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Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [11]

Laughing three times in a row, her appearance isn’t wild but that laugh made people cold from the very core of their bones.

She is also a broken-hearted person, someone similar to her and connected by fate, she is also a person who can join her to get revenge. At this moment everything was clear to Liu Yue.

After her three laughs, Empress Dowager Xiao calmed down. She slowly but back the veil on her face, looking at Liu Yue said: “Who are you with?”

“The Emperor of Tian Chen Country, Xuanyuan Che.”

“Tian Chen Country, Xuanyuan Che, I’ve heard of.” When she had gone out to travel, she had heard about the genius from Tian Chen. However, at that time he was very young.

“If you want to destroy them, why did you come to my grassland?” Without roundabout words, Empress Dowager Xiao went straight to the point.

“I have two years left. The Central Plains has already formed a setup. Only the grassland has the power to fight. Furthermore, I have an intuition here.” Liu Yue replied, also straightforward.

She has a very good feeling, she felt that talking truthfully and straightforwardly is better than lying.

Having heard what she had said, Empress Dowager Xiao as expected, nodded her head. She suddenly laughed: “What a good intuition. The people of the Central Plains are all cowards. A hegemon from thousands of years ago, someone from overseas made them so scared that they piss their pants in terror. Hmph! Useless things. You chose right by picking the grassland.

People form the grassland only serve themselves. What overseas island or a thousand-year-old hegemon. They had never heard of it. Obeying them would be a joke.

That year, if not for that fact that Khan and I didn’t have much ability, they wouldn’t have been able to kill my husband. If it was today, no one would be able to kill my husband. And no one would be able to even think about touching a piece of his hair.” Powerful resounding words, mixed with grief and indignation.

When Liu Yue heard that, her eyes shined. That means that the grassland from the beginning has the ability to contend against them?

Her grief and indignation were only for a split second, Empress Dowager Xiao noticed the light in Liu Yue’s eyes. She coldly smiled and said: “Even though Khan and I were weaker than them, they came from far away to kill my husband. However, none of them returned alive. My Bei Mu warriors chased to kill them for thousands of miles. Countless dead and injuries. For so many years, the head of the island clearly knows that I’m here, but didn’t dare to come and commit crimes. It’s this reason, those who dare to kill my grassland people, they have to pay an absolute price.”

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