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Hehehehe… 10,000 taels to listen to 1 song… 😂😂😂 I would strangle that hot temper, bratty girl with the puppy eyes. But as usual, MSQ is the nicest female MC that I have ever encountered, I think. And truthfully, HZQ is very remorseful and I think she has learnt a lot from this experience.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 41

Hai Yue (Part 2)

The packed building was quiet, it made Huo Zhi Qing who was furious and did not act rationally for a short while, was able to recover slowly, she was trying to think what she just said a moment ago. She annoyingly knitted her eyebrows, and did not know that she was actually pulling the front of her own jacket, and bowing her head without saying anything.

After the silence, a quiet discussion sound came out, everyone was questioning, who was the person who tossed away 10,000 taels after all! 10,000 taels of silver, it was enough to feed several ordinary families for a lifetime. Everyone was stretching their necks, and waiting for the person who was in the private room, to show his own true identity.

After a long time waiting, there was nobody who was speaking anymore from the private room, the sound of everyone's discussion was even louder. Murong Shu Qing laughingly continued to drink the tea, during the bidding just now, Yan Hao Yu repeatedly shouted out the price, she also knew that the young girl's rationality suffered a strong attack, but she did not think that Huo Zhi Qing would directly shout out the price. At that time, she was shouting with a loud voice, but now, her head was quickly lowered on the table.

If nobody was uttering anything, that was not good either, Huo Zhi Qing let her to be the winner tonight after all, so Murong Shu Qing made a signal with her eyes to Yan Yu who was always guarding behind her. Yan Yu grasped the signal and gently nodded his head, he walked to the front of the light muslin, and opened up the corner, with a clear voice, he said: "My Master is willing to put forth 10,000 taels, please Miss Hai Yue come to chat."

The grim and muffled voice of a man echoed, the inside of the hall was quiet for a period of time again. However, because of Yan Yu's showing his face for a moment, there were three people who recognized Yan Yu. When Huo Zi Qi and Yan Hao Yu heard Huo Zhi Qing's voice, the two people were very suspicious. But they thought that there was no way that she could come, and did not have an opportunity to investigate either. Hearing Yan Yu's voice, they could be certain that the person who was shouting 10,000 taels a moment ago, was definitely Huo Zhi Qing. Because Murong Shu Qing was absolutely able to come, this girl unexpectedly dared to come to this kind of place. But they could not go and seize the person now, the two people did not have any alternative but to stare at the upstairs private room with their gloomy complexions.

The other person was Xuanyuan Yi, who had never said anything for the whole evening, he came today, it was only due to being bothered by Pei Che. He only came to drink, and whoever was competing the bidding, it did not have anything to do with him. But he unexpectedly saw the bodyguard who was always following behind Murong Shu Qing. Even though he only saw his silhouette, but it was already enough for him to recognize him.

That woman unexpectedly came to the Capital, she even came to a brothel, and actually obtained Hai Yue's first sexual encounter! Good, very good, extremely good, Murong Shu Qing —- She always gave him some unexpected things, things that he could not grasp completely.

The red dress woman was standing in the middle of the hall on the first floor, she said towards Yan Yu: "The young lady will arrive in a moment."

Finished speaking, she picked up a cup of wine, and turned round to everyone in the middle of the hall to toast them, then smilingly said: "Everyone continues to taste the wine and request the song!"

It looked like the people downstairs were done with the liveliness, each of them started to seek pleasure, Huo Zhi Qing who was inside the private room but not daring to raise her head at all, she did not dare to look at Murong Shu Qing even more. But she could not endure this quiet atmosphere, so she did not have any alternative but to slightly lift her head up. She carefully said: "Shu …. dage, we should quickly leave!"

Looking at this girl in front of her, who completely disregarded any consequences, Murong Shu Qing was happy again, and laughing, then she said with a headache: "Now you think of leaving!"

Listening to Murong Shu Qing's helpless tone, Huo Zhi Qing lowered her head again, and said in whispers: "I am sorry!" She knew it was her own impulse and she was in trouble again.

Murong Shu Qing sighed, but she could not bear to criticize her harshly, she knew that she (HZQ) was angry and having an anxious heart at that time, when she shouted her voice, after all, she was only 15-16 years old child. Patting her head that was always lowered, Murong Shu Qing appeased her with a soft voice: "Alright, it is not a problem!"

"But 10,000 taels …." Huo Zhi Qing's bright and big eyes, were filled with misty water, she was an impulsive person, but 10,000 taels ah! Moreover, it would bring trouble to Shu Qing jiejie. Elder sister did not even blame her, and still comforted her. But she would blame herself.

Looking at her tears that were rolling from her eyes, Murong Shu Qing took out a handkerchief, softly wiped the tears clean for her, she was really a child, and only knew how to cry. Lightly smiling when she lifted her head up to make her look straight into her eyes, she firmly and gently said to her: "You have me for everything! Do not be anxious." 10,000 taels could not be regarded as big for her, she only hoped that this young girl could behave herself after this, so she should not disregard the consequences like this again, or be impulsive. Not everyone would clean up the mess for her every time, but this time, she would not be discussing it with her now.

Receiving Murong Shu Qing's forgiveness and consolation, Huo Zhi Qing finally stopped her tears.

The black dress young boy knocked on the door, and said: "Gentlemen, my family's young lady is here."

Murong Shu Qing indicated for Huo Zhi Qing to wipe her face clean, mend her own jacket, and slightly pull her collar up, then she raised her voice to say: "Please come in!"

Hai Yue's azure silhouette entered the inner room, she did not make any salutation yet, only nodded and smiled at Murong Shu Qing, and said: "Hai Yue greets Gongzi."

Looking closely at her and comparing her when she was on the stage, she was more beautiful now, so much so that some of her so called irrational behavior, when she was doing it, she would make you feel that it was proper and right, as if she should be this way. Murong Shu Qing was still smiling, and she gently said: "Miss is too polite! Please sit down!"

Not acting shy at all, Hai Yue sat down next to Murong Shu Qing, and asked: "How to address Gongzi?"

"Qin Shu."

"Qin Gongzi. I have one thing that I am not clear, and want to ask for Gongzi's guidance."

What thing did she need to ask her? Murong Shu Qing smiled and said: "Miss, please say it."

Hai Yue lightly coughed, instead of giving a serious and humble appearance to ask for an advice, she actually filled her eyes with smiling expression, and ridiculously asked: "How to remove worry? Gongzi's answer is only plain porridge?! What does it mean?"

Heavens, Murong Shu Qing really had the urge to roll her eyes at this moment, she did not think that Hai Yue would unexpectedly ask her directly. At that time, it was only fun to play with, she randomly saw an interesting sentence from the internet before so she wrote it as an answer. Now, she wanted an explanation, how could she explain it?! Her heart was depressed, but her face did not show any depressed feeling.

Huo Zhi Qing's inconceivable facial expression was staring at Murong Shu Qing, she did not expect that Shu Qing jiejie's answer was so straightforward like this. But she believed that Shu Qing jiejie must surely have a reason to say it so, thus, she wished to listen to her explanation.

Murong Shu Qing looked one glance at Huo Zhi Qing's trusting and expectation looks, she understood what a blind adoration was now. Hai Yue who was beside her, was still waiting for her answer with a shallow smile on her face. That pair of apricot eyes clearly revealed her interest and mischievousness. Helplessly, Murong Shu Qing thought deeply for a moment, she lightly smiled and answered: "My humble opinion, there are many causes of worries, there are many ways to remove worry also, wine can forget one's worry, friend can eliminate one's worry, book can remove any worry. But there is one kind of worry, that has been existed since the ancient time, and there is only one way to remove it."

Listening to him talking about this somewhat interesting words, Hai Yue continued to ask: "I wish to hear the answer to this!" She really wanted to see if this Qin Shu Gongzi could explain what the reason of this common sentence was.

Murong Shu Qing grasped the green tea with her hand, lightly said with a shallow smile, she assured: "The common saying that there is cloud, people view food as the primary need, the common people's most worry is that they can not eat satisfyingly, and if there is no foodstuff in the granary in one's country, then, that will be more dreadful than anything. Thus, for the country and for the people, for the monarch and for the people, the foodstuff is the basic thing to remove their worries. Therefore —— how does one remove the worry? Only with plain porridge!"

Hai Yue was secretly cheering in her heart, he could actually explain this common sentence as a fundamental of a country, based on the peasant's principle first, she could see that this talented person's thinking was quick and his opinion was out of the ordinary. "Gongzi has a wise opinion!"

Murong Shu Qing cupped her hands and smilingly said: "I am ashamed!" She was really ashamed, and anxious for a while, but had no alternative but to make an irrelevant comparison either.

In order not to let her tangle up with this question anymore, Murong Shu Qing smilingly said: "I do not know if it is possible for Miss to play one song for this humble person again?" Her guqin's skill was indeed exquisite. Besides, it was very natural and flowing so smoothly, it was more on her own style, as a result it attracted more people.

"Of course, it is possible!" Hai Yue smiled without any restraint, as if it was the star in the sky and sea wave, directly and comfortingly. Her bright and amorous face completely had self-confidence. She arrived in front of the guqin, and slightly smiled to Murong Shu Qing, her white hand gently raised up, as if some jade pearls, then a spirited sound of the guqin was flowing softly from the private room.

Tasting the light fragrant tea, and appreciating music with the beauty, it was really a pleasant life, here, there was a whisper voice, talented person, virtuous people's thoughts, no wonder so many men were in love with the brothel! Murong Shu Qing shook her head and lightly smiled, she was about to like it here too.

Waiting until the the sound of the guqin finally ended, Murong Shu Qing softly applauded, she drank her last cup of tea, and got up to say: "Many thanks to Miss, listening to Miss' wonderful song today is really well worthwhile. This humble person will take a leave!"

With his whole body that was wearing a light blue brocade clothing, a trace of scholarly light smile that was on his face, his standing tall, he unexpectedly did not lose at the luster of moonlight gems that filled the room. Looking at Murong Shu Qing who looked refined and gentle, in front of her, Hai Yue showed a trace of flash in her eyes, and she also followed to get up. She was still poking on the strings randomly, for several notes and incomplete tune, but it was skillful and pleasant to listen to. Hai Yue relaxingly smiled and asked: "Did Gongzi spend 10,000 taels today, just to come and listen to this one song?"

She asked directly, but Murong Shu Qing did not have any alternative but to force a smile in her heart, if she did not listen to the song, what could she still be capable of doing?! Slightly bowing her hands, Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled and answered: "Miss, this song was worth so much more than 10,000 taels. I take my leave!" Finished speaking, and taking Huo Zhi Qing along, her head did not turn around and she left the private room.

Looking at her leaving with confident and at ease, Hai Yue did not stop her either, she walked slowly to the soft couch next to the table, and lazily laid down. The young child who was beside her, respectfully half-kneeling to give some cakes to her. Hai Yue was eating the cake one bite after another, was that Qin Shu? She liked him….! Finished eating the cake with her hand, Hai Yue's bright, beautiful, quick-witted and big eyes flashed through a trace of sharp and dazzling radiance.

Sian's notes:
So who's this Hai Yue???? Do you think she's just a regular prostitute? Or can she be one of MSQ's BFF to be who is pretending to be a prostitute??? I have a feeling that she's one of MSQ's BFF to be. But which one, the daughter of the General in Cang Yue or the future Queen in Hai Yu? I have my own guess but you’re free to guess a long with me. Reading this chapter again during proofreading, the author actually dropped a very clever clue in this chapter to guess the real identity of Hai Yue. I didn't notice this clue before…

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