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Lin Fan went to the kitchen.

In the private room.

Xu Fei Yuan smiled, "Does Master Lin really know how to cook?"

Wang Ming Yang replied, "You'll find out soon."

He knew that something must have happened. However, he didn't know what was it. Although he was trying to guess what it was, he felt that it was impossible.

Chen Chang Sheng had realized that the atmosphere was wrong. He felt that Master Lin wouldn't suddenly suggest cooking for everyone. Something bad must have happened.

Then, he took out his phone and texted Wang Ming Yang.

"Chief Wang, what happened to Master Lin?"

Wang Ming Yang looked at his phone and replied, "I'm not very sure. However, something must have happened. It probably concerns your friend."

Chen Chang Sheng replied, "That can't be. It's his first time meeting all of you. How could it…"

Wang Ming Yang replied, "You should be mentally prepared. My bro is well-mannered but when he gets angry, it's really scary."

After sending that text, Wang Ming Yang didn't say anything else. He kept his phone immediately.

Meanwhile, He Cheng Han just spoke softly to the people around him.

He didn't know what was happening but he knew that something was wrong.

After a short while.

Lin Fan pushed the door open and brought two plates. The plates were being covered and he placed them on the table.

"I just made two dishes for you. Let's try them together, shall we?" Lin Fan said.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at Lin Fan and said, "Master Lin…"

Before he could finish his sentence, he got interrupted by Lin Fan. Lin Fan immediately took the covers off and presented the dishes in front of them.

Xu Fei Yuan was initially really happy but when he saw the dishes, his face instantly changed.

"Mirror Box Tofu and Cherry Pork."

The crowd was stunned after hearing what Xu Fei Yuan said.

Weren't those the dishes that he stole from the small restaurant?

How did Master Lin know how to cook them?

They weren't stupid and they knew the reason for that.

Lin Fan wiped the dust off his hands and returned back to his seat. Then, he looked at Xu Fei Yuan, "Chief Xu, please help to introduce the dishes."

Xu Fei Yuan looked at Master Lin and didn't know what to say, "Master Lin, I…"

Lin Fan waved his hand, "Just introduce them."

Xu Fei Yuan felt like something was going to happen. His throat trembled.

"This is Mirror Box Tofu."

"And this is Cherry Pork."

Lin Fan smiled, "Chief Xu should know that these dishes don't exist in the Jiangsu cuisine, right?"

Xu Fei Yuan nodded as a form of acceptance.

"People that know me should know that I know how to cook. Right?" Lin Fan looked at the others.

Wang Ming Yang nodded, "Yeah."

He Cheng Han and the others also nodded.

Lin Fan looked at Xu Fei Yuan and said, "Initially, only I know how to make these dishes. However, when I went back to Zhongzhou for the New Year, I saw that my friend's restaurant was doing really badly. I taught him these two dishes. Therefore, the only people that know how to make these dishes are him and me. I wonder how Chief Xu knows how to make them. Could you tell me the process of everything? I want to know what happened."

When Lin Fan said that, everyone understood what was going on.

He Cheng Han looked at Xu Fei Yuan. He didn't expect this fella to have messed Master Lin's friend up.

Chen Chang Sheng was stunned. He didn't expect the matter to become like that. He looked at Xu Fei Yuan in shock.

At the same time, he knew that something bad was going to happen.

Things didn't seem good.

Xu Fei Yuan wasn't stupid. He knew that although Master Lin's wealth and status couldn't match up to his, everyone else at the table didn't speak anymore.

If he still didn't understand the situation, he could probably just commit suicide.

"Master Lin, I… I…" Xu Fei Yuan felt as if his throat was being blocked and he couldn't say anything.


Then, Lin Fan slammed the table angrily and stared at him.

"I hate the people that bully my friends the most. Do you know that?"

Xu Fei Yuan was shocked. His forehead was filled with sweat. He started stuttering, "I… I…"

Chen Chang Sheng stood up anxiously, "Master Lin, don't be mad. He didn't know that was your friend."

"Chief Chen, this doesn't concern you. I am asking him questions." Lin Fan waved his hand and looked at Xu Fei Yuan. "Let me ask you this. Did it feel great bullying my friend?"

Chen Chang Sheng didn't know what to do. He wanted to say something and got interrupted by Wang Ming Yang.

"Elder Chen, just sit down. Don't get yourself involved in this," Wang Ming Yang said.

When Lin Fan called Bai Ke, he could tell that something was wrong. However, he didn't do anything about it earlier.

He should have called him when the incident happened. He just kept quiet about it.

If not for his random encounter with this man, he probably would have never found out about it.

Then, Lin Fan wasn't furious. However, he wanted a conclusion for this matter.

"Chief Xu, tell me. What do you think you should do?"

Xu Fei Yuan swallowed his saliva forcefully. He felt that things had gone out of control. "Master Lin, I know I was wrong. I really didn't know that. If I had known, I wouldn't have done that. How about I pay for the losses. I will definitely satisfy you."

"How are you going to pay?" Lin Fan asked.

Xu Fei Yuan thought about it for a moment. "I will buy the rights to sell these two dishes and pay them for their losses. I really don't know."

"Alright. Are you still going to buy the rights? My dishes were never supposed to be sold to others. I only gave them to him because he was my friend. Now, you're telling me you want to use it? You'll have to see if you're capable enough. I'll give you one chance. When you return back, pay my friend and make an official announcement saying that you stole the dishes. Return the patent rights to my friend."

After Xu Fei Yuan heard that, his face changed. If he were to do that, he would be doomed.

Lin Fan added, "Of course, you can disagree. You can try me."

Xu Fei Yuan looked at Lin Fan's eyes and he was fearful.

Who was going to pay for the consequences?

This was a life and death situation.

How many people lost their placing in society because of Master Lin? If he were to go against Master Lin, he would probably die a painful death.

When Chen Chang Sheng heard that he heaved a sigh of relief, "What are you doing? Master Lin has already said the terms and conditions. Just quickly agree to it."

He was afraid that this friend of his was so greedy that he thought that he could win Master Lin.

If that was the case, he would probably be doomed.

The others didn't really say anything. However, when Master Lin talked about something, they had to side him.

Chen Chang Sheng was regretting his decision for bringing his friend along.

However, he felt that it was a blessing in disguise. If Master Lin were to find out about this in the future, he would probably suffer a worse fate.

He was thankful for that.

Then, Xu Fei Yuan nodded, "Master Lin, I'll agree to that."

Lin Fan pointed at the door, "Get out. Do not disturb us as we're having a meal. I hope you'll resolve this soon."

Xu Fei Yuan felt so embarrassed but he didn't dare to do anything. He just nodded and left.

Wang Ming Yang said, "Alright, bro, don't be too angry. Elder Chen didn't know about this too. Let's eat. Don't be angry about it."

The others also tried to console him.

Chen Chang Sheng was really embarrassed. He wanted to thank Master Lin for what he did but he didn't expect Master Lin to be so unhappy.

It was all his fault.

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