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DOP Chapter 452 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (9)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

2/5 (8)

Tianchen’s King of Yi’s princess consort fell off a cliff. Status unknown. Snow Saint and Ao Yun crowned prince detained in Tianchen.

An interregnum in Tianchen. A new king is appointed.

Tianchen claims that the Chen empire dared to violate treaties by crossing borders and sent out its troops. With their respective crowned prince in Tianchen’s hands, Ao Yun and Snow Saint did not dare to move. Seeing this, Nansong did not make a move either.

Tianchen allied with Huo Jin, who has a big grudge against Snow Saint, and swept across the Chen Empire together.

War was starting everywhere.

It was non stop. Liu Yue listened to everything. She was speechless at what was happening. She had to endure. Afterwards, she will be able to give the entire world to Xuan Yuan Che.

The only ones who can guard their feelings are themselves. They will endure this hardship and trial together.

Right now, she was going to do something important.

Countless amount of carrier pigeons traversed across the sky. Only one, brought a different kind of news.

“I am good.”

Three simple words…… These three simple words were the news that someone had yearned for.

“Chi” A sharp arrow flew through the sky. The carrier pigeon fell as a rude burly person caught it. He pulled the message off of the pigeon and threw it into the fire. He then started to cut the pigeon up while humming a fine tune.

Food could be found everywhere. However, carrier pigeons tasted the best.

In the pit of fire, the news that someone had yearned for quickly disintegrated.

The traces of the four people disappeared just like that. Xuan Yuan Che who was standing above the imperial palace was so close to them and yet, they were ten thousand miles apart.

The four continued to move north. They walked through Ao Yun and reached a grassy plain.

This place was not as warm as Nansong. In the north, the weather was very cold. When the northern winds blow by, one would feel as if they were becoming frozen.

“I hate this kind of place.” Dressed in all white, Yufei frowned as his horse treaded across the grassy plain.

“I didn’t as you to follow me.” Liu Yue was wearing A red leather fur coat along with a red fur hat. She looked as if she was a lump of fire.

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