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A+ A- Chapter 105


Passing through the red sea of flowers, the two floors wooden room that was directly facing the flowers, was very spacious. But the decoration was very simple, there was no other thing besides some calligraphy paintings. Walking all the way at this entire Piao Miao Manor gave people feeling that it was not a merchant’s home, there was no ostentatious decorations nor any display of antique porcelains, it looked more like a secluded and hidden mountain place. Inside the room, the servants and maids were not many either, everybody was doing their own things very orderly.

Beside the main reception hall, a black dress man was concentrating to look at the poetry on the fan until Shang Jun and Murong Shu Qing were smiling and chatting when they entered the room. The man only lifted his head up and smilingly greeted to Murong Shu Qing: “Shu Qing.”

“Xiu Zhi, you are still here?” Murong Shu Qing smilingly walked in front of him, looking that he was holding a fan in his hand, it was Shang Jun’s calligraphy words. These two people were cultured and elegant people, no wonder that they got along so well like this. Murong Shu Qing half-bowed to salute him and say: “I have been thinking how I can find you again, I have not thanked you properly.” But she should thank him properly, if it was not for him, she might already be dead, or lose her freedom.

Qin Xiu Zhi promptly got up, and supported Murong Shu Qing’s arm, he sighed and said: “You do not need to be polite like this with me.” If it was not for her, he might not be able to see his Emperor Mother until now, and would not meet Shang Jun, this eccentric person either. If one wanted to thank you, then it should be him who should thank her.

“Alright, everybody takes a seat.” Shang Jun smilingly looked at these two people, his one hand was pulling Qin Xiu Zhi, while his other hand was supporting Murong Shu Qing, and he brought them to the front of the master’s table. Then he looked one glance at everybody who just came to the Manor, and only saw Xuanyuan Yi’s expressionless face, so Shang Jun cupped his hands and smilingly said: “I have heard about General Xuanyuan’s distinguished name for a long time, please seat down.”

Xuanyuan Yi politely cupped his hands and answered: “Master is too polite.” But his eyes were always looking and lingering at Murong Shu Qing, Shang Jun and that man who was called Xiu Zhi. He recognized him, he was the man who came to the army camp with Shu Qing, it seemed that the three of them had known each other, so what was the relationship between them? Qing-er, you… owed me a lot of explanations.

Murong Shu Qing felt Xuanyuan Yi’s heated gaze, and calmly looked at him face to face, she still had that faint and shallow smile on her face, but mysteriously she actually calmed Xuanyuan Yi’s heart, alright, I will wait for your explanation.

The other people appeared to be lost in thought, they just recovered from Shang Jun’s handsome and elegant appearances, who would have thought that there was another gentle person who looked like a jade inside this Master’s house. This elegant, graceful and beautiful man, even those crafty and unruly young ladies whose beauties were like beautiful lotuses, but his beauty was more like a peony tree. Could it be that this outstanding Piao Miao Manor also a place where the immortal people came out from?!

“Lang Yue, tell the kitchen to serve the foods.” Shang Jun lifted his wine cup, and with a clear voice, he said: “It is rare that Piao Miao Manor is lively like today, Shang Jun will offer a toast to everyone.”

The Master already toasted, so everyone also responded and lifted their wine cups, they drank a mouthful afterwards. Pei Che politely cupped his hands and said: “M

aster Shang is too polite! It is us who are disturbing you!”

“You know that you are disturbing but you still do not leave.” Originally it was only a greeting sentence, but Shang Xiao’s sentence that was not stingy nor weak, not light nor heavy, but it made the atmosphere around the table to become awkward in a flash.

Li Ming wanted to attack first, this merchant’s young lady was somewhat a bully! But Pei Che lightly kicked him under the table so that he could swallow down the words that were already in his mouth. Pei Che was completely puzzled all the way, he really did not know this young lady, so he did not want to speak to offend her even more, could it be that there was a misunderstanding? Pei Che got up, he gave Shang Xiao a courtesy first, and then asked: “Miss Shang, I do not know where this humble person has offended Miss? Is there any misunderstanding about this?”

Shang Xiao’s hand was fiddling with the cup, she raised her head to show her sweet smile, and lazily answered: “Misunderstanding? There is none.” How could there was any misunderstanding, two days ago, she thought to see Shu Qing jiejie at the army camp because she was extremely worried about her. The result was this demon pestilence showed up, if it was not for him, she would already meet secretly with Shu Qing jiejie earlier. And she would not meet with any difficult situations that required elder brother to save her, not to mention that her hand was sprained, and she was also punished by forbidding her to go out of Ling Yuan courtyard. Now that she saw him again, she still felt grievances!!

So when she smiled, she was actually very adorable, so Pei Che continued to ask: “Then, why does Miss have a bad impression with this humble person?”

With a smile on Shang Xiao’s face and an unguarded expression, she shook her head, while she sighed and said: “There is nothing I can do, there is always someone who will make another person feels annoyed when looking at this someone.”

Who would have thought that she would have this kind of answer, so everyone on the table was staring blankly at that place, and they did not know what to say, especially Pei Che as he did not know whether to laugh or cry, and he could not stand nor could he sit down. Xuanyuan Yi rejoiced in Pei Che’s misfortune and raised the corners of his mouth, finally there was someone whose opinion was the same as him! Li Ming lowered his head to fiercely drink the water, he also wanted to laugh, but did not dare to be extremely presumptuous in front of Pei Che, so he could only endure it hardly.

But Murong Shu Qing did not want to endure it, so she happily and lightly laughed, as it turned out, there was a time that this fox was deflated!

This scene actually made Pei Che to be put on the spot, even though Shang Jun also felt that it was very interesting, but as a Master, he still interestingly called out to Shang Xiao: “Xiao-er!”

Figuring out that elder brother certainly would not blame her, Shang Xiao curled her lips, and lazily looked one glance at Pei Che. She took a pork chop and placed it inside Murong Shu Qing’s bowl, and excitingly said: “Shu Qing jiejie, eat this one.”

Murong Shu Qing was forced to hold back her smile, and tasted it, originally it was only so that they could change the topic and alleviated this awkward atmosphere. But once she ate a bite, it made Murong Shu Qing feel startled, she nodded her head and said: “Very delicious.” This was the long-awaited sweet and sour pork chop taste.

Shang Xiao showed a proud smile on her face and said: “Of course, my Elder brother heard that you liked sweet and sour pork last time, so he especially made this for you.” He heard that Shu Qing jiejie wanted to come at noon, so Elder brother prepared this for one afternoon!

Was it really sweet and sour pork chop? Murong Shu Qing earnestly tasted it again, moderate sweet and sour tastes, it was creamy and soft, it seemed that she only told him one time! Murong Shu Qing smilingly said: “The taste is not bad, Jun, you really have talents!”

Shang Jun faintly smiled and answered: “It is good that you like it.”

That faint pampering words, made Xuanyuan Yi tightly clenched his chopsticks, but he immediately let go of it.

Shang Jun was chatting with Murong Shu Qing and Qin Xiu Zhi from time to time, as if they did not exist at all. Li Ming was annoyed in his heart, they came here to discuss about a business, and it was not to accompany someone to eat and drink alcohol, this was the time to be attacking the enemy in the battlefield. Li Ming put down her chopsticks, and straightforwardly said to Shang Jun: “Master Shang, we come here this time to ask for your help.”

Shang Jun put down his wine cup, and courteously asked: “I do not know what Shang Mou can do for you?”

He was willing to accept this topic, strictly speaking, there was still hope, maybe Li Ming’s unthinkable action could complete the matter. Pei Che and Xuanyuan Yi were looking one glance at each other, and did not speak at all, they only let Li Ming discussed it with Shang Jun.

Li Ming knew how to grasp this opportunity, and promptly said: “Cang Yue shows this strange battle array, it is very strange, my army wants to ask Master Shang to help us break the battle array.”

Shang Jun shook his head, and smilingly said: “Shang Mou is only a merchant, I see that the General has found a wrong person.”

“Master Shang, you do not need to be modest, the surroundings Manor is arranged with a very difficult battle array, if you are willing to break the battle array, it will not be too difficult.” Even though Li Ming did not feel that this Shang Jun would have any ability, but the Military Adviser said that he could break the battle array, so he wanted to bait him to see if he would promise or not.

But Shang Jun did not take his bait, he was still modest when he smilingly said: “General is erroneous with your praise, those are only some small tricks to protect the Manor, it will be difficult to break the battle array from a big scale like this.”

“But ___”

Even though this Shang Jun already deprecated himself, and it was already obvious that he refused to give any suggestion to them. If they wanted to be tactful, they should exchange several sentences now and change the topic, but their reason to come this time was to get a way to break the battle array, so they must convince him. Afraid that Li Ming would offend Shang Jun with his words, Pei Che pulled the corner of his jacket once, and hinted that he should not continue talking anymore.

Pei Che got up, and grasped the wine cup with his hands, he drained the wine in one gulp, then said with composure: “Master Shang, I believe that you have heard about the war between Dong Yu and Cang Yue, my army is fighting the battle for self-defense only, there is no ambition to seize and take over the city wall. If we let Cang Yue wins the battle, there will be continuous fightings. The common people from both countries will be the ones who suffer the brunt from the war. It will also have a big effect in the manor’s business. If Master Shang is willing to help us to end this war as soon as possible, then that will be a good fortune for the common people.” Rumor said that Piao Miao Manor often delivered grained and clothes to the poor families, so he hoped that the common people could arouse his sympathy.

Shang Jun’s face that always had a smile, gradually changed gloomy, did he use the common people to threaten him?! He was not a saint anyway, just because he could give assistance to the people. Shang Jun also picked up his wine cup, but he did not drain it in one gulp, he was rather quietly drinking the good wine until it was empty, then he powerfully answered: “Piao Miao Manor is located in the common border within the two countries, we are solely engrossed in doing business, and always disregard the political situations. Moreover, this national defense and the matter about attacking the enemy in the battlefield, should be the Generals’ responsibilities!”

This sentence about responsibility, made Pei Che was speechless in a flash, but Li Ming could not help but to shout out: “How come this person does not have any conscience!”

Li Ming’s yelling made Shang Jun’s complexion that was already not good, to even look hazier, and he clearly rejected them, clearly made Xuanyuan Yi and the other people to be put on the spot. For a moment, the atmosphere at the dining table that was joyous and harmonious a moment ago, became somewhat constraint and tense.

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