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To Have a Taste of your own Medicine [12]

Even though he is fast, Liu Yue’s speed is even faster.

He didn’t even avoid the attack yet when the blast of the exploding bonfire with a peng sound, severely hit his chest.

The strike made Han Fei fly far away, smashing into the guard seat behind him. He spits out a mouthful of blood, the impact made the wine spill and flames sprinkle onto his clothes.

The expressions on the guards sitting there changed. In a flurry, they tried to extinguish the flame on Han Fei’s body.

After seeing that, the remaining sixteen forces with a swish, all got up. Their arrogant and obscene expression was put away. Revealing their originally violent and fearlessness.

Their swords unsheath and murderous aura rise.

Han Fei’s guard’s longsword pierces the air, advancing towards Liu Yue.

Yet the sound of the zither is uninterrupted. Liu Yue, just like before, calmly caress her zither. Seeing this unchanging complexion, her five fingers flew on top of the zither, shooting out an invisible wind blade.

The few advancing people with their body still in midair, were hit hard by the incoming invisible wind blade. They all spit out a mouthful of blood. Their figure, one after another, smashed onto the ground.

They were colluding together to defeat her, yet before they could even reach her, they are severely injured.

The expression of the people in the room immediately changed.

“What kind of skill/kung fu is this?” Ouyang Yu Fei who has been leisurely playing with the wine cup stopped, slightly widening his eyes.

“Good wine, good food, don’t waste it. The Ku Sha grassland isn’t a rich place,” her faint voice flutter around. Liu Yue’s fingers fly across the zither once more, a silent wind blade shot towards the bonfire in front of sixteen chiefs. The fire immediately became bigger.

Witchery! The forces of the Ten Ku Sha Cities eyes all became round, each and every one of them standing tall and upright at their current place. The grip on their blade which is on their waist, tighten.

“This prince invited everyone out of my good will. However, since you won’t give me face, then this prince won’t force you. See the guests out.” The sound of the zither is unhurried, yet its murderous aura is slowly brewing.

“Boss, outside the pasture, is full of people, we are surrounded.”

“Leader, we can’t get out.”

Hearing Liu Yue sending the guest out, the guards of the seventeen forces that were closest to the door, immediately rushed out, only to find that they can’t get out.

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