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Pain and Confession [6]

Her figure slowly faded from everyone’s sight.

When Qiu Hen and Yan Hu saw this, they couldn’t believe what they had saw. Their King had loved her so deeply yet she had just left their King like this? How could she leave like this?

Silence has fallen over the city gate. The sun was shining brightly yet the air was chilly.

The horses rushed through the Deep Blue mountain pass. While on her way through the mountain pass, Liu Yue didn’t show any signs of stopping or slowing down. It seemed like she had put all her feelings onto rushing back to Bei Mu.

The land was full of cattle, sheep, and carts. It seemed as if all of this could’ve reach the sky.

The entire team helped transfer all the things from the Central Plains to Bei Mu.

The setting sun was like fire from the view of the vast grassland. The rich night has taken over the glory of the morning.

The cart is connected to the horse as the horse is connected to the cart.

For the first time on the endless and desolated grassland, it was full of life.

They had set up a camp and a bonfire under the night sky. The stars shone and flashed, decorating the entire dark sky.

The soldiers of the ten Ku Sha City of Bei Mu surrounded the raging bonfire.

“Haha, our Prince of ZhongYi have such great skills,” Han Fei laughed heartily as he held a bowl of liquor that is as big as a sea. He was excited to the point where he almost jumped up.

“Of course! Three million piculs of ration and fodder and one million bolts of cloth. Also, 500,000 cows and sheep as well as 3 million taels of gold. This is a sky-high price. I have never seen so many things; so many cattle, sheep, and gold..,” Tuo Bi Mu excitedly said as he shouted and jumped in front of the bonfire.

“Haha, you’re inexperienced,” Ku Ba Li said as he laughed. He pulled up his slipping clothes that exposed his upper body. His face was red like wine.

“Then have you ever saw something like this?”

“I haven’t either…”


The night was as dark as ink. Yet it wasn’t able to obscure his expression that was full of excitement.

As the bonfire is raging, the people of Bei Mu danced the dance of the grassland. Countless soldiers fenced and sang as they all got drunk together.

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