more common, where cousins would get together, and it would save some money.

Yao Xian also solemnly warned everyone: “Our Yao family is a medical family. Although you did not understand this very well before, of course, none of you really followed in your father’s footsteps, I must emphasize this. Someone like Heng would be considered within three generations of relation to us. We are directly related, and from a medical standpoint, relatives within three generations of relation must not mingle; otherwise, the younger generation would have some problems with their health. Do you all understand?”

They did not understand. In the eyes of the people from the ancient world, brothers and sisters could not get married, but cousins getting married to bring a family closer together was a matter to be celebrated. But since Yao Xian said this, it was very quickly accepted due to their respect and admiration for Yao Xian. Xu shi smiled and said: “Father, don’t worry. Daughter-in-law has remembered it. Also, our Heng is already engaged to his Highness the ninth prince and can’t be stolen away by anyone.”

Feng Yu Heng listened to the Yao family talk. Although nobody directly expressed their thoughts about the Lu family, she could see that the Yao family did not like that daughter-in-law. Although it could not be described as hate, it was definitely not the desired marriage.

Yao Xian said to Yao Shu: “The marriage will be in ten days. Starting tomorrow, our family should begin preparing. The gifts have already been sent. If you have anything else that you wish to prepare, you should quickly prepare it.”

Yao Shu nodded and stood up to thank Yao Xian. After thinking a bit more, he saluted to Feng Yu Heng and said: “Younger sister Heng, earlier, Lu Yao’s maidservant offended the Feng family’s third young miss. Eldest brother will apologize for this rudeness on her behalf.”

“Hm?” Before Feng Yu Heng could express herself, Xu shi was the first to speak, “What is going on?”

The others also began asking before Yao Shu said: “I also heard about this matter just before Heng Heng arrived. It’s said that Lu Yao had her wedding dress sent to the Feng family’s third young miss’ embroidery shop. As a result, it was ruined by the embroiderer. Her maidservant became angry and went to cause trouble at the shop.”

Feng Yu Heng quickly said: “It’s not a problem. It’s third sister’s skills that were lacking. Since the wedding dress of the Lu family’s young miss was ruined, it’s normal for her to ask for reparations. I just returned to the capital today and did not have a chance to visit the Feng family. When I go and visit tomorrow, I will have Xiang Rong visit to apologize.”

When she spoke, she deliberately said that it was Xiang Rong that embroidered it. The members of the Yao family were smart. With this bit of a clue, they immediately reacted: “It was embroidered by the third young miss?”

Yao Xian was puzzled and asked: “Why would it be embroidered by that Rong girl? Doesn’t that shop have an embroiderer?”

Yao Shu clearly did not think that this sort of thing had happened. He had only heard that the embroiderer at the shop had ruined the wedding dress, and the Lu family’s servant went to cause a scene. At first, this was not much a problem; however, who knew that this sort of thing had happened. Thus he quickly asked: “Sister Heng, what happened with this? Eldest brother really did not know about it.”

Feng Yu Heng blinked, “Eldest brother didn’t know?” She then smiled and recounted the scene from when she had just entered the capital.

It would have been fine if it was not mentioned, but this caused Yao Xian to become furious. He loudly shouted: “What a bunch of nonsense! An embroidery shop has embroiderers. Why did they request that their young miss personally embroider it? And to say such disgusting things, do the people of the left prime minister’s manor have any education?”

Feng Yu Heng quickly consoled: “Grandfather must not get angry. Say, what are you getting mad at a servant for! Just leave this matter to the side. After all, Xiang Rong did indeed ruin their fabric. If eldest brother is able to mediate this matter, we can save Xiang Rong from needing to pay for the fabric. Is that alright?”

She said this very sincerely. After all, if this matter had happened to someone else, she would really have needed to get a proper ruling for Xiang Rong; however, who knew that the other side was marrying into the Yao manor. This meant that there was no way for her to get too involved. For no other reason than the relationship with this family, she needed to say a few positive things about Xiang Rong to get over this matter.

Yao Shu was feeling especially guilty. After all, Lu Yao had not yet married into the family. The two had only met a few times. When compared to Feng Yu Heng, he still favored his younger sister more. There was also the Feng family’s third young miss. He had met her before when she was young. That cute little appearance was something that he still remembered; however, he never thought that she would suffer a grievance at the hands of Lu Yao.

He looked at Feng Yu Heng gratefully and cupped his hands, bowing deeply, “Sister Heng was magnanimous. Eldest brother will remember this favor.”

These words left Feng Yu Heng feeling a little embarrassed. Where had she been magnanimous. She was the one that held grudges the most. It was just that she had no choice but to give face at times.

Yao Xian saw that Feng Yu Heng did not intend to continue pursuing the matter, thus the matter could be considered as concluded; however, the impression of the Lu family’s second young miss was dropping even further in the eyes of the Yao family.

That night, Feng Yu Heng slept together as agreed upon with Xu shi. As a result, she was held by Xu shi for half of the night. When she finally managed to fall asleep during the second half of the night, she was still being held. It truly looked as though Xu shi was hugging a doll.

Feng Yu Heng smiled bitterly and thought to herself that the Yao family should give birth to a daughter. Otherwise, these relatives will end up going crazy. She just hoped that her eldest cousin would be able to live happily with the Lu family’s young miss and give birth to a beautiful daughter. That way, the family will be considered complete.

The next day after breakfast, the three cousins went to court, and Feng Yu Heng brought Yao Xian to her imperial daughter’s manor. Upon entering the manor, she immediately said: “Grandfather, there’s a matter that I need your help with.”

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