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Chapter 812: Abnormality in the Tianmen Convention

At this moment, Liu Ming uttered a long roar, and black gas rolled out. He raised 1 arm and spread his palm, pressing on the green bull phantasm in front.


A black light beam was launched from his palm into the phantasm.

The next moment, the green bull phantasm also roared, and its size immediately grew wildly. After a few blurs, it turned into a giant of 400 meters. It had blood red eyes. It opened its mouth at the blood mist in front.

“Boom“, a yellow light rolled out and swept all the blood mist into its stomach.

Even the remaining dozens of insects were swallowed by the giant phantasm.

“No, it’s the devouring talent; it really is the Illumination God!” When the remaining dozen insects saw this, one of them screamed miserably, then all the insects turned around and fled in all directions.

But Xie’er, Demon Flying Skull, and the young man with a silver car were full of ecstasy, they immediately attacked the escaped insects, bursting them into blood mist.

The yellow light once again devoured all the blood mist.

Even though the hazy blue light, Liu Ming and others could still see clearly, whether it was the blood mist or the insects, they were all melted under the flashing green lights. In just a few seconds, all of them completely disappeared.

In the end, there was only a black ball in the phantasm. There was a faint black mist around the black ball, and it was covered with tadpole-like twisted spirit patterns, which seemed quite strange.

This is……

Liu Ming stared at the ball for a long while. After confirming that it didn’t pose any danger, he grabbed it with one hand, let it fly out of the phantasm, fell firmly into his hand, and inspected it carefully.

“This may be the beastkin pellet of the Hellish-Insect monster?” The young man with a silver car said speculatively after glancing at the ball.

“En, it is indeed possible.” Liu Ming didn’t see anything abnormal. He only vaguely felt that there was a certain powerful energy in it, and he immediately nodded thoughtfully.

The Hellish-Insect Clan looks like Beastkin Clan, and the strength of this avatar has also reached the Real Pellet State, so this should be something similar to the Real Pellet.

Liu Ming kept it away.

The young man with a silver car smiled slightly, obviously not caring about it.

At the same time, the huge green bull phantasm collapsed in a flash; Demon Flying Skull and Xie’er also came in a flash, and they once again bowed respectfully to Liu Ming.

“Thanks for your hard work this time.” Liu Ming nodded to the boy and girl, then he made a gesture, and 2 mist returned to the leather bags on his waist.

The yellow turban avatar also flashed and disappeared into Liu Ming’s body.

Seeing this, the young man with a silver car was slightly shocked. After looking at the messy scene, he couldn’t help sighing again.

“This time, we were able to kill this monster so easily, thanks to Mr. Liu’s mystic art. It just happened to restrain his ability. Otherwise, this time, we would most likely be dead. It’s just a pity that the mechanical flying swords and Fierce Sun Car.”

“I did not expect that a mystic art that I accidentally learned back then would be able to restrain this monster. Otherwise, I would use it at the beginning. By the way, have you ever heard of the Hellish-Insect Clan before?” Liu Ming first gave a wry smile, then he asked with some doubts.

“I have never heard of this. I have never seen the name of this race in all the ancient books I have read. I think it is the same as the Blood Trident Race. It is some kind of powerful alien race in another realm.” The young man with a silver car said after thinking slightly.

“En, it can only make sense in this way. But just an avatar can have such terrifying power. If it was his true body, I’m afraid that in his eyes, we are really just an ant.” Liu Ming nodded thoughtfully.

“I’m a little surprised, why would these avatars of the other realms appear in Tianmen Secret Realm. Isn’t it possible that something happened out there?” The young man with a silver car said with such thoughts.

“Something happened? Probably not. Outside the Sky Palace, don’t say that you and my elders are all there, even the Mystic Comprehending cultivator is also there. How can anything happen?” Liu Ming slowly shook his head.

“Mr. Liu is right. However, we may only know the truth after getting out of this damn place. However, we have already killed him, we still can’t get out of this place. There seems to be a mystery in this place.”The young man with a silver car nodded, then he exhaled again.

“Previously, Blood Trident said that his body is beneath this place. He wants to kill us separately. We can’t just wait. We must try to see if there is a way to get out of here.” Liu Ming’s expression turned solemn.

“Mr. Liu is right, We should do it now.” The young man with a silver car also agreed to it.

Not long after, there was a loud rumbling noise in this space again.

Outside Tianmen Secret Realm, the top of the snow mountain where all the big sects gatherED.

On the luck tablet, the names of Liu Ming, Luo Tiancheng, Peng Yue, etc., who were originally ranked high, suddenly faded.

However, this black didn’t represent death, but it was just dimmed a lot, which naturally surprised many people.

“what happened?”

“How did these people’s names suddenly look like this?”

“Something must have happened in the secret realm, right?”

The onlookers quickly noticed this change, and they were in an uproar.

However, unlike other people’s gloating look, the faces of the 4 ancient sects, Ouyang Family and Sky Beastkin Valley became difficult to look at when they saw this.

Because of these names, they all represent outstanding disciples of their families.

Not long after the fire, the escape light came from the mountain one after another, and they landed on the snow peak. They were indeed the leaders of the major factions in this conference.

It was just that most of these people didn’t have a good face.

Although they were in their respective locations, they had obviously seen this change on the luck tablet through various means.

“People of the Sky Palace, can you explain to me what is going on?” The old man with white eyebrows from the Ouyang Family, wearing a brocade robe, stared intently at the stone tablet. His complexion was getting more and more gloomy. Suddenly, he turned around and asked the man and woman beside the luck tablet.

Ouyang Qian and her sister were obviously key figures among the younger disciples of the Ouyang Family, otherwise they would not send them to this Tianmen Secret Realm.

According to the previous situation, there shouldn’t be any accidents. Now that this odd situation occurred, how could the old man with white eyebrows not be startled and angry?

The others, including Immortal Tian Ge, also cast their glance at the messengers of the Sky Palace, waiting for the explanation of the 2.

Needless to say, the people whose names had turned gray were elite disciples of various factions and sects. If any of them died, it would be a great loss to them.

The two Sky Palace messengers also had an unusually solemn expression because such a situation had never happened before.

“Don’t panic, sirs. This luck tablet is a psychic treasure of our Sky Palace. Since the names of your disciples have not turned gray, it means that they are still alive at the moment.” The man with the bronze mask hurriedly explained.

Hearing this, the expressions of Immortal Tian Ge and others eased slightly.

“Then why did this happen to only these top-ranked disciples?” The old man with white eyebrows didn’t seem to buy it, and he continued to ask in a cold voice.

“Mr. Ouyang is right. You must give us a reasonable explanation!” On the other side, a gentle middle-aged man in a white scholar robe slowly spoke.

“If our disciples died due to their lack of skills, we have nothing to say. However, since so many of them encountered such a change, it means that this matter isn’t that simple.” Immortal Tian Ge who had been silent also spoke slowly.

“Everyone, I can assure you that all the disciples are absolutely fine. And the Sky Palace has held many Tianmen Conventions. We have always been fair and strict; there has never been an accident.” The man with a bronze mask quickly assured.

“As for the change in the luck tablet, we need to explore further.” The woman in the golden robe next to her also solemnly said.

At the same time, the man with a bronze mask turned to the stone tablet with solemn eyes. He made a series of complicated gestures as he chanted lowly.

The other elders were relieved for a while, and they stared at the actions of the man with a bronze mask.

The man with a bronze mask suddenly stopped chanting and spouted a few clouds of essence, then the essence was condensed into a cluster of green flame that went into the luck tablet.

A bright white light gradually appeared on the luck tablet, but the names of Liu Ming and others were still dim.

The man with a bronze mask frowned for a moment, then he took out a black-white strange ball. As he chanted, the black and white color on the ball mixed together.

Seeing this, he raised his arm and pointed at the name of Liu Ming and the others on the stone tablet.

The names of Liu Ming and others suddenly emitted wisps of grey air, and they went into the ball in his hand in a flash.

At the next moment, a bloody light flashed in the ball, then it exploded abruptly.

The man with a bronze mask was startled, and his face turned grim.

Seeing this, the onlookers present suddenly began to whisper.

TL: Will they intervene and help them out? Will the Tianmen Convention be stopped?

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