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By Qian Lu

Chapter 82

Fascinated (Poison)

Poisoned? She had never thought about this problem before, why would Lu Yi be poisoned, if one really wanted to poison someone, it should be her, could it be that Lu Yi took the poison for her unintentionally? Murong Shu Qing gave another courtesy and said: “Mister, is it possible to explain your words?” The most important thing now was to give Lu Yi the antidote.

“Alright.” The man was actually not long-winded, and frankly agreed.

A group of people returned to the tavern, Lu Yi was puzzled in regard to her being poisoned, but she only felt tired, and did not feel anything more, how could she be poisoned? Although she was very afraid in her heart, but she believed that Miss would surely find a way. She was also glad that it was her who was poisoned and not Miss.

Once they were in the room, Murong Shu Qing asked with some worry: “What kind of poison does she have, can you explain it?”

The man looked one glance at Lu Yi, and held her wrist for a moment again, after he was sure, he answered: “The poison is not very powerful, but it is very malicious.” This kind of poison had not existed for many years.

“Will it cause a great harm to Lu Yi?” Dangerous? Hearing this answer, Murong Shu Qing was even more nervous, even though the man said it relaxingly, but she still thought that this poison did not appear to be very simple.

Zi Yuan was sitting in front of the bed, both of her hands were grasping Lu Yi’s hand strongly, and she also asked somewhat anxiously: Yes ah, what kind of poison is this ah?”

But for a servant girl, who would have thought that she would be this nervous. The man got up to go to the curtain, and sat down on the window, then he answered: “A grass type of poison, it is called fascinated (zui xin).”

Once he heard this name, Mo Can suddenly wrinkled his originally cold and firm eyebrows, his face was frozen in a flash.

The man looked at Mo Can’s abnormal complexion, so he was smiling and sighing in his heart, as it turned out, there was someone who knew about fascinated poison. The man explained with no hurry nor slow tone: “This kind of poison will surely flare up after a period of time, when she is sleeping is the time when the poison will flare up. She will be sleeping for a long time every day, and she will lose consciousness completely after several days, completely unconscious. After losing consciousness for seven days, she will be awaken, at this time, she will be completely trapped and controlled by the person who poisoned her. She will die 49 days later.”

“Is there any solution for this?” Murong Shu Qing was only concerned about this now. Hearing that he said it like this, this poison could actually kill Lu Yi.

What? Heaven ah, after hearing the man’s words, Lu Yi was scared and her charming face did not have any color. If she was trapped by this poison, controlled by the other person and unconsciously did something to harm Miss, how could this be all right. If this poison did not have any antidote, it would be better to die now. Secretly stretching her hand under a pillow, she took a scissor that she put there yesterday when she was planning to use it to make an embroidery pouch for Miss. But because she was extremely tired afterwards, she did not finish the embroidery and just put the scissor under the pillow. Holding the scissor tightly with her hand, Lu Yi breathed deeply and waited for the man’s answer.

Feeling that the atmosphere inside the room became somewhat heavy, the man did not use any superfluous words either, and frankly said: “Before she will be unconscious completely, the detoxification is actually very easy. The poison will have to be forced out completely from all over the body. As long as this young lady can force herself not to sleep for three days, that poison will break down on its own. But if the poison has already entered into 7-8 veins, it will not have any solution.”

As it turned out, someone wanted to make use of Lu Yi to kill her, this was really malicious, it was fortunate that they found this out early, otherwise Lu Yi would be extremely pitiful. Even though this grass fascinated poison was scary, but one could not guarantee that she would not be harmed by this.

After Murong Shu Qing heard the man’s detoxication method, she seemed to find an important point and asked: “In other words, this grass fascinated poison is actually poisoning someone unconsciously and slowly.”

“Correct, as long as one knows that one has this poison, if one has a will, then one will not be under its control. The scariest thing is one will think that one has a common cold, and will rest so one will feel better, but finally one will lose consciousness, then even the immortal will not have any solution for this.” This was also the specialty that this malicious poison worked, it made people unable to feel that they were poisoned, and also it became the other person's weapon to kill a person, then the person would have to die in the end.

In other words, as long as one was somewhat guarding against it, the grass fascinated poison could not control someone. Murong Shu Qing knew that Lu Yi’s would not be in danger, so she secretly breathed deeply, after pondering for a moment, she asked: “I still have one more matter that I have to ask for guidance with Mister, where does this grass fascinated poison come from?”

“Bing Dao (Ice Island).” Very intelligent woman, that her thought would quickly understand this thoroughly.

Bing Dao?! Bing Dao was the most northern border of Yan Rui, that place was always icy cold all year round, moreover, since Bing Dao was rich in some rare drug ingredients, Yan Rui would not let just anybody to go into Bing Dao. Whoever used this poison, was this person a Yan Rui’s citizen? If this person was a Yan Rui’s citizen, what kind of benefits would Yan Rui get for her death? If this person was not a Yan Rui’s citizen, then why would Cang Yue want to use Yan Rui’s poison to harm her, was it a set up or was there another scheme? All of these seemed to be somewhat confusing.

What he was supposed to say, he had already said it, so the man’s clear voice said: “I take my leave.”

When Murong Shu Qing recovered, the man already walked out of the tavern’s courtyard, so Murong Shu Qing followed him out, and asked: “What is Mister’s surname?”

The man confidently answered with a smile: “I am only a loitering tourist, you do not need to take a lot of trouble to know my name. You and I can also be considered as fated today.”

“Fated?” Murong Shu Qing gently smiled, and walked slowly to the front of the man, she smilingly said: “I am afraid that Mister created this fate.” Since yesterday, when they got off of the carriage, he was always observing them, he was following them to the medicine hall today, and finally uttered something to get their attentions. If this could also be called fate, then she would be fated to meet with many people.

The man did not anticipate that Murong Shu Qing would say those blunt words, so after he slightly stumped for words, he laughed out loud with his flare voice and said: “Hehehe, alright, you are worthy of the auspicious phoenix on your body, who will be helping a country as the official ah!” He had been following her at that time, due to the fact that she attracted an out of ordinary life on her body. He had seen many women who had phoenix fates, it was not strange at all, but she was definitely a woman whose body contained some government minister auras. This was already strange, and it seemed that two entirely different types of lives were inside her one body, it was never unheard of even more.

The man’s words made Murong Shu Qing’s heart was startled, every Imperial dynasty was very susceptible with this kind of life theory. If these words were told to some people who wanted to hear them, and spread out, no matter whether one believed or did not believe, it would definitely be a huge disaster for her. Murong Shu Qing calmly looked straight at the man, and tranquilly said: “Mister, there are some words that should not be said casually.”

The man held back his smiling expression, and was quietly looking at the woman who was always calm and gentle with her words. After she heard his words, she did not get ecstatic, nor did she feel frightened and restless. It seemed that she would be able to take a different fate, and determine her original place. He just did not know if she did not believe in fate or if she did not want to comply with the thought about fate. The man also gladly looked face to face at her, and quietly asked: “You do not believe or you are not willing.”

Xuan Tian Cheng had already brought up the intention to make Murong Shu Qing a concubine, Xi Lie Yue had also expressed wanting to make her a Prime Minister. So this thing about the auspicious phoenix fate who would be helping the country as the official, other people would perhaps think it as inconceivable, or extremely honored, but for her, this was nothing to be proud of.

Not answering the man’s question directly, Murong Shu Qing withdrew her sight, and looked towards the dead tree that was at the tavern’s back courtyard, the branches were all dried up, and completely lost its livelihood. Within this somewhat disorderly tavern, it was especially unexpected and desolate. Murong Shu Qing was wandering away until she got to the rock bench next to the dead tree and sat down, then she quietly answered: “I have listened to these words, so I think it is reasonable and I also respect the fact that I can discuss this with Mister.”

The man was following her and he came to the back courtyard near the rock stone, but he did not sit down, and only stood under the dead tree, he smilingly said: “I will like to hear the details.” He wanted to hear what kind of outstanding life this woman had.

“The change in destiny is like the moon that is sometimes overcast, sometimes clear, sometimes full-moon, sometimes half-moon, it does not lose its wisdom, knowledge, and elegance.” Murong Shu Qing’s clear and light whisper seemed to be talking with the man, and also seemed to be assessing her own self with her low sigh. Her soft voice seemed to be dispersed by the cold wind.

The faint words made the man was casually observing the small courtyard, and once again, his gaze fell on the appearance on the woman’s body. She did not boast shamelessly or loathe about fate, nor that she righteously proclaimed that she resisted fate, but it was only her casual metaphor. This had already explained that fate could be changed, so she did not attach to it strongly and excessively. He was guessing that she should be an out of the ordinary person, otherwise she would not be able to regard fate like this. But he did not think that this woman who was very young, had already had the simplest and wisest answer about fate. Slowly nodding his head, the man greeted by clasping his hands, and sincerely said: “A very good explanation about fate, a wise person will think over before one speaks, this young lady has a wise opinion, I benefit from this advice.”

This man’s body was like having the immortal bones, and he was surely a very able person from this era, so Murong Shu Qing looked at him earnestly while he gave his bowing and salutation, and Murong Shu Qing promptly got up to return his greetings, she smilingly said: “Mister is too courteous.”

The man softly smiled, this rarely seen woman could be considered helping him increase his knowledge, this time that he went down the mountain, the trip was not made in vain! Without further words anymore, the man cupped his hands and simply said clearly: “I take my leave.” And then he left with large strides.

Murong Shu Qing was still standing inside the courtyard for a long time, and looking at the man’s back who was leaving with confident, and looking pensive.

Sian’s notes:
That phoenix fate is a fate that she should or could be a future Empress. Dragon is associated with the Emperor and Phoenix is associated with the Empress in ancient China.

So that guy is a fortune teller? He can actually “see” that MSQ’s body has two different souls. Well, he thinks that there are two types of lives inside of her. I wonder who this guy actually is. All these mysterious characters in this novel are very interesting.

Hehehe… MSQ can be a favorite concubine (with a very high possibility to be the Empress) in Dong Yu, while she can be a Prime Minister in Hai Yu. At the same time, Cang Yue wants her dead. Not sure what Yan Rui wants with her. Aiyo, poor MSQ… She only wants to live lazily while she enjoys the scenery…

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