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Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [12]

Liu Yue who was burning with anger, she clenched her fist tightly: “I need your help.”

Empress Dowager Xiao heard Liu Yue’s word which was straight to the point, yet she didn’t immediately reply.

On that day, when she first saw Liu Yue, she recognized her. She is Nalan Shui’s daughter, her face was the evidence.

Also, Ouyang Yu Fei is by her side. The second largest surname of the island, he has already been given to Nalan Shui’s daughter as her fiance. He will become the next ruler of the island.

Even though he had never met her; however, she had seen him. Even though at that time he was only a teenager.

These two coming together, there must be a scheme.

Thus, she had kept her eyes on them. She wanted to win them over in Bei Mu and then get rid of them without a tace.

Only that her plan hasn’t fully been planned out yet when today in the royal court, this Ku Za Mu, this idiot had ruined everything. He energetically praises Liu Yue’s capabilities. He went as far as to request Liu Yue take control of Bei Mu’s South Courtyard’s military power.

Officials of Bei Mu who have brains made of straw bags, each and every one of them vouched for her to give the imperial decree.

If Liu Yue takes control of her Bei Mu’s military power, then doesn’t that mean that her Bei Mu is in her hand and also in the hand of the hegemon.

No, she is definitely not willing.

Therefore, she had tried to kill her today. She had thought that Liu Yue was already drunk. She didn’t think that she would’ve been caught by her.

“When it comes to the hegemon, if he’s alive then I’m not. He and I will always be enemies.” Liu Yue suddenly said as she watched attentively as Empress Dowager Xiao wrinkled her eyebrows.

After Empress Dowager Xiao heard that she looked at Liu Yue through the corners of her eyes: “Forever enemies? You don’t even know your identity that’s why you could say those words.”

“No, I know. Nalan is the surname of that island, it’s part of the royal family.

But, what about that? I don’t care for high position and great wealth, or ruling over the world. I only want to be together with the person I love.

The more they give me absolute power, the more it’ll destroy me and suppress me. This type of identity, I don’t value it. I also don’t want it.”

Resolute, decisive, and blunt. It made people feel her disgust and determination through their very bones.

When Empress Dowager Xiao heard this, she took a long look at Liu Yue. Liu Yue also doesn’t move and stared at Empress Dowager Xiao, confronting her. Sparks flew in all directions silently.

After quite a while, Empress Dowager Xiao slowly smiled: “No. You don’t know your identity. If you knew, that you would understand. You were originally the sharp weapon used to deal against the hegemon.

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