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Chapter 802: Ghost Creature


The ghost howls kept coming from the silver Hell Prison, which made people feel creepy.

After the howls ended, a burst of loud bang came.

Along with this loud noise, the silver Hell Prison also began to tumble violently; the black-yellow light became more and more intense.

Seeing this, Luo Tiancheng’s complexion changed slightly. An ominous premonition appeared in his mind. He hurriedly launched symbols into the Hell Prison, trying to stabilize it.

An astounding rumbling noise sounded!

A huge hideous ghost creature broke from the sturdy Hell Prison.

As the Hell Prison was broken, Luo Tiancheng suffered the recoil damage; he spouted a patch of blood, and his face turned pale.

Liu Ming was startled. In the green stone square, this man also cast this unknown ghost creature. Now that he looked from a distance, he finally got a clear look of this creature.

There was no hair on the giant round head of this ferocious ghost. The pair of lantern size bloody eyes, that were extremely disproportionate to its body, were staring at Luo Tiancheng. There was also a 5 meters long short tail behind its bulky body.

This ghost creature sucked all the silver mist around while making strange screams, which shocked Luo Tiancheng and Liu Ming.

After this ghost creature absorbed the yin qi of the Hell Prison, its body and strength also grew a lot; its figure also became clearer.

The ghost creature grinned and clawed at Luo Tiancheng.

Since the silver Hell Prison was broken, Luo Tiancheng felt his blood churning. Seeing this huge black claw, he was terrified. He could only cast a thin layer of silver light shield in front.


5 claw marks crushed the silver light shield and hit his breastbone.

A crisp cracking sound!

Luo Tiancheng flew far away and fell heavily. There was a black claw mark on his chest, and a few of his breast bones were broken.

Luo Tiancheng struggled to get up. He covered his chest, snorted and spat out a mouthful of blood, then he chanted. A silver light covered his chest.

After the light faded, his injuries were recovered, but his face became paler.

“Hmph, so what if you have an indestructible body, how many times can you recover!?” The purple-haired man smiled coldly. He pointed across the distance, and the ferocious ghost flew toward Luo Tiancheng.

It seemed a little clumsy, but its speed was surprisingly fast. It left a trail of afterimages as it flew, causing a slight distortion in the space.

At this time, Liu Ming could faintly feel the aura of this huge ghost creature phantasm through the light curtain at such a distance, which was no less than a Real Pellet State intermediate stage beastkin.

The previous ghost creature phantasm released by the purple-haired man didn’t have such a threatening momentum. It seemed that he reserved his strength at that time!

Luo Tiancheng threw out a golden talisman and started chanting.

More than a dozen golden runes whirled in the air, then they condensed into a faint layer of golden rune mist shield.

At the same time, he consumed a bottle of elixir.

After doing all these, the ghost creature had already faded out in front of the golden mist shield and clawed.

An ear piercing noise sounded!

The pair of sharp claws swiped through the mist shield without hindrance, and Luo Tiancheng inside the silver mist was exposed.

“Bang“, Luo Tiancheng was once knocked out again. He spouted a cloud of blood mist while flying in the air.

Luo Tiancheng’s expression changed drastically while his body was flying involuntarily. Seeing the ghost creature still chasing him, he threw a purple-green spiritual weapon behind.

A burst of purple-green light flashed, and the purple-green spiritual weapon opened up and blocked for Luo Tiancheng.


The hideous ghost creature hit this stretched spiritual weapon, causing a tremor in the surrounding space.

Luo Tiancheng took this opportunity to swiftly escape out of the attack range of the hideous ghost creature, then he recalled the purple-green spiritual weapon.

This object was an umbrellshaped spiritual weapon with purple-green light glowing all over.

This small purple umbrella was only half a foot long. The umbrella frame was made of a special material that was neither gold nor jade. There was a pattern of an ancient beast on it.

Liu Ming looked clearly, and he could see 36 layers of spirit patterns on the umbrella, which was a magic weapon prototype.

As Luo Tiancheng changed the gestures, a burst of purple-green spirit began to tumbling and bursts of purple-green light were flickering. As the purple-green umbrella spun, the ancient beast phantasm also gradually became clear.

The next moment, with a roar, the ancient beast phantasm emerged from the umbrella. It was a huge black ape.

The black ape was about the same size as the hideous ghost creature, and it also had bloody eyes. Its body was much more solid than the ghost creature, but its ferocious and tyrannical aura was much weaker than the hideous ghost.

The black ape thumped its chest, roared and charged toward the hideous ghost creature.

The purple-haired man just snorted, then he waved 1 hand and the giant hideous ghost creature also charged forward.

“Bang bang“, ripples appeared in the space. The ape was staggered, but it barely blocked the ghost creature’s blow.

A murderous light flashed in the purple-haired man’s eyes. He slapped his chest suddenly, and a strange black symbol flashed out of his mouth and merged with the ghost creature.

As the strange symbol entered the ghost creature’s body, its aura was boosted to the Real Pellet State later stage. It roared and launched both fists. A small hill-like giant black fist shadow was smashing at the giant black ape.

The giant black ape roared fiercely, crossed his arms and resisted the heavy fist shadow.

“Pong“, the black ape was blown away by the fist, then the hideous ghost creature chased and tore the black ape into pieces.

Luo Tiancheng looked very unbearable, the ape pattern on the purple-green umbrella also dimmed.

This umbrella had obviously lost its spirituality and could no longer be used in a short time.

After tearing apart the black ape, the hideous ghost creature screamed and charged toward Luo Tiancheng again.

Luo Tiancheng quickly put away the purple golden umbrella and flew backward, but the hideous ghost creature had already gotten close with a flicker. It launched the black barbed fist at him.

Seeing that he could no longer run, he launched a cluster of silver dragon and tiger phantasms at the giant black fist shadow.


The powerful black fist shadow crushed the silver dragon and tiger phantasms and hit Luo Tiancheng’s defensive aura without any hindrance.

Luo Tian only felt the heat in his throat, then he spouted bloody; he was once again knocked flying out.

Before he could use his dutian spiritual body to recover and regain his momentum, the purple-haired man appeared in a flash.

His eyes were full of cold murderous intent. He clawed toward Luo Tiancheng’s chest with a faint ghost aura.

If Luo Tiancheng’s heart was dug out and crushed, he would be dead even if he had the dutian spiritual body.

After all, although there were rumors that the dutian spiritual body was immortal, it could only be truly possessed after the owner cultivated it to a higher realm. Although Luo Tiancheng’s recovery speed and endurance were far stronger than those of the same level, he would die if his heart was destroyed.

Luo Tiancheng’s complexion changed drastically. Seeing that he could no longer dodge this claw, he hurriedly smashed the small silver lock on his wrist.

A soft “poof!“

The black claw smashed a green phantasm; Luo Tiancheng barely dodged the ghost claw. He was teleported out of the copper platform in a green light.

Liu Ming sighed in his mind when he saw this thrilling scene.

Had it not been for Luo Tiancheng to smash his luck lock immediately while he was still breathing, he would likely be killed on the spot.

“Hmph, finally got smart!”

The purple-haired man looked at Luo Tiancheng’s fading figure, snorted and changed the gestures. The hideous ghost creature was absorbed back into his back.

The black-yellow spirit patterns on his face gradually faded, returning to his original appearance.

Although he looked quite unsightly with the messy purple hair, he looked much better than his previous look.

At this moment, the green copper platform underneath suddenly trembled violently.

The green copper platforms where Liu Ming and the man with a silver car were located were also shaking at the same time.

The next moment, above the copper platforms, 3 green lights rolled away all 3 of them without giving them a chance to react.

TL: Last 3 left, will it be a 1v1v1 battle royale?

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