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By Qian Lu

Chapter 83

Army Provisions (Foodstuffs)

The winter night at Lin Feng Guan border was even colder, the sound of the wind was blowing at the spacious camp, it sounded like ghosts wailing or wolves howling, it made the people who heard it feel the horror. The sound of the scattered trees within the vicinity that were blowing by the wind, made a rustling sound, it felt like there were monsters everywhere during this winter night even more. The large and small tents inside the camp area were arranged neatly, there were always troops that were patrolling from time to time, so it appeared that the whole army camp was in good order and also discipline strictly.

Inside the biggest tent, several people were siting or standing, someone was siping tea leisurely, someone was walking back and forth anxiously, someone was pondering but not saying anything. It could be said that the atmosphere was tensed, but it could be said it was relaxingly also, but nobody was saying anything inside this big tent.

At this moment, there was a loud and clear voice that came from outside the tent: “Reporting!”

“Come in.” Xuanyuan Yi’s muffled voice echoed, soon after, a young soldier came in, he reported with a clear voice: “General, the third batch of foodstuffs has already been delivered.”

“En.” Xuanyuan Yi nodded his head, and waved his hand to let him withdraw.

Feng Qi Xuan leisurely put down the tea that was in his hand, he got up to tidy his clothing, and smilingly said: “Since the 30,000 grains of foodstuffs have already been delivered entirely, then Feng Mou’s (remember that Mou is an appellation to address oneself) mission is also complete. General Xuanyuan, the other Generals, I take my leave, hope to see you again.”

Pei Che was following to get up, he urged and said; “Feng Gongzi, there is no need to go urgently, it will be better to stay and help me in the army.” This time, Cang Yue’s tactics were not the same as in the past, one could already see when they burnt down the food, these men were especially deceitful in many ways, ruthless and crafty. When the two armies were facing each other on the battlefield, their victory was definitely within their hands, but he was afraid what shady moves that You Xiao would put out again. This time, if there was a martial arts expert who could help them, they would be more prepared to avert some issues.

Feng Qi Xuan cupped his hands and smilingly said: “Pei Gongzi thinks too highly of Feng Mou, as a martial arts man, I can not really help these Generals with anything, I am afraid that I will be more of a hindrance than a helper.”

Feng Qi Xuan’s intention to evade, Pei Che had already felt it, but he still wanted to win him over this time, so Pei Che sincerely said: “There is no need for Feng Gongzi to be so modest, the army needs the expert just like Gongzi to help out.”

His sincerity made Feng Qi Xuan put away the perfunctory courtesy, and candidly answered: “Feng Mou still has an important matter to do, it is really inconvenient to stay for a long time, please forgive me.” The current situation was very fierce and dangerous, he had to go back to the Murong’s family, since there were still two children there.

“Then, this time that 30 secret bodyguards who have delivered the food ~~” Since Feng Qi Xuan already made it impossible for him to stay behind, Pei Che wanted to take those secret bodyguards who escorted the army provisions. When he just saw those secret bodyguards, Pei Che was interested by their strong, proud and imposing manners. When he was in contact with them for these last two days, he felt that they were so discipline and strict even more, their talents were out of the ordinary.

In general, the Jiang Hu’s people would alway be compared to each other, he always thought that their martial arts were even more superb than the other people. Even when they were moving together, many of those people would be even more prominent with their own remarkable abilities, just like a sheet of loose sand (unable to cooperate). But these secret bodyguards were different, they possessed a very good cooperation and spirit with each other, and what he valued was exactly this.

Feng Qi Xuan shook his head and smilingly said: “They do not take orders from me, if I want to use them, I have to ask ___ Murong Shu Qing.” Finished speaking, he intentionally looked at Xuanyuan Yi’s icily arrogant face. Xuanyuan Yi did not speak either, and just turned his back towards them, one did not know if he was admiring the stars or missing her.

“Murong Shu Qing? That barbarous woman?” An amazed male sound suddenly bursted out this sentence inside the tent.

Feng Qi Xuan funnily raised his eyebrows, he looked at the man who looked exactly like a mountain who was standing next to Pei Che, he was not quite 20 years old, with dark skin, slightly round face, his face looked tough and strong, with one look, one could see that the owner was a simple-minded person. But this sentence of his was very interesting, if she was a barbarous woman, then, there would not be an elegant woman in this earth.

“Li Ming!” Pei Che berated Li Ming’s blabbing, and looked at Feng Qi Xuan’s face out of the corner of his eyes, now was not the time to offend Murong Shu Qing. Fortunately, Feng Qi Xuan only casually smiled and looked at them, and there was no hostility on his face.

Feng Qi Xuan has already stated his position like this, so Pei Che could only go along with his words, he softly sighed and said: “Since it is like this, Pei Mou will not impose on this anymore.”

“I take my leave.” Feng Qi Xuan did not say long-winded words either, so he agilely got up and went out of the tent. Soon after, an orderly and strong sound of the horses’ hooves came through, very quickly, the sound was gradually getting further apart.

Li Ming looked one glance at Pei Che and Xuanyuan Yi who were contemplating, he asked with a somewhat unconvincing manner: “Why did he have to ask that Murong Shu Qing?” He had seen that woman once at the General’s home several years ago, she was unreasonable and noisy, so opinionated, arrogant and rude, everything about her was just wrong. Pei Che unexpectedly berated him because of that woman, this made him unable to accept this kind of expression.

Pei Che did not pay any attention to Li Ming’s anger, and sat down on a chair, he slowly drank the tea. Just when Li Ming wanted to argue after not getting an answer from Pei Che, Pei Che just threw out this one question with not an urgent nor slow tone: “Who do you think send out those food to the army this time!” This tea was really not good, it was still the Murong family’s long dan tea that could make people unable to forget it.

Li Ming did not even need to ponder over it, and directly said: “The Murong’s family!” It was the Murong’s family who sent out all of those granary foodstuffs this time, there was a mark on every bag, did this still need to be asked?! It was certainly the Murong family’s old master who was afraid that the General did not want to be with that barbarous daughter of his, so he seized the opportunity to curry the favor with the General. Even though these foodstuffs were delivered promptly this time, and this solved the emergency situation that the army faced, but since this happened, how could the General not owe the Murong’s family for this big favor?

Stealing a glance at Xuanyuan Yi who had not said anything from the beginning, and with his back towards them, looking up at the stars, Li Ming sighed. Wanting to marry this kind of woman was really difficult for the General, no wonder that he did not speak anything for the whole night!

Li Ming knitted his brows for a moment, and lightly sighed for a while, his brain was thinking something. Pei Che was also guessing what he was thinking, so he laughingly shook his head, it seemed that he was thinking that Xuanyuan Yi felt grievance because of the current situation.

Feeling too lazy to interrupt his thinking about this sorrow situation, Pei Che turned his head to ask Xuanyuan Yi: “Xuanyuan, how do you see it?”

Xuanyuan Yi was still looking at the starry sky, it seemed that he did not hear Pei Che’s question.

Xuanyuan Yi did not answer for a long time, so Pei Che did not continue to ask anymore. Finally finished drinking a cup of tea, Pei Che confidently got up and said to Li Ming who was still looking distracted and waiting for Xuanyuan Yi’s answer: “Let’s go.”

“But ~~” The General had not said anything ah?!

“Go.” Pei Che pulled him to come out of the tent.

There was only Xuanyuan Yi who was at that big tent now, his mood was complicated, this time that Qing-er delivered the grains, was it because she was forced by the Imperial court, or was it voluntarily, could he think that she did this for him? Recalling that shallow smile on her face, Xuanyuan Yi was somewhat laughing at himself and shaking his head, when did he change into someone who worried about personal gains and losses like this? No matter what the reason that she did it this time, he should just thank her properly. In regard of the matter between him and her, she already promised to wait for him and he also already promised to give her an answer.

Xuanyuan Yi’s eagle and arrogant like eyes were shuttling back and forth to the stars and the bright moon, he was afraid that this war would not be concluded quickly like this. You Xiao’s malicious character had become the most thorny person whom he met during a battle, this was also good as he had not been delighted to battle in the war like this for a very long time. Turning his mind to plan on how to battle with the two armies, Xuanyuan Yi’s thought sank into a topographic map in front of him, the moon outside the window was already inclining to the west.

The moon was already inclining to the west, tonight’s moon was very bright, was it already the fifteenth of the month?! Murong Shu Qing was standing in front of the courtyard, and was gazing at the bright round moon for a long time. The moonlight was sprinkling down on the earth, the originally green brick was coated with a layer of luminous shine. Even that dead tree that already lost its vitality, appeared to look soft and lovely. No wonder that at all times and in all places, the scholars and poets were always trusting on the bright moon that was unbounded with gentle feelings and overflowing with beauty.

Zi Yuan was holding a shawl, and standing behind Murong Shu Qing, she said with a soft voice: “Miss, it is deep into the night, you should sleep earlier.”

Murong Shu Qing softly asked: “How is Lu Yi?”

Zi Yuan answered: “It has already passed three days, so she should be alright. You have not slept properly these past three days either, you should take care of your body.” Lu Yi did not sleep for there days and three nights, she practically did not sleep for three days and three nights either.

“I know, you go and sleep first, I will sleep in a moment.” Since Lu Yi was alright, she could also feel reassured, but this kind of vicious and dangerous things would still be happening many times in the future. She doubted whether or not she was correct with her initial decision to let Lu Yi and Zi Yuan stayed behind with her.

“En.” Zi Yuan took the shawl that was on her hand, and put it on Murong Shu Qing properly, since she knew that it would be useless to try to urge her to sleep again, so she quietly retreated out.

Zi Yuan was just withdrew, when a trace of black person’s shadow appeared, and respectfully handed over a secret letter, he said: “Master, this is a secret letter from Feng Yu Lou (that place to gather news).”

Murong Shu Qing immediately received it, did Shen Xiao Yun found out about the matter that she asked him to investigate?! Quickly walking to return to the room, Murong Shu Qing opened and read the letter through a candle light.

There were only a handful of words, but they made Murong Shu Qing’s knitted eyebrows, were wrinkled tightly together even more.

He really came to join this lively situation!

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