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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [2]

Those kinds of distorted words, an average person would not be able to say that.

Have there been a mistake? Who in the world doesn’t know that Tian Chen’s Yi Wangfei (Liu Yue) with the present Tian Chen Emperor, their love is even deeper than the ocean?

That day, their Crown Prince invited the five countries to force Tian Chen’s Emperor to retreat. Xuanyuan Che, because of her, fought against the five countries’ combined military.

And this Murong Liu Yue, her blood only flow for Xuanyuan Che.

Today, how did she suddenly changed?

She can’t turn her back against him (Dugu Ye)? She had traveled thousands of miles to reach Ao Yun to stop the wedding? Inside the wedding hall, she poured out her heart. This… this…

Everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

In the wink of an eye, there was no more frenetic. Only silence without boundary ensured. Everyone’s gaze was in the middle of the hall, where Liu Yue and Dugu Ye is currently standing.

Even the Emperor and Empress of Ao Yun felt like there was a cramp in the corner of their mouth. They looked at each other and didn’t know what to think and believe.

Liu Yue turned her head and walked away without pausing.

She had just walked one step, Dugu Ye’s hand already had tightly grabbed her arm. That kind of strength, it had almost crushed her bones.

She didn’t turn around, her body was proud.

Her complexion was just like before, bleak.

He tightly held her arm, staring at that fiery red back. His withered and haggard eyes perked up with spirit. The charm and grace slowly returned to his eyes.

This is the person in his heart. This is the person he had thought about, who he had longed for, missed, and loved. This is the person who he had used all means to get. Since today she had come, no matter what, he won’t let her leave.

“The words I’ve said they will forever count. As long as I have you, then what does it matter if I don’t marry any other girl.” His words were cold and clear, but it emitted Dugu Ye’s former arrogance and proudness.

“You…” Once he had said that, the Prince Qin of Nan Song Country who came to send off the bride, his expression immediately changed. With a swish, he got up.

They aren’t even putting their Nan Song Country in their eyes.

The Eleventh Princess of Nan Song Country, who was cheerful before, was now so angry that her face had turned white. She grabbed onto her robes, staggering, with grief and indignation on her face. Tears spilled out of her eyes as she turned and ran out of the hall.

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