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Chapter 801: Fierce Fight

A few muffled noises!

8 of the 9 boys were wiped out by the light spots; only 1 managed to escape from the rolling flames. As he swung his head, dense green hair was launched at the oncoming light spots, and he seized the chance to escape the fatal blow.

But the young woman sneered, and her eyes flickered with crimson light again.


The flames suddenly appeared above the boy in green clothes; a large fireball with a diameter of 100 meters was launched at him with an undodgeable speed.

At this moment, there was a “boom!“

The green figure appeared next to the huge fireball and launched a punch with a tiger roar.

The black tiger head fist shadow punched through the fireball, bursting it open.

The young woman moved the jade pen and was about to launch a series of attacks at Liu Ming, but 5 black mist dragons of 100 meters long charged at her from all directions.

The young woman spouted her blood essence, tapped with the jade pen and drew in the air. In a flash of bloody light, a bloody round halo spread outward in all directions like a sharp blade.

“Puff puff puff!“

The 5 mist dragons were slashed in half by the bloody halo, but it was crushed without effort by Liu Ming’s simple punch.

The young woman in green clothes was astounded. As she made a gesture, her pupils flashed with crimson light once again.

At this moment, Liu Ming suddenly showed a strange look.

Almost at the same time, countless black tentacles emerged and entangled the young woman’s lower body. With another flash, the tentacles transformed into several giant black pythons that bit the young man’s head fiercely.

The young woman was shocked, and she almost subconsciously glanced at the giant python with crimson pupils.

“Boom boom boom!“

The heads of these black giant pythons burst into flames, and their bodies that entangled the young woman also dissipated into black lights.


The young woman in green clothes suddenly realized and screamed in anger.

On the other side, Liu Ming took the opportunity to grab the boy in green clothes and threw him forward violently, then he stepped in the air and charged forward.

The young woman in green clothes could only hear a whistling sound approaching. The boy in green clothes had returned to his giant head form. He spouted ghost flames while launching dense hair silk at her.

The young woman in green clothes wanted to cast pupil art again, but it was obviously too late. In desperation, she had no choice but to block with the jade pen; a layer of black light curtain appeared before her.


The ghost flames burst apart in an instant, and the billowing gray ghost flames made the black light curtain flicker wildly. Under the impact, the young woman couldn’t help taking a step back.

The torrential green hair attack also hit on the black light curtain right after.

After the black light curtain wailed, it suddenly became unstable.

However, taking advantage of this opportunity, the young woman finally managed to catch a breather. She released a crimson talisman, and it burst into flame clouds that overwhelmed Demon Flying Skull in front.

But at this moment, “moo“, a green giant cow phantasm appeared out of thin air in front of the Demon Flying Skull. It sucked up all the flame clouds in an instant.

The young woman was anxious. When she was about to cast another spiritual weapon, the giant green cow phantasm collapsed and revealed Liu Ming’s figure.

Liu Ming smiled slightly at the young woman. Black gas rolled out from his body as a burst of crackling sound came. His figure was enlarged instantly. Simultaneously, another 2 silver arms also emerged under his ribs.

The 4 arms moved and launched dense black fist shadows like a tide.

A loud rumbling noise!

The black light curtain only resisted the barrage for a second, then it broke apart in an instant like a paper.

“I surrender.”

Seeing that the dense fist shadows were about to crush the young woman, she hurriedly admitted defeat.

As soon as the word “surrender” was spoken, a burst of green light emerged from the ground and wrapped the young woman. She disappeared in the light instantly.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was also slightly startled. He didn’t expect this woman could still think of retreating with a clear mind in this situation.

Her ambition is really different!

Liu Ming thought so in his heart. He waved 1 hand, and the Hell Prison dissipated gradually, returning to his body in rolling black gas. Demon Flying Skull also returned to the soul-recovering bag.

After confirming that he was the only one left on the copper platform, he looked at the other 2 copper platforms.

The man with a silver car of the Nature Work Sect was surprised to see Liu Ming forced the young woman in green clothes to admit defeat. After smiling at Liu Ming, he also looked at the copper platform where the purple-haired man and Luo Tiancheng were.

On top of another copper platform.

The battle between the purple-haired man of the Big Dipper Pavilion and Luo Tiancheng had also entered the climax.

Judging from the situation, the purple-haired man clearly had the upper hand.

His purple hair was waving; the black-green spirit patterns on his body kept flickering. He launched punch after punch at Luo Tiancheng, forcing him to step back again and again.

Relying on his dutian spiritual body, Luo Tiancheng wasn’t afraid of the purple-haired man’s attack. The wounds on his body were constantly healing in silver flashes. He released silver dragon and tiger phantasms with both arms to forcibly resist the purple-haired man’s punches.

When Liu Ming cast his gaze, the purple-haired man apparently found that Liu Ming had won against the young woman in green clothes, and a hint of impatience revealed on his face. In a furious roar, his arm was enlarged, increasing the power of the punch by several times.

A loud impact!

Luo Tiancheng hurriedly channeled 2 silver mist tigers to parry the purple-haired man’s punches.

The 2 mist dragons collapsed instantly. The purple-haired man borrowed the impact to move backward; Luo Tiancheng was blown to the edge of the light curtain and was bounced back.

However, his chest was actually dented and there was blood flowing out of his mouth. In the next moment, the dented chest gradually recovered in a flash of silver light.

“Tsk tsk, the dutian spiritual body is really as powerful as in the legend! You are merely at the Crystallization Period early stage, and you can resist this Hundred Fissure Fist that even the Real Pellet State cultivator didn’t dare to resist forcefully. It’s not too late for you to surrender. Otherwise, if I can’t control the power of my next move, I may kill you directly. Haha!” The purple-haired man stabilized his figure, then he laughed wildly as he spoke to Luo Tiancheng.

“Don’t waste your effort, just do it. Otherwise, who knows who will win if we drag out the fight!” Luo Tiancheng quickly took an elixir, stood proudly and said coldly to the purple-haired man.

Through the previous fights, he already knew that the opponent’s physical strength was above him, but with his powerful durian spiritual body, he was confident that he could last till the end.

The purple-haired man was furious when he heard the words. His face became a little ghastly.

With a sudden shout, the endless black-green spirit patterns shined and surged toward the purple-haired man’s fists.

The next moment, the purple-haired man’s right arm had a burst of crackling sound. With a wave, a black-green fist shadow of 100 meters in size was launched at Luo Tiancheng.

Seeing this, Luo Tiancheng quickly made a series of mysterious gestures while chanting.

Rolling silver mist kept coming out from his body.

Amidst a burst of tiger and dragon roar, 4 300 meters long silver mist dragons and silver mist tigers flashed out.


Luo Tiancheng groaned and launched both fists; 4 silver mist dragons and 4 silver mist tigers surged toward the overwhelming gigantic black-green fist shadow.

A loud rumbling noise!

In the air, black, green and silver colors were mixed together, and they rolled violently!

After being in a stalemate for a moment, the black-green fist shadows shattered the silver mist dragons and tigers. They turned into a thick silver mist that spread around.


At this moment, Luo Tiancheng shouted furiously. He changed his gestures while chanting. The thick silver mist formed a sturdy silver Hell Prison, wrapping the giant fist shadow and the purple-haired man in it.

When Liu Ming saw Luo Tiancheng actually use Hell Prison, he shook his head slightly. He obviously was not optimistic about this move!

Hell Prison was not so effective against opponents who were stronger than the caster.

Sure enough, before Luo Tiancheng could make the next move, black-yellow light burst out of the silver Hell Prison.

Inside the silver Hell Prison.

As the purple-haired man continued to chant, a series of terrifying black-yellow spirit patterns gradually appeared clearly on his face.

These black-yellow spirit patterns flickered endlessly, depicting a fierce ghost pattern. His face also became hideous at the same time.

TL: How many times can Luo Tiancheng recover? There has to be a limit right?

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