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Nangong Que and his group of people had just came to Great Jiang City as such he didn't know what had happened at the Qilin Gathering.

On the other hand, Fire Qilin Manor Jiang Shang's son Jiang Junxie and the other people from the three bloodlines definitely knew about what their parents planned for the Qilin Gathering through letters.

For example Jiang Shang definitely told Jiang Junxie about Su Qianyu.

As such Nangong Que probably should know about it.

The king race kids who returned from Yanlong Xu all returned back to their parents with Nangong Que's permission.

Jiang Yunning didn't know what had happened. When she looked at her mother she felt more at ease. She returned to the side of Queen Ruohua, her fairy-like beautiful face was covered in worry.

"Dad where is my brother Qianyu?" Jiang Junxie noticed that something wasn't right, coldly sweeping in the direction of Ruohua with no respect at all.

He was planning for a huge celebration after he returned.

Jiang Shang quickly explained to the kids of the three manors about what had happened. Only then did he find out that Jiang Zizai who everyone looked down upon had such huge changes.

Even Nangong Que heard everything from the side.

His golden eyes were filled with majesty. The gaze that could cause even beasts to yield to him turned towards Jiang Zizai.

Jiang Zizai used the Nine Extreme Dragon Drill Technique to crazily break through during the battle. He then suffered from a stab by Su Qianyu's sword, at this moment Jiang Yuan was helping him to stabilise the fourth Spiritual Orifice.

As for the injury at his stomach, as it didn't injure anything deep in, under Ruohua's use of spiritual medicine it had already stopped bleeding. He would be able to recover in a few days.

The Yanlong Emperor mentioned in the decree that he would send someone over to investigate. What should come actually came.

"Zizai he…" Jiang Yunning heard Ruohua speak about Zizai's performance. All of a sudden her eyes couldn't help but well up with tears. She wasn't shocked but her heart ached.

"There is no need to worry, he just needs to heal his injuries for a few days." Ruohua hugged her only daughter in her arms, caressing her long hair as she said, "It has been tough on you to stay in Yanlong Xu."

"Mother it wasn't tough. I have begged and asked many people but no one was willing to help me. They wouldn't even let me take a look at elder brother." Jiang Yunning's voice trembled.

Ruohua shook her head and said. "What kind of place is the Grand Pirson? How would they let you enter. There are many problems in the family I also couldn't pay attention to you. It is best that you came back."

Jiang Yunning nodded her head and then looked towards Jiang Zizai. Her eyes were filled with a doting expression, "Brother is more useful than me. After so many years of failure you didn't give up. This is great if dad and father finds out about his change, they would be really happy…"

Jiang Zizai opened his eyes and looked straight at her.

Blood was thicker than water, bloodline connected one another. Such a closeness wasn't represented in words. They were two years apart so since young she had taken care of him.

However there was always people who would break such a beautiful reunion.

At this time, Nangong Que and the returning children from the other three manors all understood what had happened during the Qilin Gathering today.

They were naturally all exceptionally shocked about how Jiang Zizai turned around his life. The younger ones didn't know how to hide their feelings as well as the older generation. Many of them were filled with fear and killing intent towards Jiang Zizai.

Purple Qilin Manor went through such a huge change and fell to such a level. This was the best chance for the others. However at that time Jiang Zizai turned around all their arrangements.

Nangong Que was probably the one whose emotions fluctuated the most. The talents of South King Prince Jiang Junjian was already enough for him to be jealous about.

His kids were totally incomparable.

Now he finally had a chance to strike them when they were down so how could he let another genius seed grow uncontrollably into a Heaven Reaching tree under his noses?

Nangong Que had already brought his army over to Great Jiang City. How he was going to investigate was enough to make everyone terrified.

After a short private conversation, Nangong Que coughed and spat on the ground. He then cleared his throat and stared at Ruohua with an unhideable perversion and roughness.

"Jiang Yunting betrayed the emperor's orders and committed a huge sin, resulting in a huge amount of loss of life. Queen Ruohua as one of the closest people to him, I am here on orders from His Majesty to heavily investigate you."

"I Nangong Que has been given a heavy task by the emperor and naturally I must succeed, I will go all out to complete the mission. Only then will I be worth the trust His Majesty puts on me and will I be able to answer to those dead and injured people."

He foreshadowered so much and then laughed, "So from today on I will move into Queen Ruohua's sleeping palace to monitor her movement and actions every moment of time, to investigate her in close proximity. If His Majesty knows that I am so responsible he would definitely be delighted."

As expected, her was shameless enough.

He was always a despicable person and never bothered to hide it. In the entire Yanlong Emperor Dynasty he had a smelly name and everyone avoided him.

There were many people within the Purple Qilin Manor and when they heard those words they were naturally furious and scolded this Nangong Que for being shameless.

He wanted to move into the Queen's sleeping palace and investigate her, just this alone was a humiliation that was hard to bear.

In the dead silence, only the soldiers belonging to Nangong Que laughed out loud.

"Sir Nangong is on orders from the emperor, actually not bothering about his precious reputation to be so responsible to his job, it really makes all of us respect him." Jiang Shang cupped his fists and smiled.  

Jiang Liu on the side kept silent, he was really annoyed. After all this Sir Nangong was obviously his competitor.

As for Jiang Ling from Black Qilin Manor, she smiled, "That is true, after all the wife of the sinner is the most suspicious. It is truly the case of nothing ventured nothing gained."

These words gave rise to another huge laugh.

These people were really good at striking people while they were down and bullying widows and kids.

Jiang Zizai naturally remembered clearly each of their laughing faces.

Of course his mother wasn't so easily bullied.

Even at such a time her expression was unchanged. Under the fiery gaze of Nangong Que, she said expressionlessly, "Nangong Que no wonder till this date I look down on you. If you want to move into my sleeping palace then go ahead. I will just treat it as a mouse which snuck into my home."

As for herself she definitely wouldn't remain there. It was just a living quarters, Great Jiang City was filled with them.    

Nangong Que's face was really thick. He didn't feel annoyed and instead laughed coldly, "Then I am grateful for Queen Ruohua's cooperation. However to investigate the matter quickly from today on you aren't to leave a hundred feet from me."

He naturally knew that Ruohua wouldn't remain in the sleeping palace.

Ruohua's gaze turned even more cold, "That is impossible." He found it disgusting even looking at that person so how could she remain a hundred feet within him.

"You dare disobey the emperor's orders?" Nangong Que retracted his smile, his voice was really cold as he scolded out. He killed many people so his body was filled with a vengeful energy.

"You dare to call yourself the emperor?" Ruohua was even stronger and was not weaker than him.

"Haha!" Nangong Que laughed out and then said to the person behind him, "Bring it up!"

Immediately there would be a group of people and horses who dragged a carriage in front of him. Nangong Que waved his hand and the carriage opened and there was a box which a golden dragon was carved onto. He solemnly opened the box and took out a gold sword from within!

The gold sword was domineering. The sword handle was the head of a golden dragon which was actually burning. The sword body had obvious patterns and it was obviously a totem pattern.

This was a Totem God Weapon however who knows how many grades higher than Su Qianyu's Flying Eagle Sword it was. Looking at the totem pattern, it was like a living golden dragon. As such one could see that its grade was really high.

"Saint Dragon Emperor Sword!"

When they saw the sword, a large portion of the elderly couldn't help but exclaim.

Nangong Que held up that Saint Dragon Emperor Sword,his eyes shot out a cold light and pointed at Ruohua, saying out word by word, "His Majesty gave me the Saint Dragon Emperor Sword! With this sword at hand, it is like His Majesty is here. My orders are like that of his! Queen Ruohua you dare to not follow? I have the Saint Dragon Emperor Sword and I can kill you on the spot!"

He didn't smile anymore and was now extremely fierce and domineering. The sword stabbed out a hundred thousand feet blood. He wasn't joking at all, even the troops behind him didn't dare to laugh at all.

Jiang Zizai had already started to stabilise his fourth Spiritual Orifice the Mingmen Acupoint. He stood up along with his mother and sister. This was the first time he welcomed the sword tip of the Saint Dragon Emperor Sword at such a close distance.

It felt really different!

It was like the Yanlong Emperor had personally descended on the Earth and was standing in front of him.

He felt just like that day when they were facing the decree.

It was a feeling of loss, of one facing a God Spirit.

However today he had enough courage to stand still. Not for other reasons but because there were two people beside him that he would have to protect even if he risked his life.   

The moment the Saint Dragon Emperor Sword slashed out, Nangong Que's aura totally suppressed that of Ruohua's.

"Do you still dare to go against my arrangements?" Nangong Que's lips curled up as he looked at Ruohua.

A despicable person gaining power.

Jiang Zizai knew that he was far from being Nangong Que's opponent.

However seeing him point the sword out, he had swore that one day he would return his all back to him.

However he didn't expect that Ruohua was even stronger than he expected.

Even under the Saint Dragon Emperor Sword she still shook her head, "Shameless fellow, a corrupted despicable person. Even if you have the Saint Dragon Emperor Sword in your hand, you can't change how lowly and immoral you are."


Nangong Que was provoked by these words, finally unable to keep himself calm anymore.

Ruohua's stubbornness exceeded his control.

"Very good, are you asking to die?" Nangong Que broke out into a laugh.

"Stop saying such large words, do you have the ability to take me down?" Ruohua said.

Although Jiang Zizai wasn't at the same realm as them, but he knew that Ruohua was strong. Nangong Que might not be her opponent.

Both of them were above the Saint Body Realm, after all they had each cultivated for decades.

With Jiang Yunting teaching, how could her cultivation be low.

These words made Nangong Que grit his teeth.

That was because he really didn't have enough confidence to kill Ruohua. Moreover to defeat and kill Queen Ruohua wasn't his goal of this trip.

However under the gaze of the public, if he didn't reply then it would be a huge loss of face.    

At this moment he raised the Saint Dragon Emperor Sword and pointed it up in the air and said loudly, "I will give an order on behalf of the emperor! Queen Ruohua doesn't cooperate with the emperor's investigation. From today on she will be sent into the city's Xiongsha Prison, not to take a step out and no visitation is allowed until her suspicions are cleared. If you are unhappy I will immediately report that you are rebelling against the country!"

He wanted to investigate her at close distance was an inapproapriate request. If Ruohua rejected it, everyone would feel that it was acceptable.

However if he wanted to send Ruohua to jail, this was normal protocol and Ruohua couldn't reject it.

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