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To have a Taste of your own Medicine [8]

Without any objections, without any storms, the citizen of Ku Sha city, seems to not care who is in charge of them. That kind of complete disregard, it’s a kind of indifference, even more so it’s a contempt for the monarchy.

But, all this is calculated by Liu Yue.

Today, the color of the sky is good like before, adequate sunshine shined on the stone construction that was dilapidated. Yet it is still arrogantly standing in the ancient city, letting out the feeling of cold resolute and hard rigidness, completely letting the backdrop to stand out.

The new city master of Ku Sha city, Bei Mu’s Prince of Zhong Yi, invited the ten cities’ seventeen influential families to dinner. She have set up a banquet to study the Han Lan pasture. This news have spread with the north wind, over the ten Ku Sha cities.

Without the kind of pressure the Huns have exerted, but instead lower herself to invite the ten cities’ mixed forces, this kind of attitude as the city master of the ten cities, the power of royalty bowing their heads towards the commoners, can be considered unprecedented and the first.

Body clothed in fiery red, Liu Yue stood outside the entrance of Han Lan pasture.

“Still, no one has come.” Ku Za Mu’s original pitch-black face, turned darker.

Damn it, a bunch of trash, give them face and they don’t want it, his Bei Mu’s Prince of Zhong Yi invited them, they dare to not come, f*ck.

Ku Za Mu already yelled at them in his heart for thousands of times.

“They will come.” Liu Yue slide her hands into her sleeves, her face dull, seeming to not think that she, the city master of ten cities, Bei Mu’s royalty, unexpectedly had to wait outside, this really doesn’t give her any face.

Behind, Ou Yang Yu Fei, Xiao Xi Que, and Xia Hua, sitting at the end of the banquet in pasture, carefree and lesiurely drinking the wine.

“They will really come?” Xiao Xi Que whispered.

“That’s difficult to say, they are the overlord of this place, you are a city master that fell from the sky (came from nowhere), if they don’t want to give you face, then they won’t, what can you do. The Huns tried to clean/take care of them for so many years but yet still wasn’t able to, hard to say.” Xiao Hua hold her head.

This seventeen forces, there is the Turkic people, Jurchen people, Moro people….. they are the ten cities’ city’s head, complicated and very tricky, their wild nature is hard to tame, so called powerful dragons is unable to pressure the local tyrant, just for this reason.

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