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Pain and Confession [8]

“What City Lord is saying is that our Ku Sha City…”

Before he was even about to finish his sentence, Han Fei slapped him across his face, immediately eliminating unwanted the noise.

“I know what to do now,” Han Fei said as he respectfully bowed towards Liu Yue. His face was red and his body was shivering excitedly.

“We also know what to do now,” Ku Ba Li and Tuo Bi Mu said in a low voice.

The surplus things are given to the Ku Sha City alone. There are so much surplus things and yet it is only going to be given to the Ku Sha City so how could they not be wild with joy and excitement.

Liu Yue slowly nodded her head and said: “As long as you understand then that’s good. In the future, there will be times where I will need to rely on you.”

“We pledge our lives to follow you,” Han Fei, Kuo Ba Li, and Tuo Bi Mu said in unison. Their voice and demeanor were serious, unlike before.

Liu Yue glanced at the three of them and turned to Ouyang Yu Fei who has been sitting next to her and said: “They’re inexperienced and too straightforward, you go.”

Ouyang Yu Fei looked at Liu Yue after hearing what she had said, he suddenly smiled: “Okay.”

Liu Yue nodded her head and stood up, walking towards another group near the bonfire. The group immediately let out cheers and shouts of joy.

They were full of joy.

Amidst these joyful cheers and shouts, soldiers began to move in the shadows. They took a portion of the gold and grain and enter into the dark night of the grassland.

The night slowly darkens.

The night sky of the grassland isn’t as dark as the night sky of the Central Plains, even when it’s the winter season.

The boundless sky and vast grassland gave people boundless heroism yet loneliness as well

Under the night sky, inside Liu Yue’s tent.

Liu Yue changed into black clothes and looked at Du Yi who appeared outside her tent. The subordinates she had taught are just different. They know exactly what she wants to do.

What happened to Che today pained her heart to the extreme.

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