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This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times.

Chapter 106

The Reason

“Ah ___!” Murong Shu Qing’s softly cried out, and it broke this awkward and intense atmosphere in an instant, everyone went to look at her side one after another, and could only see a servant girl who was standing nervously on the side, and her hand was holding a bowl of soup.

The atmosphere that suddenly became very tense a moment ago, made her hands were rigid, but she remembered that she only bumped into Miss Shu Qing lightly, so she should not be scalded or bruised. Even though the servant girl did not know what was going on, but she also knew that Miss Shu Qing was a noble guest of the Manor’s Master, so she promptly apologized: “I am sorry, Miss Shu Qing.”

Shang Xiao was also nervous, she supported Murong Shu Qing and asked: “Shu Qing jiejie, are you alright?”

Murong Shu Qing covered her left injured chest, and softly wrinkled her eyebrows, she seemed to be in pain, but in fact, she had to apologize to the servant girl in her heart. It would be useless to continue with the discussion in that kind of atmosphere from a moment ago, so when the servant girl just happened to bump into her shoulder accidentally, she took this opportunity to pretend that her old wound came back.

Shang Jun immediately walked to Murong Shu Qing’s side, and asked: “I heard that you were injured last time, are you still not healed?” According to what Xiu Zhi said, it happened almost half a month ago, could it be that the injury had not improved yet?!

Qin Xiu Zhi also said anxiously: “Shu Qing, do you want to have a physician to look at you?” He was the only one who knew how fierce and dangerous the arrow that hit her at that time.

Murong Shu Qing smiled and shook her head, then she answered: “En, I am alright.” She sat for two hours in a carriage today, even though her shoulder hurt a little, but it was not serious at all. She only did not want them to quarrel and shout just now.

“Xiao-er, help Qing to go to Qing Feng (cool breeze) Ge (pavilion).” But Shang Jun did not pay any attention to this, he cupped his hands to salute everyone, and said: “Everybody, please continue eating, Shang Mou will take a leave first.” He Helped Murong Shu Qing to go to the rear court.

Could it be that her injury was split opened again?! Xuanyuan Yi stood up and wanted to follow out, but the sleeve of his garment was pulled by Pei Che. Pei Che silently shook his head to him, it would be best that he did not follow them out in this current situation. Xuanyuan Yi stopped his steps, and sat down again. He fiercely poured a big cup of wine, and his complexion was so gloomy that it could scare people.

The other individual who had a hurting expression, was Qin Xiu Zhi, this kind of depressed mood made him feel suffocated and panicky, but what was he depressed about? Was it because the person who was protecting Shu Qing’s side, was Shang Jun, or because there was only Shu Qing in Shang Jun’s eyes? Heaven ah! What kind of wild imagination that he indulged in after all!!

Helping Murong Shu Qing to go to Qing Feng Ge pavilion, and carefully helping her to sit on the soft couch, even though Shang Jun could see what her intention was so she wanted to take advantage to leave the dinner. But she was injured and that was a fact, so holding Murong Shu Qing’s hand, Shang Jun sighed and said: “How is it, still want to look for a physician to examine you.”

“I am alright.” Murong Shu Qing was comfortably leaning on the soft couch, the soft and long foxy wool made her unable to stand up, she only felt a little bit tired, and the wound did not hurt too much anymore.

Shang Jun laughingly shook his head, she (MSQ) curled her body to lie down and looked like a cat, so he said to Shang Xiao who was by her side and still nervous: “Xiao-er, go to the kitchen and pick up a bowl of soup, Qing has not eaten anything this evening.”

Shang Xiao looked at Murong Shu Qing, and then looked at Shang Jun, they surely wanted to discuss some matters, so she obediently nodded her head and answered: “Alright, I am going.”

Tonight’s moonlight could still be regarded as good, even though it was already passed the fifteenth, but it was still very bright. The moonlight passed Qing Feng Ge pavilion through a window, it was scattering on Murong Shu Qing’s body, the softness of the wool made her cat looking posture seem unable to wake up even more. Murong Shu Qing secretly sighed, this Piao Miao Manor was really a good place, it was warm in the winter and cool in the summer, today seemed to be the coziest day that she had ever felt since she went to Xi Bei area (the northwest). Softly smelling the faint sweet smelling tea in the air, Murong Shu Qing lazily sat up.

Her nose was still really effective, Shang Jun was smilingly holding two cups of tea that were just steeped properly to her side, and handed it over to her while she said: “Your favorite long dan tea.”

“Thank you.” Murong Shu Qing took the tea, and she took an advantage to pull Shang Jun to sit down by her side. Lifting open the lid of the cup, a rich smell went through her nostril, she drank it while she was holding the warm teacup in her hand. Murong Shu Qing was lazily leaning on Shang Jun’s shoulder, and looking at the thorny flowers that were under the moonlight, through the big window. The soft moonlight, not only did not make it to become soft, instead it become strangely more red color.

Picking up the silk on the side, she put it on her, the nightfall at Piao Miao Manor was still somewhat cold. Helping her to put it on properly, Shang Jun lowly asked now: “Say it, why did you take them to come here? I remembered that you said at that time, that you did not want to be pulled into the center of the politics, and tried not to be involved in it. Why did you want to do this today?”

For a very long time, Murong Shu Qing did not answer, Shang Jun was not anxious either, he fiddled the middle of the green tea with his hand, and patiently waiting. The tea was nearly cold, when Shu Qing just lowly and lightly said: “Jun, I do not wish to be in the middle of the politics, because I am an independent and benevolent person. I do not want to assume any responsibility to a nation as that is a heavy responsibility, and also do not want to be involved in the middle of the Imperial court fights. I only want to protect the people whom I want to protect, only want to live a free live, but the affairs of the world can not seem to agree with my small wishes.”

That faint distress and helpless mutters made Shang Jun feel somewhat disappointed, picking up the already cold tea that was in Shu Qing’s hand, Shang Jun was holding her hand, and softly asked: “What do you want me to do?” As long as she said it, he would do it.

Speaking again, Murong Shu Qing helplessly supported her forehead with her hand, and strongly grasped Shang Jun’s hand, Murong Shu Qing sighed and said: “Jun, I want to fight with Cang Yue, and with Hong Ming, these are my own affairs. I had said it very clearly during that time, that I would spend the money as long as you contributed in the work, this Piao Miao Manor was built with your intelligent and ability. Within three years, the money that I have put into it, I have already received higher returns. I took them to come here so that they could have an opportunity to convince you, and it is not to ask you to do anything. Between you and me, we will always be friends, our involvements will have some benefits at most, and also some cooperations as partners, so it has never been the so-called problem that I want you to do something for me.”

But Shang Jun also stubbornly said: “If there is no you, there will not be the current Piao Miao Manor, there will be no me and Xiao-er now.”

He had a full appreciation towards Shu Qing, three years ago, at that ice-cold snowy mountain at the early morning, he thought that he and Xiao-er would freeze to death at that place, but one person with a horse walked to them at that time. She gave him a new life, and talked to him about a cooperation that he did not understand. Without her, he could only lean on the martial arts that he had, so he could only be a killer for hire to make a living, or maybe he would be a robber to rob the money from stronger people. So no matter what she said, he would help her.

Murong Shu Qing did not agree with her statements at all, so she sat her body up, and firmly said: “Jun, how many times you want me to talk about this, even if there is no me, you will be as successful as you are today. The timing may not come as quickly, but a gold will always shine.”

Looking face to face at those pair of tenacious and confident eyes, he almost believed it, but the experience that he went through three years ago in Cang Yue, made him to lowly smile. But that voice did not sound like a smile, it rather sounded like a small animal’s low sob: “Unfortunately, nobody believed that a woman could achieve big things, except you.”

Distressingly holding Shang Jun’s face, those pair of high style eyes were glittering with tears, but he would simply stubbornly not let them to fall down. He almost forgot that he was actually a woman, and could still cry.

Murong Shu Qing still faintly smiled and shook her head, she firmly said: “Jun, you are not the same as that girl who was in a difficult situation and running away from that year. I know for so many years, you still have an unfinished business with Cang Yue, that is always in your mind. If you prepare it properly, you will be able to go and do it.”

Shang Jun closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his eyes were already filled with brightness and persistence: “Out of the question, I am not strong enough, it is not enough just to fight. I need to have many assurances because I must win.” For father who died of persecution, mother who indignantly killed her self, and those hundreds of innocent lives who died tragically, he must win!

She (SJ as a woman) who was injured, was hidden by him (SJ's identity as a man) again, when could she be free, if she wanted to cry, she would just cry, if she wanted to smile, she would just smile! Interlocking her 10 fingers with him, Murong Shu Qing said this sentence: “You still have me.”

Those pair of hands that were not warm nor thick, but appeared to always have strengths, Shang Jun smilingly nodded her head. Having this person as her close friend, was the biggest blessing that she had in this life. The two people were laughing without restraint at the same time, suddenly, Shang Jun looked like she was thinking of something, and said to Shu Qing: “Maybe this war is a good opportunity to fulfill my dream, in order not to let people know the relationships between Miao Piao Manor and the Murong’s family, we gave the impression that we had never been cooperated within these past three years. This time, it will be better to try to have our cooperations.” Right ah, her own strength might not be enough, in that case, she should add Shu Qing and Xuanyuan Yi’s strengths, so it might be feasible.

“You can listen to Xuanyuan Yi and the other people’s opinions again tomorrow, then you can decide after that, it will not be too late.” Murong Shu Qing smilingly nodded her head, this was precisely her intention, if they won, then they would get three wins, they had the same enemies after all.

Shang Jun hooked the corners of her mouth, and said with a mischievous and smile face: “Alright, but I am still looking forward to fight along side with you, Qing, whose fault is it that you make me admire you because of your three years of glorious achievements!”

Murong Shu Qing softly shook her forefinger, she showed a pitiful look when she heard the words, and pretended to mock herself when she answered: “Comparing to the mysterious, unrivaled martial arts, outstanding intelligent, tranquil and quiet Master Shang, I can only be mistaken as a big knot!”

“You mock me, you should know the consequences!”

“Out of the question, I am injured, I am a sick person!”

“How can there be a very arrogant sick person like this?!”

“You do not extend your claws ah!!”


“Save me ah ~~~!”

There were continuous happy laughters coming from the inside of Qing Feng Ge pavilion, Shang Xiao was holding the chicken stock in her hands but she had not come in all along. It had been a long time that she had not heard her laughing like this happily, only Shu Qing jiejie had this ability. The soup was already cold, so she should get another bowl, so Shang Xiao walked out of there happily to go back to the kitchen.

Sian’s notes:
So this chapter confirmed my guess that MSQ has always known that Shang Jun is a woman. ☺️

We get to see a little bit of how Qin Xiu Zhi is startled when he finds out that he may have feelings for Shang Jun who is a “man” at this point in time. Very interesting to see the conflict in his heart. So Kirinda, you can see in this chapter why I made that comment in the earlier chapter that QXZ wasn't really forced to switch his liking from MSQ to Shang Jun, but it was kinda an oops moment as he realized that he was jealous of MSQ for getting the sole attention from Shang Jun. hahahaha….

Can you imagine what XY will do if he sees the scene where MSQ is leaning on Shang Jun’s shoulder??? 🤣🤣

Before that * sign, all the references for Shang Jun were using a ‘he’ word, but after the * sign, the author seemed to be confused whether to use a ‘she’ or 'he' words to refer to Shang Jun. I don’t know if you know this or not but Chinese characters for he, she & it are different characters, however the pinyin word is the same ‘ta’ for all three and the tones are also the same. So anyway, this gender bender issue with Shang Jun is a little bit confusing for the author or me as the translator as sometimes the author just decides to use a 'he' to refer Shang Jun at one time and a 'she' at another time. 😳

Awww, MSQ’s relationship with Shang Jun is definitely a lot better than with Xi Lie Yue. I mean, they’ve known each other for 3 years so it makes sense that their relationships are a lot better. Plus they met when Shang Jun was at her lowest point in her live. I'm really curious about Shang Jun's story but I'm afraid that her story is too heavy with revenge plots.

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