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DOP Chapter 446 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (3)
Translated by: Andy
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Liu Yue stared at Hua Yulong who smiled warmly at her as he asked for the money. Ouyang Yufei was standing on the side smiling like a sly fox.

Such an enormous price…. They were basically swindling her!

Yufei saw that Liu Yue didn’t say anything and became somewhat serious, “I say. You won’t be so petty like that right? I won’t like you do that. You have to repay your kindness. You have to pay back the money. If you’re not going to, then why did I even bother saving you?”

“Vulgar…. Evil…. Master, you’re too vulgar! You’re suppose to be noble and virtuous! You should not care about something so small. Saving a human life is a meritorious deed. Fate brought us together so you shouldn’t ask for any payment. But…This is your temperament…. so…I can’t help it either.”

The annoying chirping sound sounded from the house as a little magpie came running out.
(TL: I don’t know what the heck this thing is. Is it a bird? How can it hold a bowl…. Author’s not being specific :’( )

Ouyang Yifei handed Liu Yue a piece of paper, “We should be the ones discussing this. Surnamed Murong. Pay up!”

Ouyang Yufei laughed loudly without feeling embarrassed. It looked like he had done something like this many times already.

Liu Yue glared at the three of them. She didn’t ask about the outside world but she heard that the day that she fell down from the cliff, Ouyang Yufei and the others were coincidentally there to catch her. If not, even if she has an immortal body, she would not be able to return after falling from such heights.

But now it seems like it wasn’t coincidentally at all. Rather, they helped out because they knew that she was falling down. Did they know beforehand that they can extort her for money?

No way.

Thoughts flashed through her mind while she stayed silent. She expressionlessly looked at the bill.

Good. Not bad. They clearly recorded when she used their medicine and what medicine she used. The price and quantity was neatly listed besides everything.

Each and every item were written neatly on the paper. At the end of each record, her fingerprint was stamped onto the paper. Now even if she wants to disclaim it, she can’t. This is an official document. If they find a lawyer and fight a case, she would definitely have to pay everything.

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