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I posted Ch 40 as a bonus chapter yesterday so please make sure that you read that chapter first.

Hahaha… most of you are wondering why XY is in the brothel. You’ll find out on wed, but I can definitely say that he has a pure heart. 😉

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 41

Hai Yue (Part 1)

A burst of melodious sound of the guqin was echoing within the hall, it seemed to soothe the people's commotion in a flash, and made people feel calm in their hearts. Behind the free light muslin, there appeared to be a sweet, fair and graceful silhouette, but because one could not see it clearly, people felt the urge to want to pry inside the muslin.

A string of pleasant sound of the people's laughters was echoing the sound of the guqin, it actually had an amorous feeling. A red dress young lady came out of the light muslin, she looked just like a forest fairy. Her pair of big and unfathomable eyes were naughtily floating with crafty radiance. The woman walked to the front of the stage, with a gentle and teasing voice, she said: "Welcome everyone who comes tonight, the following is Miss Hai Yue's old rule, everybody will answer one question on their tables. All of the gentlemen will write the answer on a piece of paper based on Miss Hai Yue's question, so one is able to bid. If Miss Hai Yue does not agree with the answer, then that person can only look and not allow to bid!"

Huo Zhi Qing curiously stretched her neck, unfortunately, she could not see anything due to the layers of muslin curtains. Pulling Murong Shu Qing's sleeve, she muttered in whispers: "This Miss Hai Yue is really arrogant oh, she actually has to like the person who will pay her!"

Murong Shu Qing returned back to her seat, and faintly smiled without saying anything. This was just this Miss Hai Yue's brilliant tactic, it would arouse everybody's curiosity first, then she would arouse everybody to seek for their own desire to win. This answer was not really important, as everyone could bid, she should already properly choose at an earlier time, this was just a formality. After looking at the way this weird red dress woman was walking, she was even more and more interested with this long time rumor, Miss Hai Yue.

The sound of a knocking on the door echoed, the black clothing young child was holding a piece of paper, he walked to the front of Murong Shu Qing, and respectfully presented the paper, then said in whispers: "Gentleman, this is your question, once you write the answer properly, tell this small person, then this small person will wait outside to wait." Finished speaking, he took a piece of white paper and softly put it on the desk, then he retreated out.

Huo Zhi Qing was curious what the question would be, she picked up that white paper, carefully looked it up.

She looked to left and right, there was only four words. Huo Zhi Qing frowned her eyebrows, and patted her head as she did not understand, and lowly mumbled: "What kind of question is this?"

She could not really think the answer out, Huo Zhi Qing came to Murong Shu Qing and sat next to her. Holding the white paper, she handed it over in front of her, then distressingly asked: "This needs an answer ah?"

Not looking at the question on the white paper, Murong Shu Qing poured a cup of tea for Huo Zhi Qing, and carelessly answered: "We do not plan to bid, so it does not matter whether or not we answer the question." This brat, if only she drank the tea properly, she could wait peacefully until Hai Yue came out, and that would be good. As for the topic, whether they answered it or did not answer it, the result would be the same.

Huo Zhi Qing was unwilling to give up, how could she not answer Hai Yue's question, softly pulling Murong Shu Qing's sleeve, she used her killer moves, blinked her big eyes, her young face slightly raised, and used her sweet sound, she acted like a spoiled child and said: "Out of the question, Shu ~~ dage, you help me answer it! I am begging you!"

Murong Shu Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry, and looked at the person in front of her, she deeply reflected upon herself that promising her to come to Qing Feng Lou was an extremely wrong decision! But regretting it now was already too late. Feeling helpless, she had no alternative but to pick up the white paper to look at it, the four words were written on it shockingly.

——— How to remove worry?!

Murong Shu Qing almost laughed out loud, what kind of topic was this? Could it be that she wanted the answer to be 'only Du Kang'? (Du Kang is supposed to be a legendary inventor of wine). This world did not have Cao Cao, right! (Cao Cao was a villain in the novel Romance of Three Kingdoms). This Miss Hai Yue was really interesting, generally, in this kind of situation, one should make everyone to compose a poem, or answer a pair of antithetical phrases, or even produce a riddle and so on, right?! Miss Hai Yue could be regarded as trying to catch somebody off guard, moreover, she would completely decide the conclusion on her own, who could speak out any standard answer?

Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled, it seemed that her original guest was right, any answer was really not important. Randomly thinking, she suddenly wrote a hilarious answer, Murong Shu Qing stopped smiling, while she wrote on the white paper with a brush, the four big words could be regarded as her carefully answering the bottom of the question.

Not letting Huo Zhi Qing to look clearly what she wrote, Murong Shu Qing called the young boy to come in, and handed the white paper over.

Even though Huo Zhi Qing did not see it clearly, but looking at Murong Shu Qing jiejie wrote smoothly and confidently like that, she should already think it properly. She was very confident with her, so she did not go to ask again, and just quietly waiting for the result.

But if she really looked clearly at what Murong Shu Qing wrote, she would not have a full confidence in her!

Some people were racking their brains to get the answer, some people were writing the answer randomly, in short, the answered were gathered together very quickly, and handed over to the graceful figure who was shrouded inside the layers of light muslin.

The red dress woman lovingly and smilingly was walking to the front of the stage, swaying a tender and beautiful Chinese bellflower that was on her hand, her silver bell kind of laughter, her sleeves were sliding to expose her bright and white wrists. She succeeded in attracting everyone's attentions, she raised her head to look at everyone's expectations, and said with a woman's natural and unrestrained smile: "Whomever has received the Chinese bellflower's bell from the young lady (Hai Yue), he has the qualification to bid. If one does not receive it, then one can only look at the immortal beauty tonight!"

Once these words came out, some people could not sit down anymore, they got up one after another to look at the young boys who were holding the Chinese bellflowers on their hands and where they were going, from both sides of the stage! Their hearts were secretly praying and hoping that they would get the flower for themselves. Not too long, the Chinese bellflowers were finished being delivered. Just like Murong Shu Qing's expectation, even though, those who received the Chinese bellflowers were only 10 people, but every one of them was a handsome man, or from a prominent family, or from a military force, or the wealthy family from one area. Naturally, Huo Zi Qi's party and Xuanyuan Yi had received the beauty's Chinese bellflowers.

Although the other people who did not get the Chinese bellflowers, were disappointed, but they did not dare to cause trouble either. Tonight, the inside of this Qing Feng Lou was concealed with talents* after all, nobody would not want to cause trouble. Besides, even if they got it, they did not have that strength to compete for Hai Yue either, it would be better to use this opportunity to look at the beauty nicely. And looking at the liveliness now, it would be very soon!

Huo Zhi Qing waited for a long time, and was just about to be disappointed, then, she just saw the young boy who was holding the Chinese bellflower, came in. She excitingly shouted: "We also have it, elder brother, you are really great!" She just knew that Shu Qing jiejie could surely answer it!

Looking at the tender and colorful Chinese bellflower on the table, Murong Shu Qing pondered and stroke the petals gently. Who would have thought that she would have one also, this was really interesting. But thinking about her own answer that she wrote a moment ago, Murong Shu Qing lowly laughed again.

Suddenly, more than half of the lanterns within the hall were blown out, the darkness quickly came, and made people anticipate that it would start soon. When they bowed their heads to comment one after another, the layers of the light muslin slowly opened up. Due to being afraid that they would not be able to see Miss Hai Yue's immortal beauty and wonderful look, everyone was holding their breaths, and staring at the center of the stage. Finally, the light muslins were dispersed, but there was no shadow of the jade beauty in the center, except a thousand years of red sandalwood wooden guqin that was carved meticulously, there was no one there.

Everyone did not have any time to show their disappointments, not knowing when either, a woman was already sitting on the big drum, behind the stage. There was no unnecessary headscarf to cover the woman's face. Murong Shu Qing slightly narrowed her eyes to look at this woman's appearances clearly. She looked as if a crescent-like bright face, her willow leaves's eyebrows were not similar to ordinary women, her eyebrows were slightly raised to show a trace of her heroic spirit and for her magnificent, immortal beauty and tender appearances. One could say that her thick lips were moistened like luster of gems. The most special was her eyes, her eyes looked like painting, as if they were limpid autumn waters (description of the girl's beautiful eyes), flowing stagnantly like the vast and deep ocean, they attracted people to probe more, and some people actually could not look peacefully. She was wearing a gorgeous azure color muslin skirt that was flowing down, that contrasted with her fresh skin, that was as sparkling as jade, and as spotless as snow.

The woman softly jumped down from the big drum, she looked one glance at everyone, and said with a clear voice: "It is already an honor for everybody to come today, I do not want to say too many words either, I am about to play one song for everybody, when the song finishes, that will be the high price!" Finished speaking, she confidently got on the stage.

She should be Hai Yue! She was really like an azure ocean under the bright moon. (The words are Cang (azure) Hai (ocean) Mingyue (bright moon). Playing with her name Hai Yue, which is the exact same words as the Hai in ocean & Yue in moon). Murong Shu Qing's gaze was chasing after that blue silhouette who looked like the deep sea. She was the reason why she came here, she finally saw the most special woman within this three years. Not only because of her beauty, but it also because of her splendor and magnificent aura, she looked tender but not weak. She had simple and cheerful styles, efficient and confident attitudes, always revealed her self-confidence. So much so that Murong Shu Qing could feel that she could not ignore that honorable feeling from her body.

Hai Yue really made the people at the Capital feel crazy.

The red dress woman waited until Hai Yue sat in front of the guqin, then she walked in the middle of the crowds, and said: "Everybody should understand what Miss has already said, those gentlemen will be able to bid, 100 taels per call, and can not be less than 50 taels every time."

The speech was left off, the sound a clear song was echoing unhurriedly, when one heard it for the first time, the melody was flowing smoothly. The rhythm was light and quick, when one heard it, one's heart seemed to go along with the jumping and dancing to the rhythm of the music, and it seemed to be the same as if one was drinking good wine and lightly intoxicated. Everybody was infatuated by the long and wonderful sound of the guqin, for a moment, they actually forgot to bid.

"200 taels!" Someone slowly recovered, and promptly bid.

Someone had started the bidding, the people who were qualified to bid, would naturally not show their weaknesses and repeatedly bidding.

"300 taels!"

"500 taels!"

"800 taels!"

"1,000 taels!"

Everyone who was in the hall was shouting lively, Murong Shu Qing also looked casually, the people who were in the private rooms had not said anything. This price was simply a warm up, not exciting. Tasting one lily mung bean cake, en, the flavor was good. The cook at this Qing Feng Lou was actually not bad, the flavor of the cakes and small side dishes were to her liking.

"1,500 taels!" A clear and muffled sound of a man made Huo Zhi Qing who was always paying attentions to the people downstairs, was shaking all over, because the voice who bid was Yan Hao Yu's.

He unexpectedly bid, how could he bid? Huo Zhi Qing held her two hands into fists, the rim of her eyes were slightly red, she was showing her anger repeatedly. Her heart was sorrowful and filled with grievances, it made her breathing to become somewhat hurried. Murong Shu Qing was worry, looking at Huo Zhi Qing who was beside her, she did not expect that this girl's reaction was actually this big. Looking at Yan Hao Yu who was at the private room and satisfyingly chatting and laughing, Murong's Shu Qing felt relived and relaxed.

Looking at him mocking the handsome man who was sitting next to him from time to time, his eyes did not look at Hai Yue either, there was no longing even more, there was no conquest. So his bid was not for himself, it should be for that man who was beside him. She did not know whether or not she should tell Huo Zhi Qing, but looking at her emotional look now, she (MSQ) was afraid that she (HZQ) would not listen to what she (MSQ) said.

Love, sometimes would really deceive people's wisdoms, one should have the insight and judgment, at this time, it changed into zero in a flash. She (MSQ) hopes that her (HZQ) rationality did not change into zero, then it would be good.

"2,000 taels!" The sound of a clear and bright male sound came through from the right side of the private room.

"2,500 taels!" The competition entered into high gear, the other man at the private room who received the Chinese bellflower, was also bidding one after another.

"3,000 taels!" Yan Hao Yu recklessly quoted the price again.

Murong Shu Qing could only feel that Huo Zhi Qing who was beside her, that her so called rationality and nerve were slowly breaking apart.

Inadvertently, Murong Shu Qing moved his sight to turn to the direction of Xuanyuan Yi, he was still untamed, one could randomly and possibly say that he was just impudently sitting there, indifferently sweeping her eyes over everyone, just liked he was watching a drama. His deep eyes were only staring at the good wine that was on his hand, it seemed that (the wine) was more fascinating than the beauty.

Murong Shu Qing slightly smiled and sighed, he was still him, no matter where he was, one could not ignore him.

"4,000 taels!"

From the side of the private room, a firm and persistent with somewhat carrying languid and magnetic sound came through, it made Murong Shu Qing recovered. She slightly pulled down the muslin curtain to conceal her own and Huo Zhi Qing's silhouettes. Only because of this male voice would successfully take everyone's sights to the second floor.

Everyone's gazes were looking upstairs one after another, but they could not see anything clearly, and had no alternative but to look at each other in dismay, also curiously and incessantly stretched their necks.

This time, the man's voice also made the man who was next to Yan Hao Yu, to frown his eyebrows. Even Xuanyuan Yi whom one could not see the mood of his eyes, but he was looking pensively upstairs.

After Yan Hao Yu and Huo Zi Qi exchanged one meaningful glance, he did not show any weakness either and said: "5,000 taels!"

"6,000 taels!" The languid sound of a man echoed one more time.

Yan Hao Yu was still laughing and he raised his voice to say: "7,000 taels!"

"10,000 taels!" Not waiting until he finished speaking, there was an angry roar that made all of the men who were present, shut their mouths all together. At this time, the sound of Hai Yue's guqin made the final and perfect conclusion to the song.

The inside of Qing Feng Lou that was so big, unexpectedly quiet and noiseless in a flash.

Sian's notes:
Didn't I say that MSQ will be in trouble for taking the bratty HZQ to an brothel. Let's guess who shouted that 10,000 taels at the end? Hehehe…

About that Du Kang & Cao Cao's reference. According to Wikipedia, Du Kang was a figure credited with the invention of alcoholic beverages in Chinese legend. Du Kang's story is referenced in Cao Cao's 3rd century poems. So I guess, the point of the joke that MSQ tries to convey is that one should drink more wine to get rid of one's worry. 😂😂😂
Din2 found this on Wikipedia,
何以解憂?唯有杜康。Héyǐ jiěyōu? Wéi yǒu dùkāng
Who can unravel these sorrows of mine, I know of only one man, the God of Wine.
The words "heyi jieyou?" Was the question that Hai Yue asked for everybody.

The actual words are actually an idiom means crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Remember the old movie that Chow Yun Fat was in it? I love that movie.

Please, somebody, kill me for trying to translate the descriptions for this darn prostitute!!!! 😭😭😭 But I don't know why, I have a feeling that this Hai Yue isn't just a prostitute. I wonder if she's pretending to be one. I don't believe Qian Lu will write 2 long chapters for us to know about this mysterious prostitute. Hmmm…. I think I know who this Hai Yue is…. The author, Qian Lu might have dropped a hint when she was explaining about Hai Yue's description in that Cang Hai Ming Yue words. Now, we shall see if I guess this correctly…

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