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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [9]

Seeing this, Qian Lian clenched her teeth tighter. She loudly said: “She’s already dead. That place is so high. Tian Chen’s Emperor had looked for her for so long, yet he received no news. She’s already dead. Don’t think about her anymore. She’s already dead.”

She said that all in one breath. Princess Qian Lian thought that what she had said would provoke him; however, he still didn’t move.

Princess Qian Lian couldn’t stand this any longer.

She had underestimated how much her big brother liked Murong Liu Yue. Yet he had personally killed the person he loves. He took great pains to conspire with the five countries to fight for that girl. That kind of heartache, it seemed like in her big brother’s heart can’t be healed in this lifetime.

He is punishing himself ah.

In the reflection of her pair of painful eyes, that ice-cold figure suddenly slowly moved. Princess Qian Lian’s heart became happy.

He slowly raised his head and looked at the gray sky.

Yes ah, she’s dead. She was pushed down that high mountain by him. She was already injured before she fell. How could she not be dead, how could she?

“Who I marry, does it matter anymore?” Light as a feather, he threw those words as he turned around and walked slowly. A body of white, compared to the silver-white world, it’s not beautiful but lonely.

Because she no longer exists, whoever he marries, it doesn’t matter. Is it like that?

Princess Qian Lian held her words.

The white figure slowly disappeared, eventually, it disappeared at the end of the silver-white world.

The sixteenth of the twelfth lunar month, the marriage.

The noise from the gongs and drums could reach the heaven. Within ten miles, red silk decorated the sky.

The flaming red color completely surrounded Ao Yun Palace.

On the pillar of the carved dragons, the red silk flamboyantly contrasted against the five claws of the golden dragon. The red color was dazzling.

Numerous lanterns were hung high up, countless palace maids and eunuch were running around.

The visitors had all arrived, their cheerful sounds could shake the heaven.

In Ao Yun’s imperial palace, it was full of joy and bustling with noise.

In the main hall of Ao Yun’s imperial palace, the Emperor of Ao Yun and the Empress sat on the highest seats, with looks of joy. Below, the civil and military officials and the quests were all happy. It was a flourishing scenery.

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