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Chapter 813: Battle with Qu Yao (part 1)

The expressions of Immortal Tian Ge and others became even more ugly, but because of their identity, they couldn’t question them directly.

“Senior fellow apprentice, how could this happen?” Seeing this, the Sky Palace’s woman frowned and asked her companion with voice transmission.

“I don’t know, this matter is very strange. It has never happened in previous conferences.”

The man with a bronze mask also looked a little unsightly. After a pause, he continued to reply with voice transmission,

“Now the luck tablet can’t seem to perceive the situation of these disciples in the Tianmen Secret Realm. It stands to reason that as long as these people are still in the secret realm space, the luck tablet will be able to sense it. Unless, these people are no longer in the secret realm.”

“How is this possible? The entire Tianmen Secret Realm is isolated from the outside world. No one can be simply teleported out.” The woman said.

The man with a bronze mask was silent. He also couldn’t figure out this matter.

“Is there a result already??”

At this moment, the middle-aged man in a white scholar robe slowly asked.

The 2 messengers of the Sky Palace glanced at each other and had to tell the truth to everyone.

“At this time, even your Sky Palace can’t determine the current situation of these disciples?” The old man with white eyebrows of the Ouyang Family was full of unbelief after hearing this.

There was a commotion among others.

“Everyone, please stay calm. I will send a message to Elder Tianhe. His cultivation is Mystic Comprehending State, so he should have a way.” The man with a bronze mask suddenly sighed slightly and said.

In this Tianmen Conference that I host, there have been troubles since the beginning. For example, the Bigger Dipper Pavilion. Although this isn’t my responsibility, the upper-level evaluation of me will be lowered.

As he said, the man with a bronze mask took out a white disk and whispered a few words. The disk shined with white light, then it fell silent again.

In a dark space.

A bloody monster of 10 meters tall was sitting cross-legged on the ground with eyes closed. The wings behind were closed on both sides of his body. His tail was randomly resting on one side. He was holding a black trident in one hand while making gestures with another hand.

This person was the Blood Trident hiding here!

There were 2 bloody meat balls of several inches in size above the trident. The black air that lingered on the surface was flickering with strange runes. They were swirling on the trident under Blood Trident’s chant.

Every time they rotated, the rune would get brighter.

A soft “poof!“

One of the bloody meat balls flashed and burst open suddenly.

Blood Trident’s glowing red face was suddenly distorted. He spurted a mouthful of blood, and his aura was quickly wilted.

“One of the blood cages is destroyed. Could it be that the Hellish-Insect Clan guy has failed? Really unreliable. Damn, the backlash of the power of space is so powerful.” Blood Trident’s face turned from red to white, and the bloody flames on his body were dimmed down.

The other bloody meat ball also showed signs of instability as Blood Trident was backlashed.

In the mini bloody space, Liu Ming was channeling black mist dragons and tigers to attack a certain flesh wall frantically.

The young man with a silver car on the side channeled a hundred mechanical flying swords to attack, and he released another dozen of giant gray wolf puppets to shoot white light beams.

The surface of the meat wall over there trembled violently, and the entire mini space was buzzing.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and the whole flesh wall burst open suddenly. A large amount of blood came out from it.

They had returned to the original huge space after a flash of bloody light.

Now they immediately saw 2 ginormous bloody cocoons of thousands of meters in the air. One of them had burst open like a deflated balloon.

In the other huge blood cocoon, there was constant rumbling. It kept growing larger frantically.

Liu Ming squinted. Before he realized what was going on, there was another loud noise in the air.

The bloody cocoon that was wriggling suddenly burst.

Under a violent collision of spiritual power, a silver figure, a purple-black figure, and a huge silkworm monster were suddenly released from the cocoon.

These 3 were none other than Luo Tiancheng, the purple-haired man and the monster called Qu Yao!

However, their condition was not very good.

Luo Tiancheng’s hair was scattered on his head. His green shirts were tattered. Half of his body had some gray-black wounds, but they were recovering under a silver light. There was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

Half of the purple-haired man’s body was already bloodstained. There were traces of white silk-like strange objects wrapped around his arms and left leg. Those silk threads were deeply tightened in his flesh. With the great strength of the purple-haired man, he actually couldn’t tear them apart, which showed the toughness of these silk threads.

Qu Yao, who was originally a woman in a yellow shirt, had now completely transformed into a hideous giant silkworm with a length of more than 100 meters and a pale blue and transparent body. There were rows of sharp barbs growing on its back. There was red light flickering in the pair of complex eyes. There were 2 vents on both sides of the bloated head, exhaling gusts of hot air from time to time.

This monster also looked quite wounded. On the icesilk-like body, there were criss-crossing wounds. The wounds weren’t deep, but there was still some green blood flowing out of them.

The 3 of them seemed to be in a lose-lose situation. It was just that Qu Yao’s injuries were slightly minor than that of Luo Tiancheng and the purple-haired man.

Luo Tiancheng struggled to stand up and looked around. After seeing the broken bloody cocoon behind Liu Ming, he was slightly startled. Finally, he turned his gaze at Liu Ming and the man with a silver car.

“Did you 2 break the confinement of the space?” Luo Tiancheng asked weakly. Although he had a dutian spiritual body which was said to be immortal, both his physical strength and spiritual power were greatly depleted now, so his wound recovery was also slowed down a lot.

“The space that trapped us just now suddenly fluctuated for some reason, and it suddenly burst for some reason.” Liu Ming replied faintly.

The young man with a silver car behind him heard the words and did not say anything, but he cast his eyes on the green silkworm monster in front.

The purple-haired man also stood up slowly. A black light flashed, and a black-yellow ghost creature tore apart the silk that entangled him.

As the ghost creature returned to his back, he looked up at Qu Yao expressionlessly before turning his gaze toward Liu Ming and the man with a silver car.

Qu Yao raised her huge head and looked around. When she saw Liu Ming and the man with a silver car standing here alive and she didn’t find the figure of the Hellish-Insect Clan monster, there was a hint of surprise in her eyes. She cursed secretly,

“That guy is really useless. He actually got killed by 2 Crystallization Period juniors.”

The surprise in Qu Yao’s eyes was fleeting, but the purple-haired man and Luo Tiancheng naturally caught this too.

The young man with a silver car glanced at Liu Ming with his mouth twitched, but he didn’t speak. There were various thoughts in his mind.

It is also 2 vs 1. The strength of the 2 sides is actually not much different; the strength of the purple-haired man is even the best among us. The Hellish-Insect Clan monster clearly has equal strength as Qu Yao too.

But the result now is that Liu Ming and I beheaded our opponents while Luo Tiancheng and the purple-haired man are both injured together with the enemy. This result obviously made the 2 look very ugly.

But now facing such a formidable enemy, these are just trivials. Let’s first join hands to deal with this Qu Yao’s avatar.

When the young man with a silver car thought of these, he coughed slightly and wanted to say something. Suddenly, Qu Yao, on the opposite, suddenly pounced toward them while spurting white snow silk from her mouth. The silk turned into a large net that covered all of them.

“Be careful, this silk is extremely tough. It can’t be cut easily, and it’s hard to get out of it if you are entangled in it. It can only be burned with a spiritual fire.”

Luo Tiancheng’s complexion changed. He quickly reminded them while moving backward in a flash.

Liu Ming stepped on the ground without thinking after hearing the statements, and he got out from the range of the silk net. Then, he launched 8 golden sword qi onto the silk net.

Although Luo Tiancheng said so, he still had to test its tenacity with his own hands.

“Bang bang bang“, these silks just slightly shook after being hit by these 8 golden sword qi, then it continued to fall down. It was completely unharmed.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming’s face changed slightly.

While the young man with a silver car flew backward, the mechanical battle armor all over his body flashed with a golden glow; the 3 pairs of golden mechanical wings appeared again. With a flap, his figure already appeared 100 meters away.

The purple-haired man glanced at Liu Ming and sneered, but he did not back off. He had already fought against Qu Yao just now, so he was already confident about dealing with this silk.

Black-yellow spirit patterns appeared on his face, and the hideous ghost creature phantasm emerged with a dreadful howl. It spurted wisps of black-green flames that condensed into a green light beam, hitting the oncoming white silk.

With a burst of sizzling sound, the silk just lasted for a moment in the green flames before turning to ashes.

Seeing this scene, both Liu Ming and the young man with a silver car were delightedly surprised. It seemed that the purple-haired man was right. This white silk was really fearful of fire.

TL: Will Blood Trident help his ‘companion’?

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