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Chapter 910: Coercion

“Come out. There is no need to hide!”

A man in a gray robe suddenly raised his arm and flicked his finger lightly. A spiral black wind was launched at the big tree that Liu Ming hid.


The moment the withered big tree was hit by the spiral black wind, it was blown apart and turned into wood debris.

Liu Ming emerged from the debris in the sky!

At this moment, Liu Ming was holding a yellow shield. He was quickly analyzing the sudden situation in front of him.

This group of demons was obviously coming at him. If it were 1 to 2 people or even 3 to 4, he still had some chances with his means, but 7 demons would be a bit troublesome.

Just as Liu Ming was thinking, a man in a gray robe, who seemed to be the leader, suddenly said,

“You can kill a member of our demons on your own, you must not be a simple character! But it doesn’t matter, we are looking for you not for revenge. Instead, we hope that you will join hands with us to find something from a nearby ruin. After it’s done, you will naturally get your share.”

The demon’s words made Liu Ming, who was thinking about a way, stunned for a moment.

Since the other party said so, it was obvious that these few demons were not the accomplices of the demon whom he killed.

This was reasonable. The area of ​​Thousands Demons Continent was not under the Middle Sky Continent, so there should be more than 1 faction of demons who entered these ruins.

“Join hands? Humans and demons are mortal enemies, are you kidding me?” Liu Ming thought quickly, then he replied expressionlessly.

“Why can’t we join hands? Hehe, it’s different from being in the human realm in this place. Moreover, it did happen before between your people and mine. We find you because we found that you are proficient in totem art which can breach the enchantment of the ruin. You can disagree, but then we don’t have any reason to let go of you.” The man in a gray robe said eloquently. The other 6 people beside him also looked at Liu Ming coldly as if he must agree to it.

Hearing this, Liu Ming was startled.

With his nature, he naturally wouldn’t easily believe the words of these demons, but in such an unfavorable situation where the enemies were stronger, he had no choice but to agree.

“Even if what you said is true, how do I know if you won’t go back on your word after the matter! If that’s the case, I would rather give it a shot now than help you to get the treasure.” Liu Ming said.

“Haha, I heard that humans are always suspicious. It’s really true! In this case, we can swear a blood oath in the name of Demon Lord. We will never break the promise.” He said so without hesitation.

“Demon Lord!”

Liu Ming was shocked to hear this.

According to his understanding in the records, the so-called “Demon Lord” naturally referred to the king of the demon clan who invaded the human realm in ancient times.

Whether it was the demon clan in ancient times or the current demon in the Thousands Demons Continent, they had always regarded him as spiritual sustenance.

Therefore, if a demon clan or a demon swore in the name of “Demon Lord”, it was definitely the most solemn oath. No one dared to violate it.

“Okay, if you really made an oath in the name of Demon Lord, I can believe in it.” Liu Ming said so after thinking quickly.

“Very good, I hope you remember what you said.” The man in a gray robe laughed, then he sliced his wrist. After the black-red blood flowed out, they made a blood oath in the name of Demon Lord. If they violated this oath, they would become the blood sacrifice of Demon Lord.

The other 6 demons in gray robes also swore in the name of Demon Lord.

Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy after seeing this, then he said after a while,

“Since I have promised you to act together, you can now tell me what treasures are in the ruin. In addition, I hope we can discuss the distribution of benefits in advance.”

“Okay! You are so forthright! But I can’t really tell what is in the ruin. We only know that there are many treasures in it. As for the distribution, since we have 8 people including you, then taking 1/8 won’t be a loss to you.” The leader in a gray robe said slowly.

“1/8 is too little! I want one of 1/3.”

Since the other party took the initiative to form an alliance with him, it meant that they really needed him. After some consideration, Liu Ming blatantly bargained.

“1/3 is too much! How about 1/4? It’s absolutely impossible to give you more.” The man in a gray robe said with his eyes flashing.

The other 6 demons around him also nodded and looked at Liu Ming with cold eyes.

“Okay, 1/4 then!” Liu Ming agreed after thinking for a while.

“Very well, let’s hurry. Come with us!”

The leader in a gray robe showed a satisfied look. He flicked his sleeve, and black air rolled out from him.

After a while, a large demonic cloud appeared out of thin air, wrapping all the people and gushing toward the east.

In the demonic cloud, Liu Ming kept his distance from several demons intentionally.

Although they had sworn in the name of Demon Lord and considering that they wouldn’t do anything to him before entering the ruin, these people would not rashly attack him, but it was no harm to be careful.

The leader in a gray robe was a little surprised that Liu Ming was unaffected by the demonic cloud. He asked whether Liu Ming had practiced demonic technique before.

In this regard, Liu Ming naturally brushed him off with a laugh. Apart from admitting that he was a Taiqing Sect disciple under the repeated questioning of the other party, he did not reveal anything more.

Of course, Liu Ming also did not miss the opportunity to inquire about the Thousands Demond Continent and the demons. The man in a gray robe told what he knew to Liu Ming.

It turned out that the Thousands Demons Continent, which was as famous as the Middle Sky Continent, was quite different from the Middle Sky Continent. The most notable point is that the demons living in it were all cultivators.

As for the true demonic qi that was most valued in demonic cultivation, although it was still a very precious and rare thing in Thousands Demons Continent, there were still many channels to obtain compared with the Middle Sky Continent that was almost extinct in true demonic qi.

Because Thousands Demons Continent had “demonic sources” of different sizes. They were similar to the bottomless deep holes. Each “demonic source” would keep releasing demonic qi, among the demonic qi emanated from the “demonic source”, true demonic qi of different purity would sometimes mix in it.

These “demonic sources” that could produce true demonic qi were called “true demonic sources”, which could be described as precious.

The major forces of Thousands Demons Continent were based on these “demonic sources”, and the more “true demonic sources” they had, the stronger they were.

In addition, the difference between the demons and the humans was that they attached great importance to blood. In each faction, only those with pure blood or excellent aptitude could have the opportunity to continuously absorb true demonic qi through the demonic source for cultivation.

As for the rest of the demons with low qualifications, most of them could only practice through ordinary demonic qi. Of course, by completing some sect missions or in the market, they could still have the opportunity to exchange for a small number of true demonic qi. However, it was often a drop in the bucket.

Hearing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but move in his heart. The distinction between core disciples and ordinary disciples in Thousands Demons Continent was somewhat similar to the inner disciple in the section in Middle Sky Continent, but once one was reduced to an outer disciple due to his aptitude and bloodline, it would probably be hard for him to have greater achievement.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but think of the demons imprisoned in the mysterious bubble. A sense of unease aroused in his mind.

The 2 of them chatted about their respective continents while the other 6 demons just meditated on their own as if they didn’t hear them.

Although Liu Ming seemed to be having a good time chatting with this man in a gray robe, he still released Divine Thought to beware of any changes.

What made him quite surprised was that wherever the demonic cloud went, all kinds of beastkins avoided it and did not dare to approach.

After a short period of time, they soon came to an unfamiliar area.

As the demonic cloud dissipated, Liu Ming finally saw the scene in front of him.

What caught his eye was an open flat land. Apart from a mountain more than 3000 meters high above the barren land, there was a huge black hole at the foot of the mountain that seemed to lead to the depth of the underground. The surroundings were a complete mess.

“Someone entered first! But it seems like they have just entered not for long. Hurry up!” Seeing this, the man in a gray robe had a look of anger. He turned around and said to Liu Ming, then he flew into the hole.

Liu Ming’s eyes twitched when he carefully looked at the 300 meters long mark near the mountain.

Obviously, this hole was originally under this mountain, but now it was easily removed by brute force, which showed the strength of the person.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go in too.”

Just when Liu Ming was shocked, a cold voice came from the last remaining demon.

Liu Ming glanced back at the demon, snorted and flashed into the hole below.

The other demons naturally followed.

TL: There are actually ‘friendly’ demons as well? Hope they don’t turn hostile after getting the treasures…

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