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Chapter 718: Night Talk

At this moment, a black shadow rushed out from the bottom of the huge palm print. After a flash, he appeared strangely behind the sand bear’s head. He shook his wrist and launched a fist shadow that enclosed a black pearl in it.


Although the sand bear defended most of the fist power with the sand wall that appeared automatically behind its head, the sand wall was still pierced through by the black pearl. It stumbled a few steps forward, almost falling to the ground.

But even so, this giant monster was dizzy for a while.

At this moment, Liu Ming didn’t intend to stop. He clenched his fists, and 4 black mist dragons and 4 black mist tigers rushed out. They burst into a black light on top of the giant sand bear.

It was the Hell Prison.

The giant sand bear panicked after being trapped in a dark space. It roared and waved its giant palm randomly. It also emitted 2 green light beams from time to time, causing the surrounding space to tremble.

Liu Ming had gotten close to the giant sand bear through the effect of the Hell Prison. A silver lightning flashed in his right palm, condensing into a 10 meters long silver lightning spear.

A thunderbolt!

After his arm grew larger, he threw the lightning spear.

He used the lightning power that he collected in the thunder which didn’t have much left.

Even if the giant sand bear was more powerful than him, it couldn’t dodge at such a close distance.

The silver lightning broke through the black light and struck at the sand bear in a flash.

A burst of rumbling noise!

The lightning spear burst apart instantly. Silver lightning arcs spurted out wildly, turning into countless silver sparks that wandered around the sand bear’s body surface. The giant sand bear was instantly paralyzed.

At this moment, Liu Ming grabbed in the air, and the Void Sword appeared with a fluctuation. After a flash, it turned into a golden rainbow that blasted out.

The sand bear screamed!

A green pupil was pierced by the golden rainbow in an instant, and it flashed out from the back of its head. After turning back, it quickly surrounded the giant sand beast for a few laps.

“Puff puff puff!“

The sand bear’s huge body was dissected into 8 segments; its blood instantly dyed the nearby sand into red color.

Liu Ming recalled the flying sword, then he waved his arm; the black light dissipated light melting snow.

Then, he consumed a golden yuan pill. After glancing at the oasis, he walked toward it expressionlessly.

At the same time when the giant sand bear was killed, the giant sand beast on the other side that was trapped seemed to have sensed something. It groaned and launched the thorns all over its body.

Upon seeing this, the fat old man’s face turned grim. He hurriedly manipulated the bronze puppet to waved its arms, protecting the other Sand Clan people.

A metal-like clang sound sounded densely!

The yellow sand thorns were blocked by the bronze puppet’s arms, turning into a large yellow sand mist.

However, the giant sand beast took this gap to escape. It turned into a huge sand peak, fleeing into the depths of the desert with a strange howl.

Seeing this, the fat old man hesitated for a while, and he didn’t pursue with the bronze puppet.

The ordinary sand jackals that were fighting fiercely with other Sand Clan cultivators on the city wall retreated one after another after hearing the giant beast’s howl.

Only the 20 sand jackals that were blocked in the city by Sha Chuer and other Sand Clan people were killed. Some Sand Clan people even wanted to pursue the sand jackals that retreated.

“Now is not the time to pursue, send the wounded one back to heal first. The rest of the people quickly build the sand wall to avoid more accidents.” The fat old man came back to the city with the bronze puppet, and he commanded the other Sand Clan people right away.

Although the sand beasts had retreated, the Sand Clan people still suffered some casualties. 3 Crystallization Period cultivators were dead, and many were still severely injured.

After avoiding the sand jackals that were fleeing, Liu Ming also made it back to the city. Seeing that the battle here had temporarily ended, he looked at the bronze puppet once again.

Under close observation, apart from the size of the bronze puppet, the structure and spirit patterns on the puppet were almost the same as the bronze puppet controlled by Peng Yue.

However, the bronze giant at this time seemed to have suffered a lot of damage under the counterattack of the giant sand beast. There were dozens of new holes on its chest.

When the other Sand Clan people nearby saw Liu Ming, they looked awe.

After all, some Sand Clan people saw Liu Ming beheading another giant sand beast on his own.

At this moment, the fat old man came down from the bronze puppet, came to Liu Ming’s side with a smile, and said,

“I didn’t expect 2 giant sand beasts would come by in this jackal tide. Thanks to Mr. Liu’s righteous move, otherwise our clan might suffer devastating damage. I thank you on behalf of my people.”

“Great elder doesn’t have to be so polite. If these sand jackals really breach into the city, it will be bad to me either.” Liu Ming said with a slight smile.

“Anyway, Brother Liu’s strength is amazing. This time you have helped us a lot. My people and I will remember your kindness. I think you also need some rest after such a fierce battle. After everything is settled, can Brother Liu come to my residence? I have something important to discuss.” The fat old man said after thinking about it.

Seeing this great elder said so politely, Liu Ming couldn’t make any excuses, so he nodded and agreed.

That night, Liu Ming meditated at his residence, slowly digesting the golden yuan pill he had consumed long ago. His expression was very calm when his spiritual power was replenishing.

Suddenly, Tu La’s voice sounded after a series of footsteps. The great elder must be inviting him over.

Liu Ming immediately walked out.

In a moment, Liu Ming once again walked into those seemingly ordinary stone houses. The fat old man had already been waiting there.

As soon as he saw Liu Ming come in, he immediately invited him to take a seat with a smile. He clapped, and a pretty Sand Clan girl served 2 cups of spiritual tea.

“Brother Liu must have fought hard during the day. Please sit down and taste our Sand Clan specialty spiritual tea.” The slightly fat old man said with a smile while holding the tea cup in his hand.

“Thank you, great elder.” Liu Ming took the teacup, and a strong earthy air immediately hit his face, making him a little uncomfortable. But when he took a sip of the tea in the cup, he found a thick fragrant entered his abdomen along with the tea. A warm current flowed into his Spiritual Sea gradually. His spiritual power seemed to have recovered a little.

This really surprised Liu Ming.

“This time, we can repel so many sand jackals and 2 large sand beasts because of Brother Liu’s assistance. Especially the power of Brother Liu’s sword controlling technique, I’m really impressed by you.” After drinking the tea, he said suddenly.

“Great elder has overpraised. My cultivation is nothing in front of great elder. I can kill the giant sand beast only by chance.” Liu Ming said politely.

“Hehe, Brother Liu is really too modest. I invite you over is to first thank you for your help and second I want Brother Liu to do me a little favor.” After the fat old man praised Liu Ming again and again, he suddenly changed the topic.

“Little favor? May I know what senior is referring to…” Liu Ming didn’t show any unexpected expression after hearing the words, but he asked calmly instead.

This made the old man startled slightly. He looked at Liu Ming differently before saying,

“Brother Liu, the bronze puppet I used today has suffered heavy damage in today’s battle. The other damaged parts can be repaired, but the key is that the core component is too old. It has to be placed. Otherwise, it can’t fight in the following battle. Brother Liu should have known that if 2 giant sand beasts appear again, our clan will face extermination even with Brother Liu’s help.” The fat old man said solemnly.

“There is a problem with the core component. This is really not a trivial matter. However, I have a little understanding of puppet, so I won’t be able to help much.” Liu Ming frowned upon hearing this, and he asked with some doubts.

“Hehe, Brother Liu has misunderstood. I’m not asking you to repair the core. I knew that there is a place where there are ready-made puppet core components. You only have to retrieve it for me.” The fat old man hurriedly explained.

“Oh, there is such a place in this Odd Desert?” Liu Ming showed a hint of surprise, but he took a sip of spiritual tea without any further comments.

“Of course, I will not let Brother Liu help in vain. As a reward, I can give you an opportunity to leave here.” Seeing that Liu Ming didn’t speak, the fat old man said with a smile again.

“A chance to leave? In this case, great elder can tell me where to find the core component of the bronze puppet, then what is the so-called opportunity to leave?” Liu Ming was moved. He put down the tea cup and said slowly.

TL: Isn’t it the place where Wind Beastkin and Thunder Beastkin are looking for?

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