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Pain and Confession [5]

The person in front of her, his face suddenly had become as pale as paper. The trail of blood at the corner of his mouth had slowly dripped down. That tall body that had never lowered itself, was falling down at this moment. And his eyes, they were fixedly staring at her.

Her heart had suddenly tightened to the point where it could no longer be anymore tighter. It was about to jump out from her chest.

The hand that was holding onto the rein of the horse suddenly tightened. The force was about to break apart the whip in her hand.

“Do you need to look at it?” Ouyang Yu Fei also had turned around to take a look. His voice was gentle and refined as he asked Liu Yue.

When Liu Yue heard Ouyang Yu Fei’s words, Liu Yue stiffly turned her head back. Her mouth curved into a sliver of a smile as she said: “There is no need. Since I no longer love him, why bother?”

After she had finished speaking, she sat on her horse. The horse galloped forward on its four hooves.

“Murong Liu Yue. What had happened to you? How did you become so heartless? That day that you had fallen off the cliff, no one knew whether you were dead or alive. Do you know how our King had lived? He almost wanted to accompany you to death.

He had lived like a walking corpse because he believed that you would definitely be alive and well. He wants to destroy all the obstacles for you so that in the future there’ll be no one in this world who’ll dare to destroy you two. It’s just this belief that had supported him to this day.

And then on the 18th, we actually received the new that you were going to marry Dugu Ye. Our Emperor had actually abandoned the war at the frontier and within four days he had rushed over 3,000 li to receive you.

Is this how you repay his gratitude? Is this how you treat him?”

His voice was shrill and his words were absolutely angry. That sound resounded around Ao Yun’s city gates and up into the sky along with the wind.

Liu Yue’s fingertips dug into the palm of her hand as she clenched her teeth.

To be able to travel over 3,000 miles in four days. How much did he not eat and sleep? How much did he have to madly rush here? No wonder he is so thin and pallid (pale).

She had angered and injured him this deeply.

She took a deep breath. Her heart had hurt to the point where she couldn’t even breathe. However, the expression on Liu Yue’s face had become increasingly more stable.

She whipped the horse and the horse spread its four hooves, gradually disappearing into the horizon.

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