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Chapter 810: Team Up

Notes: Feels weird using “he/him” for the centipede, but it’s weird to use “it” as well.

When the young man with a silver car heard the words, he lifted 1 arm and 3 silver lights were ejected from the mechanical armor; these were 3 hairlike silver needles.

These silver lights weaved into a silver net that covered the insect.

A hint of disdain flashed in the centipede monster’s eyes. He twitched his mouth and spurted a green viscous acid with acidic gas.


As soon as the silver net touched the green acid, it was instantly penetrated.

This acid could actually melt even superb spiritual weapon!

The young man with a silver car changed gesture, and the net collapsed and scattered. 2 silver lights blasted out from it. They bypassed the acid with swift movement and went at the giant centipede’s head from both sides.

The centipede monster’s eyes suddenly turned to both sides at the same time, then he snorted before a gray mist rolled out.

“Bang bang“, 2 silver lights hit the hard shells on both sides of his head without leaving any traces. They were bounced away with a series of sparks.

The silver lights were instantly suppressed, turning back into 2 dim needles that fell from the air. A sizzling sound could still be heard from the needles, and their surface was already rusty.

When the young man with a silver car witnessed this scene, his face looked more and more ugly.

This set of silver needles hidden in mechanical battle armor was real superb spiritual weapons!

Although he just wanted to test the opponent’s strength with this move, he still felt fearful seeing the opponent voided his attack so easily.

It seemed that the green acid of this centipede monster was very powerful, and the shell around him was by no means capable of being broken by ordinary means. It seemed that the other party was indeed at the same level as Qu Yao, otherwise it would be impossible to be so powerful as an avatar.

Seeing all this, Liu Ming’s pupils shrank; his thoughts changed rapidly.

“2 juniors, if there are any other moves, just use them. My muscle gets rusty after being trapped here so long. I can play with you more!” His eyes flickered endlessly while twisting his giant insect’s body. He said unhurriedly.

“Do you have any way to drag this monster insect for a while? If I can get close to a dozen meters within this monster, I may have a way to severely damage it.” Liu Ming suddenly whispered to the young man with a silver car on the side.

The young man with a silver car just glanced at Liu Ming without replying, then he threw out 10 colorful round beads. He chanted and launched several symbols into the beads.

After a burst of blue light and a creaking sound, the beads turned into 10 puppet knights of 30 meters tall and more than 10 giant gray puppet wolves.

These puppet knights were wearing pale golden armors. There was a faint layer of blue light around them. There was a sharp blue scimitar on each of their waists. All of them were riding on the giant gray puppet wolves.

After these gray puppet wolves howled, they divided into 2 groups and galloped around the huge centipede, faintly forming an encirclement with a diameter of 100 meters.

Then the young man with a silver car changed his gesture, and rays of green light shot out from his armor and hovered around him in the buzzing sound.

These green lights were actually 108 flying swords!

Each flying sword was as long as a ruler and as thin as a feather. The sword was inscribed with a series of slender green spirit patterns, which were extremely delicate and ingenious. The blade was glimmering with green lights endlessly.


The young man with a silver car pointed a finger in the air, and the 108 green flying swords violently trembled beside him. After bursts of green light, 10 meters long sword lights were blasted at the giant centipede.

The blue puppet knights surrounding the centipede also clamped their legs, and the gray puppet wolves groaned before pouncing at the centipede. Waves of blade lights were launched from the blue scimitars.

At the same time, Liu Ming immediately made a gesture, releasing black gas from him. He split into 3 phantasms that charged at the centipede.

After the centipede monster glanced at the dense blue lights and the surrounding blue puppet knights, he didn’t mean to dodge at all. He just shook his body, and the gray air around became denser.

The deafening clanging sounds came!

The green sword lights and the blue blade lights couldn’t hurt the centipede monster at all. They could only cause a burst of dazzling lights, but the momentum was still impressive.

However, under the protection of the gray air, the sword lights and blade lights were all reflected away.

The 3 phantasms of Liu Ming took the opportunity and got to the side of the giant centipede. He was about 80 meters away from him.

At this moment, the centipede suddenly turned his head 90 degrees and glanced at Liu Ming with emotionless eyes.

Liu Ming was shocked. Before he could react, the giant centipede suddenly spurted 3 green shadows which disappeared in mid-air.


Liu Ming had rich fighting experience, so he dodged to the side instantaneously without thinking.

“Puff puff“, the other 2 phantasms were eliminated by the green shadows suddenly.

The place where Liu Ming’s body originally stood was also hit by the third green shadow, but it naturally missed.


After the giant centipede made a doubtful sound, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. The next moment, a burst of blood flowed in his eyes. The first pair of his feet pointed at the green mucus, and the 3 green mucus condensed into 3 small green arrows that were tracking Liu Ming.

The speed of the small green arrows was slightly faster than Liu Ming. As the whistling sound came, it was already 5 meters away from Liu Ming’s back.

Liu Ming’s body fluttered again. He launched 3 finger swords behind without looking back, accurately hitting on the small arrows.

After 3 muffled noises, the sword qi was instantly dissipated by the small green arrows, but the arrows were stopped for a while.

Liu Ming took advantage of this opportunity and gestured with one hand. He made two “poofs” and “poofs” behind her back. A pair of silver fleshy wings turned out, just a flap, two ghostly flashes, just three feet away from the giant centipede. Far away.

Seeing this, the young man with a silver car continued to control the flying swords, then he waved his sleeve and released a golden-silver light. It was the 8 golden horses and the giant silver car.

He formed gestures at a faster speed and launched dazzling symbols!

The wheels of the giant silver car spun quickly, and 4 silver wheel phantasms rolled out. The 8 golden horses neighed and spurted waves of golden flames at the silver wheel phantasms, turning them into 4 golden wheel phantasms.

At this moment, Liu Ming made a long whistle, and a sword intent erupted from him. In a flash of golden light, he turned into a golden rainbow.

It was the magical power “body and sword fusion”.

The small arrows transformed by the green acid were burst into pieces after being swept by the shockwave of this monstrous sword intent.

At the front end of the golden rainbow, a cluster of white halo was faintly visible, causing layers of ripples in the surrounding air. Liu Ming activated the star magnetic force of the Void Sword without hesitation.

The face of the huge centipede finally looked solemn. He ignored the puppets and flying swords around him, just staring at the oncoming golden rainbow. It opened its mouth, wanting to spit the green acid again.

However, at this moment, the young man with a silver car stopped chanting, and the 4 golden wheels broke apart instantly in mid-air, turning into a dazzling golden light in the sky like a blazing sun.

The centipede subconsciously closed his eyes under the dazzling golden light, but he still spat a large cluster of green acid.

“Whoosh”, the golden rainbow turned and evaded the green acid, then it flashed past the giant centipede.


The huge centipede let out a dreadful scream. The hundreds of feet were waving wildly on both sides. There was a huge blood hole in the center of the body, and gray blood gurgled out.

In the next moment, white crystal filaments burst out from the blood hole of the centipede’s body. After a frantic dance, the seemingly tough body was minced into fist-sized flesh and fell to the ground like rain.

Not far in front of the young man with a silver car, Liu Ming holding the golden flying sword transformed back from the golden rainbow.

At this moment, although he was panting and his face was a little pale, a trace of joy flashed between his eyebrows. He turned his head and nodded to the young man with a silver car.

The young man with a silver car also breathed a sigh of relief with great joy. After nodding at Liu Ming with a smile, he also retrieved the flying swords and puppet knights.

But at this moment, there was a creepy laugh from the disintegrated body!

“Good, very good! Such a sharp true spirit flying sword, you really have some ability. Although I’m only an avatar, the average true spirit flying sword can’t break my skin at all. But, I will abolish your flying sword first.”

The sound came from a huge centipede head that had long been separated from the body.

This head had already been cut off by more than ⅓, but after closing his eyes, he started chanting an unknown spell.

The minced flesh on the ground started to squirm under the chant.

TL: Now Liu Ming’s trump card is shown, the true spirit flying sword can no longer give the opponent a killing blow. Do they have another way to fight?

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