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To have a Taste of your own Medicine [9]

“They will come.” Drinking the wine, Ou Yang Yu Fei was suddenly inclined to inserted a sentence.

Xiao Hua and Xiao Xi Que immediately looked over, even Ku Za Mu looked over, only Liu Yue whose complexion remained motionless, continued to look at the front.

“Since in the future we will be opponents, first of all, they need to weigh the strength of us, who are their opponent.” Ou Yang Yu Fei said as he directed a flirtatious glance at Liu Yue.

Unfortunately, Liu Yue didn’t pay attention to him, but it doesn’t mean that she didn’t hear it.

“They’re here.” Just as Ou Yuan Yu Fei finished speaking, in a distance the sound of horseshoes rang. The sound seem as if they were coming from a difficult situation, countless dust clouds rose from the horses, approaching tumultuously.

Liu Yue swept away the dullness on her face, showed a trace of smile, to up to welcome them.

A face full of beard, looking at him, he doesn’t seem very formidable. On the contrary, he seemed a little obscene of a man. He directly release the horse and came.

The ten cities of Ku Sha, elder of Bai Mu Zu, Han Fei. Ku Sha city’s rank one of the seventeen forces, lives within the Yan Gu city.

“Haha, what a pretty girl. This time Bei Mu have chosen a good city lord.” That Han Fei flew here, one look at Liu Yue and he let out a laugh. His words and his person, most people cannot bear.

As his voice fell, those few followers behind him, suddenly started laughing out loud. Those vulgar gazes look up and down at Liu Yue.

Liu Yue’s face doesn’t show the slightest change, she maintained that smile, cupped her hand in greeting towards Han Fei: “Elder Han can come, is giving Liu Yue face, come.”

“Haha, amusing, amusing…” Within the loud laugh, Han Fei flew down, heads towards Han Lan pasture’s banquet.

Just after Han Fei’s first arrival, in the distance, the dust clouds are rolling, numerous fast horses ran towards their direction.

Stirring the dust high up to the sky, coming quickly and violently from all direction, as if they had previously agreed on coming this way, so quickly and not giving face at all.

The dust that the horses have stirred up with their speed, practically covered up Liu Yue and the other’s head and face. Only after that, those powerful leaders of the forces finally stopped, laughing alongside one another which echo throughout the Han Lan pasture as they walked over.

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