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Chapter 701: A Sudden Change in the Secret Realm

Liu Ming and the 2 felt that the surrounding void was suddenly enveloped in gray smoke, and they were shocked immediately.

At this moment, 4 powerful auras rushed out from it.

Through the rolling mist, Liu Ming could see 4 huge puppets guarding the center of the enchantment. In the middle of the puppet was a small altar measuring several 10 meters in size. The altar was covered with bloody mist floated motionless in the air.

These 4 puppets were about 10 meters tall and wore silver-gray armor. Judging from the aura, they faintly reached the Real Pellet State early stage. When the 4 were added together, even Liu Ming couldn’t help being shocked.

But Liu Ming thought about it again, then he flew toward the altar.

Upon seeing this scene, Huang Ying and Kui Mu looked at each other, and they also flew toward the enchantment without hesitation.

4 Real Pellet State early stage puppets were a bit troublesome, but the puppets were inanimate after all. Their true strength couldn’t be compared with a real cultivator of the same level. These 4 puppets should be the last guard that Thunder Beastkin prepared just in case.

4 puppet warriors emitted bright light in their eyes as soon as Liu Ming stepped into the range of the light curtain. They jumped into the air, formed a battle formation and spouted a light beam of 4 different colors from their mouths.

After these light beams merged in the air and turned into a bright light beam of red, yellow, blue and green, it blasted toward Liu Ming at an extremely fast speed.

Liu Ming raised his eyebrows slightly. His figure shook in a hurry, becoming blurred. The light beam only penetrated the afterimages he left, smashing out a large hole in the nearby ground.

The next moment, a fluctuation occurred above the 4 puppets; Liu Ming flashed out strangely.

But before he could attack, the 4 puppets below actually raised their heads at the same time and spouted light beams of 4 colors at him.

When Liu Ming frowned slightly, his figure flickered again and appeared more than 100 meters away; the 4 light beams were still homing at him after a sudden change in direction.

Next, for several consecutive times, no matter how Liu Ming dodged or casting afterimages, the light beams could accurately find out where Liu Ming’s real body was and kept chasing him.

This shocked Liu Ming slightly.

If it was just 1 light beam, he naturally wouldn’t be afraid of it; if the 4 puppets kept launching this beam at him, it would definitely be very troublesome.

Venerable Kui Mu, who also flew over, paused for a while; he also looked uncertain. Obviously, he also discovered the difficulty of fighting these puppets.

Huang Ying’s complexion changed too. As her gaze looked blurred, her figure shook slightly, and she stopped immediately.

At this moment, Liu Ming retreated out of the light curtain with a flash. The lights in the 4 puppets’ eyes faded, and they stopped attacking.

The light beams that were homing at Liu Ming also dissipated at the edge of the light curtain.

Seeing this, a plan immediately emerged in his mind. When Liu Ming turned and wanted to ask Venerable Kui Mu and Huang Ying for help, a yellow phantasm flashed and appeared in the middle of the enchantment. It was actually Huang Ying.

She was holding a small golden ruler.

Before waiting for the puppets to move, a golden light flickered in Huang Ying’s hand. Countless phantasms of small golden ruler were raining down overwhelmingly.

A large light curtain appeared around the 4 giant puppets, blocking the small golden rulers on the outside.

When both Liu Ming and Venerable Kui Mu were surprised, Huang Ying suddenly clasped her hands together with the small golden ruler in the middle while chanting.

As the chant stopped, a bright yellow golden flame suddenly ignited in his palm, and the golden ruler in her hand gradually turned into a ball of golden molten liquid. With a change of chant, the golden molten liquid gradually condensed into 4 golden flying needles.

Huang Ying grabbed the 4 golden needles between her fingers and flicked them toward the 4 puppets.

Immediately, 4 10 meters long golden lights were flashing in the air!

“Pch, pch, pch, pch“, sounded almost at the same time!

The 4 crystal lights shot on the gray light curtain in a blink. The light curtain shook, stirring up layers of ripples, but the light curtain was still intact. The 4 golden needles were bounced away.

Huang Ying’s mouth moved lightly, and she changed her gesture swiftly. The golden needles were ignited with golden flames on the tips. The needles pierced through and light curtain and the puppets unimpeded with a flash.

The chests of the four puppet warriors suddenly burst into golden light. The silver armor that seemed to be extremely sturdy had a fist-sized hole on it. The crystal cores inside were shattered.

The 4 Real Pellet State early stage puppets crashed to the ground as the lights faded in their eyes.

From Huang Ying making a move and easily killing the 4 Real Pellet Stage puppets, it was just a few fleeting seconds!

Seeing this, Liu Ming and Venerable Kui Mu were immediately dumbfounded!

At this moment, Huang Ying grabbed her hand in the bloody mist above the altar, and a clear small bottle flew into her hand.

In the bottle, a drop of bright red blood essence that seemed to have spirituality was circulating in it.

“Sky Beastkin’s blood essence! Fairy Huang killed these 4 puppets so quickly that we couldn’t help in time.” Venerable Kui Mu beside Liu Ming looked happy when he saw the bottle. He appeared beside Huang Ying with a smile without thinking much.

His eyes were fixed on the transparent bottle in the woman’s hand without even blinking.

“Hmph, do you think you can covet the blood essence of the Sky Beastkin?” Huang Ying turned around when she heard the words, and her gaze was cold. At the same time, there was a strong spiritual pressure that was far beyond her previous aura.

Venerable Kui Mu was forced by this pressure for 2 steps. He shouted in shock and anger,

“What does Ms. Huang mean, are you going to break the promise?”

Huang Ying didn’t bother him, kept the bottle and slapped at Venerable Kui Mu across the air.

A giant yellow palm phantasm covering a small part of the sky suddenly appeared above Venerable Kui Mu.

This giant palm phantasm was as tall as a mountain; the golden light was almost condensed into substance. The 1 slap gave a formidable prowess.

Although Venerable Kui Mu had been cautious for a long time, he never thought that Huang Ying would make such a killing move suddenly. He wanted to use escape light to dodge.

However, as the green light appeared on his body, he felt that the air around him had frozen; he was immediately imprisoned by a huge force of the five elements, making him unable to move at all.

Venerable Kui Mu was shocked. In a hurry, he could only raise his head and howl. He turned into a giant wolf of several 10 meters in size in the green light, and he was about to break free from the restraint.

But it was too late.

The huge palm just fell gently, grabbing the giant wolf’s body and squeezing him relentlessly.

“Bang,” the giant wolf’s body immediately burst apart into a bloody mist.

These changes happened so quickly that even Liu Ming was unable to help in time.

Liu Ming looked at Huang Ying with a horrified face like he was looking at a god.

At this time, Huang Ying’s aura was far beyond imagination; it was several times stronger than the strongest beastkin cultivator they had encountered before. It was simply not what he could compare.

He launched the small golden sword from his sleeve, and it turned into tens of meters in the air.

Liu Ming appeared on the giant sword with a flicker and made a sword gesture. He turned into a dazzling golden light that retreated for 100 meters.

It was the technique of sword flying!

“Mr. Liu, although you have concealed your aura and cultivation, how can you hide it from me? You are only at the Crystallization Period, but you have such a strength which is quite impressive. If you can live longer, you may become someone that should not be underestimated, but now, I can only say that it is a pity.” Huang Ying’s faint voice suddenly sounded in Liu Ming’s ears in the escape light. The voice was clear and charming which sounded different from the previous voice.

As soon as the voice sounded, Huang Ying raised his arm and pointed towards the golden light in the distance.


The air around the golden light was tightened; a giant yellow finger phantasm of 80 meters in size pressed down.

Liu Ming’s complexion changed drastically. He had channeled his sword flying technique to the max already, but he couldn’t change the direction in time. In desperation, he could only cover his body with the crimson scales with another layer of silver leather armor on top. Then, he released the black bone shield on top of him to block.


The giant finger phantasm had already pressed on the golden sword light that Liu Ming transformed, and it burst in an instant, turning into a yellow light ball that flooded the sword light.

The 9 skull phantasms that appeared on the surface of the huge bone shield were instantly extinguished by the yellow light, and the bone shield shattered with a whine.

Liu Ming only felt a huge force that almost shattered his body. After a snort accompanied by crackling bones in his body, the golden light on his body faded. His body was falling like a meteor together with the flying sword, smashing a big hole out of the ground.

At this moment, Liu Ming had already collapsed on the ground. The great ape mask was nowhere to be found. His entire body was blood-stained, and the crimson scales and the silver leather armor had already merged with his bloody wounds. There were strands of green poison gas on the wounds. Any slight move would cause a heart-piercing pain in his body. Obviously, many of his bones were already broken.

“Celestial State!”

After Liu Ming vomited a mouthful of blood, he said with a sad smile on his face.

TL: What a twist! She is actually a Celestial State powerhouse all the while! What is her intention in getting the Sky Beastkin’s blood essence? She can’t use it right?

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