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Chapter 809: Blood Trident and Qu Yao

When Luo Tiancheng saw Liu Ming and the other 2, he was stunned by the situation before speaking up.

“Hehe, I told you that your blood prison technique isn’t good enough, and you still don’t admit it. Now that’s great, 4 of them escaped at once.” The half-man half-silkworm woman in a yellow shirt glanced at the scarlet monster and said with a chuckle.

The scarlet monster didn’t speak. It just spouted a patch of blood at the trident.

On the originally pitch-black trident, a bloody spirit pattern flashed faintly, and a strange blood insect pattern was outlined on it.

Afterwards, the scarlet monster lifted the trident up.


On the tips of the trident, 3 bloody lights burst apart after a flash; a bloody light spread all over.

In an instant, the entire space was full of blood, and the meat on the ground trembled once again. Meat fibers were ejected at the remaining bloody cocoons and entangled them tightly.

The bloody cocoons became larger again. More and more thick meat fibers danced around the bloody cocoon.

Once again, all the oncoming blood-colored meat fibers are wiped out.

“You’re… the Blood Trident!”

When the purple-haired man saw the scarlet monster cast a spell, he carefully looked at it several times, and he suddenly remembered something. He blurted out with a pale face.

“Haha! I didn’t expect that in such a small place like the Middle Sky Continent, someone can still recognize our Blood Trident Clan. It’s really surprising!” The scarlet monster immediately laughed when someone called out his origin. It seemed quite proud.

“What kind of dangerous creature is this Blood Trident? You not only know his origin, but you also look fearful.” Liu Ming frowned and asked directly.

“Hmph, more than fearful. If this monster is really Blood Trident, we are pretty much doomed.” The purple-haired man heard that, although his face was very ugly, he still quickly replied.

“At this critical moment, stop stalling us. Tell us clearly.” Luo Tiancheng snorted and said.

“I once obtained permission from the master to read some top-secret information in the pavilion, so I know some information that the cultivators of this world do not know. This Blood Trident Race is actually not a human realm race, but they come from a powerful clan in Bloody Sea Realm. Once they step into adulthood, they have the strength of the Real Pellet State. Even worse, they are cruel and combative. There are many powerhouses in their race, including the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses. Their strength is far above our human realm!” The purple-haired man’s face turned solemn, and he told everyone what he knew.

As a result, after listening to these words, Luo Tiancheng took a breath and looked up at the ugly scarlet monster again with an uncertain face.

When Liu Ming heard the words, he was horrified too.

Demon Mystic Sect’s ugly disciple named Long Xuan also looked unsightly too.

The young man with a silver car on the other side ignored Luo Tiancheng’s words; he just stared at the half-human half-silkworm woman, then he suddenly asked loudly,

“Dare to ask, is senior the “Qu Yao” in ancient rumors?”

“Keke. There is even a human realm junior who knows my origin of this seat. This is really rare! It seems that our Qu Yao Clan made a lot of achievements when invading this realm.” The half-human half-silkworm woman was first stunned, then she said and cast a provocative glance at Blood Trident.

“Qu Yao”


This time, there was no need for anyone to ask anything. Upon hearing Qu Yao’s name, the other three’s complexions changed again, and their eyes fell on the half-female and half-silkworm monster.

When Liu Ming was shocked, he quickly flipped through the information related to Qu Yao in his mind.

Only then did he find a half-human half-silkworm woman in the sky that looked like the ancient ferocious beast Qu Yao that should have been extinct in the human realm.

According to the ancient records, on a certain day in ancient times, hundreds of Qu Yao descended from the sky through meteorites. The place where they descended, not only they caused the multiple places in the Middle Sky Continent to split, the rivers dried up, but also the death of countless creatures. If the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses didn’t work together and kill them all, the consequences could be unimaginable.

Compared with the Blood Trident Race, an alien race that had never been heard of before, the fierce name of Qu Yao made Liu Ming, Luo Tiancheng and others more shocked.

If the Qu Yao in front of him really possessed the legendary terrifying power, how could they be able to resist with the strength of the Crystallization Period?

“Don’t be afraid, no matter the Blood Trident, Qu Yao or the other one, their strength has been greatly suppressed. They aren’t as terrifying as we thought. Eh… judging from their strange body appearance, it doesn’t seem to be their true bodies but more like their avatar or sub-soul. As I wondered, how can these beasts appear here so easily.” The young man with a silver car quickly took out a blue crystal ball after recognizing Qu Yao. After shaking it at the 3 monsters in the air and then quickly launching some symbols into it, he said in ecstasy.

“You won’t be mistaken right?” The ugly disciple of Demon Mystic Sect immediately asked with joy.

Upon hearing this, Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng also looked nervously at the young man with a silver car.

“My mysterious bead is a gift from my grand elder. As long as it has an effect on the target, it will never go wrong. These monsters seem to be nothing more than the early or intermediate stage of the Real Pellet State.” The young man with a silver car heard the words and replied without hesitation.

As soon as these words were spoken, they all were relieved.

The 4 of them could progress until this state, they naturally had strength and ambitions that were far beyond their peers. As long as their opponents weren’t dreadfully overpowered, they had the will to try.

“gege, it’s interesting. These human realm ants actually see through some details of us.” Qu Yao in the air chuckled again.

The faces of the giant centipede monster and the blood fork also showed a hint of surprise.

“It seems that these few human race juniors are not simple. They can see through our current strength. It is useless to talk nonsense, we don’t have much time. You and Qu Yao first deal with the 4 juniors. I will use all my strength to suppress the rest and eat them in the blood prison so that I can recover my blood that has been lost over the years.” Hearing the words, Blood Trident said with a cold snort.

“Blood Trident really is over worried. Although we only have 1/10 of our strength, we can still deal with this Crystallization Period juniors. However, Sir Blood Trident should still split them up, lest I can’t go all out when I want to fight.” The half-human, half-silkworm woman said nonchalantly; she didn’t put Liu Ming and the others in her eyes at all.

Another giant centipede-like monster did not say a word. He just looked at them like picking his own food.

“My body is sealed under this bloody space, so it isn’t a problem to split them up.” After Blood Trident gave a strange smile, he agreed.

Immediately afterward, he shook the black and shiny trident in the air and chanted. Bloody light spread out from the trident immediately.

These blood lights didn’t go at Liu Ming and the others, but they went into the meat ground randomly.

Seeing this, Liu Ming quickly moved back while holding the Thick Earth Shield in his hand, preparing for some surprise attacks.

The purple-haired man, the young man with a silver car, and Luo Tiancheng also held the spiritual weapon in their hands tightly, and each stepped back a few steps, showing their guard.

Although they heard the monsters admitting that they were only avatars, the monsters were still far more powerful than them. They didn’t dare to be careless.

After a few “bangs“, the blood cocoons under Liu Ming burst open at the same time, and a dazzling bloody light rose into the sky instantly.

Liu Ming was shocked. When he wanted to dodge, the meat fibers already covered the space above.

The space around him was tight, and he was dragged into the bloody light.

At the next moment, Liu Ming only felt a blur in his vision, then he disappeared from the bloody space.

The other 3 also disappeared in the bloody light.

In an instant, in the entire bloody space, only Blood Trident was left there.

But after he sneered, he disappeared into the blood mist again.

When Liu Ming saw the surrounding scenes clearly, he found himself trapped in a blood and flesh space that was hundreds of acres.

The hideous centipede-like monster was 100 meters away from him. He was looking at Liu Ming with a ferocious face.

Not far from Liu Ming, the young man with a silver car also stood there with a look of surprise.

The purple-haired man, Luo Tiancheng, Blood Trident and Qu Yao were all missing.

“2 juniors, are you gonna kill yourself or you want me to do it? If I do it, I will slowly bite off your limbs before snatching your luck. When I get back to my clan, you 2 will also make some contribution.” The ugly giant insect moved its countless legs and its long body, then a gloomy male voice sounded.

TL: Real Pellet State? They should have enough strength to fight right?

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