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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [10]

Yet today’s groom, Dugu Ye, wore a mild red robe. He was very elegant and incomparably beautiful.

At this time, he was expressionlessly standing next to his father. That cold and indifference, compared to the joyous mood in the hall, completely contrasted against each other.

“The new people have arrived,” the singing voice said. When the time arrived, the confetti cannon will be shot.

Along with the noise of the confetti cannon being shot, Nan Song country’s eleventh princess, dressed in red robes, with the help of the servant slowly walked into the main hall. Her phoenix robe dragged behind her.

The princess was beautiful with delicate features. She can be considered as an elegant woman.

The mood in the main hall was joyful. The numerous officials all have their eyes bent in moon shape.

Her pace was light. The number one country’s Crown Prince Dugu Ye’s side imperial concubine slowly walked forward.

Normally when the Crown Prince marries a side imperial concubine, it won’t be this grand. But the Emperor of Ao Yun and those who know the inside story were all clear. There might be no main wife. So all the etiquette and decorations were done based on how a main wife’s wedding would be.

Just as she was slowly walking, the official who was outside immediately rushed in, walking around the joyous officials. Making his way through the crowd to reach the Emperor of Ao Yun.

The Emperor of Ao Yun is around forty years old. At the moment, his face was full of smile. Once he saw the official with a serious face who was rushing towards him, he secretly frowned.

The messenger of the ninth city, why is here at this time?

The messenger of the ninth city whispered in the ear of the chief eunuch which took quick steps to reach him. The chief eunuch’s face suddenly changed and immediately turned around, walked towards Ao Yun’s Emperor.

“Emperor, Bei Mu had sent 500,000 troops and attacked our border,” the chief eunuch said with a trembling voice. Although it was only a few words, it made the Emperor of Ao Yun shocked.

“What?” The Emperor of Ao Yun country lowered his voice, practically not daring to believe what he had just heard.

Usually, when Bei Mu or the Huns come to loot for grains during the Winter, their troops was never more than 100,000. They also usually never come around this time.

He had thought that they wouldn’t come this year. He would’ve never thought that they would’ve come at almost the end of the year and this time they had brought 500,000 soldiers. Had Bei Mu become crazy?

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