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“Come into our club room.” Lin Xiaoxin said to Frank, “I just finished the play here, and I haven’t removed my makeup yet.”

Lin Xiaoxin told him the location of the activity room. It happened that the building of Lin Xiaoxin’s club activity room was on the left side of the parking lot, so Frank went in.

When Frank arrived at the door of the club, Frank saw a girl with a round face explain something to several boys. After careful identification, Frank recognized that this is Lin Xiaoxin's best friend, Yao Pan, also known as fat.

“Yao Pang (pang means fat)!” Frank waved and said hello.

Yao Pan, instructing to work of the association, heard someone calling her nickname, looking in the direction of the voice, and found that it was Frank, suddenly she was angry.

“You just want to be fat, you just want to eat.”

“Where’s Lin Xiao Xin?” Frank raised his eyebrows and decided not to provoke this girl, after all, it’s his girlfriend who blew in the pillows to her friend before she got married.

Of course, it’s a girl. If it’s her turn to blow pillows, it’s bad.

“Your girlfriend is inside.” Yao Pan pointed the class behind him. “She is too deep to enter the theatre now. You should go in and serve immediately.”

What is too deep into the play?

Frank entered the classroom with his brain filled with doubts, but could not find his five feet tall girlfriend.

In the activity room full of all kinds of clothing and props, Lin Xiaoxin was not seen, but there was in front a crown worn by an old lady on a high-backed chair.

Why is there hair on this crown? Is it a wig? Frank approached and saw that his own girlfriend was wearing a gorgeous ancient robe and sitting on a chair with a high back. so when Frank first came in, he didn’t see anyone.

So Frank stood behind the chair, then reached out and grabbed Lin Xiaoxin’s face with a little baby fat, rubbed it around.

“Little boy! be careful, why don’t you make a noise when you come in?”

“Wanton!” Lin Xiaoxin suddenly screamed so frightened that Frank almost overturned the chair.

"Give me to the front.”

Without saying anything, Frank hurried to the front of the high chair and Lin Xiaoxin.

“Frank, recently more and more wanton, ah!” Lin Xiaoxin slanted her eyes and looked at Frank and said, “Please don’t come in.” She dares to pinch her face. “Do you want to go to the imperial dining room and deal with vegetable leaves all day?”

“Small mistake, please call the maiden.”

“Yes, yes, it’s a small mistake.” Frank pretended to be a submissive person and thought in his heart as he spoke. Finally, Frank knows why Yao Pan said that Lin Xiaoxin was too deeply touched in the role and that she was not out of the role yet. Her feelings were still in the role and she did not leave the drama.

In other words, Lin Xiaoxin’s association is too unreliable to make a one-meter-five-year-old lady act as queen.

(ps: The ancient queens, queens generally claimed to be also hairpin, which claimed to be more in the Han Dynasty. In general, the self-pronouncement of the sad family in the novel is a novelist’s joke. The purpose is to avoid it. This title has not appeared in the official history.)

“I am thirsty, go and bring me a glass of water.” Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank's promise and was very satisfied, so she slowly opened his mouth.

Pour water. Is there a water dispenser here?

Frank looked up, looked around, and found that there was no water dispenser. Then Lin Xiaoxin pointed to a box in the corner of the activity and said. “Over there.”

Frank walked to fetch a bottle, took of mineral water, and came back. When he stood up, he saw Lin Xiaoxin laughing secretly. Where the play too deep is, clearly is to amuse themselves.

So Frank unscrewed the cap of the mineral water bottle and raised it high. “Come to your majesty queen and drink water.”

“You take it down.” 

Lin Xiaoxin looks at this distance, don’t say that she is sitting, that is, she can’t stand up!

“Small dare not overstep.”

“You won’t bite me anymore.” Lin Xiaoxin said with her cheeks bulging.

“This height.”  Frank saw that Lin Xiaoxin’s head was just a little below his waist, so he reassured said with relief, “Then you bite it, you don’t need me to take off my pants.”

“I, I, I.” Lin Xiaoxin was suddenly outraged by Frank's shamelessness. She stood up and reached to attack Frank's armpit.  Frank had to hand the mineral water bottle to her, and then Lin Xiaoxin began to drink mineral water.

Lin Xiaoxin drank a few mouthfuls and handed the water bottle to Frank. Then Frank screwed the lid and threw it aside, and Lin Xiaoxin took the crown off her head and put it aside.

“How did the queen take down the Phoenix crown? The little one was terrified.”

“I’m terrified of hair.” Lin Xiaoxin stared at Frank, then reached out to Frank and said, “I want a hug.”

Frank listened to Lin Xiaoxin’s words, lost a smile, and then reached out to hold Lin Xiaoxin up.

“What a thick dress you have on you.” Frank’s hands groped at Lin Xiaoxin’s back and felt only the thick cotton cloth.

“Well, it’s especially thick.” Lin Xiaoxin pulled a look at his large sleeved gown and said, “It’s all wet inside.”

As soon as Lin Xiaoxin's words were just exported, she knew that she had made a mistake. This kind of words would automatically change into another meaning in the mind of Frank's big smuggler.

So she hurriedly blocked Frank's mouth with her own fingers and said, "Don’t think crooked."

“I didn’t think about it.” Frank hurriedly shook his head. with blurred pronunciation, he saw Lin Xiaoxin take his fingers back, and then continued, “I haven’t talked yet, you want to crook yourself, you can see you are now more dirty than I am.”

“All are following you to learn pollution!” Lin Xiaoxin said, reaching out and grabbed Frank’s ear.

“You obviously have developed your own dirty attributes.”  Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin in his arms and suddenly kissed her. Then he knocked Open Lin Xiaoxin’s teeth and explored it inside.

But Frank still didn’t fully feel the beauty. He heard a cough coming from a loud voice. Frank and Lin Xiaoxin’s lips separated and turned around and saw Yao Pan standing outside the door.

When Lin Xiaoxin saw her friend, she immediately jumped from Frank's arms and then pointed to Frank without saying anything. "Yao Pan it is all his fault, that is, this bad guy forcibly broke in and intended to be indecent.”

“Come on.” Yao Pan ignored Frank and Lin Xiaoxin. “I will raise a dog’s food, you are both free.”

“Hee-hee.” Lin Xiaoxin hurriedly ran over and hugged Yao Pan. “I’m not waiting for you to give me a portion of dog food anytime. Come on, find a true male, don’t look for our big dirty teacher.”

“I don’t care about you.” Yao Pan pushed Lin Xiaoxin unrelentingly and then pointed to a locker room separated by a curtain in the activity room. “Hurry and change the clothes, I am eager to go back to the dormitory. There was a TV series.”

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