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Chapter 909: Killing the Demon


“Liu Ming” who was chasing was scattered by the black demonic palm.

The demon was startled and turned around abruptly. 6 meters behind him, Liu Ming faded out. He put his arms together and charged toward the demon.


The demon shot a green demonic flame from his mouth and drowned Liu Ming in a flame sea.

But among the billowing green flames, a black mist dissipated. It was another phantasm.

“Dare to trick me!” Seeing this, the ugly demon was furious.

At this moment, another black shadow flashed out elusively behind the demon.

It was the real Liu Ming.

The ugly demon turned his body instantly, sweeping his arm behind like a scythe.

Liu Ming shook his arms and punched twice.

The 1st punch deflected the demon’s arm in the air, and the other punch suddenly enlarged and pierced into the demon’s chest like iron hooks. The attack didn’t stop there as Liu Ming pulled back out the punch quickly.

The next moment, Liu Ming felt a slight heat in his palm. A black flesh was pulled out by his hand, but it wasn’t the demon’s heart, which slightly startled him.

At this moment, the ugly demon ignored the severe pain and let out a long roar. His other arm whipped at Liu Ming with waves of afterimages.

Before the whip phantasm actually hit, a piercing whistle suddenly came from Liu Ming’s ears.

Liu Ming’s pupils shrank. He curved his body and sprang away.

At this moment, the ugly demon was able to stabilize his body. He looked at his right chest with a slightly painful expression.

There was a bloody hole the size of a bowl. Strands of black demonic qi were filling in continuously.

“It seems that I have underestimated you!”

The ugly demon snorted, then he let out a strange roar. A violent demonic qi rose into the sky.

A gust of wind suddenly appeared in the originally yellow sky. The entire sky for a few kilometers turned into a gray-black color in the blink of an eye.

Countless black qi intertwined in the bloody hole in the ugly demon’s chest, and many black-red flesh sprouts grew back. In just a few seconds, the wound was fully recovered as if he was never injured.

Despite this, Liu Ming was still keenly aware of the current aura of this demon, which was a bit weaker than before.

The ugly demon chanted and threw a punch suddenly.


A black gas flew out from the punch and condensed into a four-form monster phantasm wrapped in black demonic flames. It was 6 meters tall and had a pair of black sharp horns and 6 muscular legs. It rushed toward Liu Ming.

Wherever the four-form monster phantasm passed, the surrounding space was distorted and blurred by the demonic flames, faintly causing circles of black high-temperature fire waves.

Seeing this, Liu Ming patted his shoulder with 1 hand, and Che Huan appeared with a flash of green light.

The huge green bull phantasm looked up and let out a long roar. A green wind was shot at the four-form monster.

The whistling sound was loud!

Where the green wind passed, strands of black demonic flames were sucked into Che Huan’s mouth at a high speed. Even the ugly demon not far behind was also affected by the green wind. Some demonic qi around him was sucked away.

The ugly demon was startled, and he retreated a few steps, barely dodging the remaining force of the green wind.

After the demonic qi of the four-form monster was sucked away, its size shrank to 3 meters.

At the same time, the green bull phantasm grew twice as large, and its eyes emitted great light. It opened its mouth and devoured the entire four-form monster phantasm.

“No. This is…”

After seeing this scene, the ugly demon was greatly shocked. After carefully looking at the green bull phantasm, he suddenly raised his hand to open a fissure in the air and entered it without thinking.

Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned slightly, but he also rushed forward with a flicker.

After a second, a black fissure appeared 300 meters more away. The ugly demon flashed out from it, then he prepared to get into the next fissure.

Just when he was about to flash in again, Liu Ming emerged before the fissure with a spatial fluctuation. Simultaneously, the green bull phantasm came out from his shoulder and launched a green light at the ugly demon.

“How dare you!” The demonic flames around the ugly demon were sucked away, revealing his true body. He struggled a few times, but it was to no avail.

At this moment, Liu Ming grabbed his shoulder with one hand and his head with another hand.

With a loud shout, crackling sounds came from his arms as he exerted force.

A “click” sounded!

The demon’s shoulder and head were crushed directly by Liu Ming!

A pungent stench spread along with the red-white matter, and black demonic qi surged out from the neck.

Only then did Liu Ming eat an elixir that had restored spiritual power, then he released Divine Thought to check the headless corpse.

After just a moment, a look of disappointment appeared on his face.

For some reason, this demon didn’t even have a storage talisman. He only found more than a dozen black crystal stones with demonic qi around his waist.

“Could it be that these demons don’t use spiritual weapons in fight?”

After Liu Ming muttered to himself with a little doubt, he took the black crystal stones, kept them in a wooden box, put a seal on it and put it back into Sumeru Ring.

At this moment, in the soul-recovering bag around Liu Ming’s waist, a clear child’s voice suddenly sounded,

“Master, can you give me this demon’s corpse?”

Hearing this, Liu Ming was startled, but he immediately patted the soul-recovering back. A green air rolled out and turned into a boy in green clothes.

As soon as Fei’er appeared, he greedily wrinkled his little nose a few times before showing his true form without hesitation. He divided into 9 and devoured the demon’s corpse.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded.

After Fei’er devoured the general demon skull at Ye Family Col, his strength increased a lot, but he still couldn’t break through. Now, if he could devour this powerful demon corpse, it might help him advance early.

In a short while, almost half of the corpse was eaten up.

“Poof“, he returned to the boy’s appearance and patted his bulging belly with a drowsy look.

Liu Ming smiled slightly, then he retrieved Fei’er back into the soul-recovering bag and launched a fireball to burn it into ashes.

After doing all this, he thought for a while on the spot.

Speaking of which, he was able to easily kill the demon, who was not weak, because of the Che Huan totem. However, he realized that the Che Huan totem could devour the demonic qi, but it couldn’t digest it at all.

After these demonic qi stayed in the green bull phantasm for a while, they disappeared strangely.

It seemed that if he encountered a more powerful demon, this totem might not have such a great effect.

After shaking his head slightly, he checked the map and continued flying in the direction of Obsidian Mountain.

Just a moment after he left, whistling sounds came in the mountains. 7 black wind flashed and appeared on the spot where Liu Ming stood before.

“It can’t be wrong. It really is the high rank totem mystic arts of the human race. This saves me a lot of trouble!”

Among them, a low and rude man’s voice came out from the black wind, accompanied by a few weird laughter.

In the other 6 black winds, 6 figures could be vaguely seen, but they didn’t say anything. No one knew whether they didn’t want to respond to the man who spoke or they just ignores his words.

Immediately afterward, the 7 black winds disappeared into thin air.

Half an hour later, on the side of a nearly depleted lake, Liu Ming was flying on a black cloud at a low altitude.

Although he took a bit of a detour, according to the map given by the sect, this path shouldn’t have too many beastkins here. Not only that, he also got a few unknown spiritual grass and a small bag of blood-red ore.

As a result, after flying so calmly for less than a quarter of an hour, Liu Ming’s complexion suddenly changed. He flickered and hid behind a withered tree below while channeling Che Huan totem to conceal his aura.

After more than a dozen seconds, a dark cloud appeared in the distant sky.

A loud noise!

The sky above the entire lake was suddenly enveloped in a darkness that continued to spread to the surroundings. Liu Ming was slightly shocked.

High in the sky, the black mist slowly dissipated, revealing 7 handsome but somewhat similar men in gray robes. They seemed to be looking for something.

These people seemed to look similar to ordinary humans, but they had a pair of blue eyes.

Liu Ming was startled slightly!

Although there was no black demonic qi around them, he could see at a glance that these 7 were demons. From their cultivation, each of them had reached the Pseudo Pellet State, and their aura was very close as if they were brothers.

TL: These demons seem to want something from Liu Ming’s totem art. Can he escape from their pursuit?

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