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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [1]

Isn’t Murong Liu Yue already dead? How is she still alive?

The large-scale battle between the five countries and Tian Chen a few months ago had continued to today. Tian Chen had annexed Chen Country and sent troops to Zhao country. How can she be still here? How come she had suddenly appeared here today?

Astonished and an unbelieving expression was present on everyone’s face.

The magnificent and noisy hall had become completely silent.

The music had stopped, one can only hear their breathing sound.

Walking on the path of light, Liu Yue approached Dugu Ye who’s gaze was fixed on her. Her face showed a trace of sadness.

Ignoring everyone around her, she lifted her head to look at Dugu Ye. Liu Yue lightly sighed. She slowly said: “Do you still remember the words you told me that day?”

He didn’t respond. Only his insatiable gaze was still fixed on her. It seemed like he wanted to imprint Liu Yue’s appearance in his heart forever with this one gaze.

Liu Yue didn’t die. She didn’t die.

For the first time, Dugu Ye’s eyes showed a trace of violent mood change.

Liu Yue didn’t wait for Dugu Ye to reply, instead, she continued on: “That day, you told me that for me, you don’t mind turning the whole world upside down. Today, in just a short time, you decided to marry someone else. What affection? What love?”

Saying up to this, Liu Yue sighed. She looked at Dugu Yue and said: “After I was pushed down the mountain by you, I thought about it. It is so fortunate how I was able to obtain such deep love and that I shouldn’t turn my back on you. Once the wounds had gotten better I had traveled here rapidly despite day and night, yet you….”

Saying up to there, Liu Yue laughed at herself. She shook her head: “It’s fine. In the end, it was unrealistic. After all, it can’t be real.”

After she said that, the corner of Liu Yue’s mouth raised up into a smile. It was a very proud smile. But it couldn’t conceal the sadness and hurt. It seemed as if she was really heartbroken by Dugu Ye.

Liu Yue turned around, flipped her sleeve and walked away.

Like a proud peacock, even if her soldiers were defeated, even if she’s not satisfied, she won’t willingly fold her proud tail feathers.

The officials and guests in the hall who had heard up to this became dumbstruck. Their expression seemed like it had been dyed from the laundry dye. It repeatedly changed from yellow to green, green to blue, and blue to purple.

T/N: Is he going to get scammed? xD

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