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Chapter 675: Wolf League and Totem

The strength of the Wolf League’s members was said to be uneven, ranging from Condensation Period to Real Pellet State. Rumor had it that there were even Celestial State cultivators in the organization, but no one could verify that.

After Liu Ming pondered thoughtfully for a while, he put down the coin. He picked up the communication jade slip and pressed it to his forehead. As he checked with Divine Thought, after a long while, he was immediately moved.

This jade slip was a piece of news from the Wolf League organization that the fat old man received. It mentioned that a Wolf League’s member found a trace of the five light bee in the depths of the Pig Dragon Mountain Range, and this person was now gathering Wolf League members in the nearby area. He prepared to secretly kill the five light queen bee inside to harvest the queen honey.

There was also a map left in the jade slip, and the location to meet up was marked. As long as he held a Wolf League token, he could participate in this joint operation.

After Liu Ming finished reading, he became very excited.

In the area of ​​Pig Dragon Mountain, people often teamed up to harvest the five light bee honey, but due to various reasons, they would be lucky enough to harvest the intermediate grade honey.

But this time in the jade slip, it specifically mentioned that the location of the five light bee hive was very remote, so no one had found it yet. The strength of the beastkin bee inside was also extremely strong, so the honey produced by the queen bee would definitely be of extremely high quality. It was enough to refine a lot of the superb five light liquid.

Since he didn’t plan to stay here for a long time, he could just take this opportunity to make a fortune. Anyway, the Wolf League only recognized the token instead of the person, so there was no need to worry about future troubles.

After some consideration, Liu Ming picked up the bronze slip. As he wanted to check with Divine Thought, his face changed slightly.

When his Divine Thought slightly touched the bronze slip, a white glow flashed on the surface of the slips. In a flash, his Divine Thought was bounced back. It was impossible to get into it at all, let alone reading the content.

A look of interest appeared on Liu Ming’s face. Since this bronze slip was bestowed with this kind of enchantment, it did not seem like a common thing.

He immediately held the slip in his palms. As he channeled his spiritual power, a black gas wrapped the slip. It was emitting a faint light, trying to resist the invasion of the black gas.

“Eh, this seems to be a magical weapon…”

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming couldn’t help but snort. He stopped his action and placed the bronze slip in front to look at it carefully. Sure enough, the surface of the slip was engraved with circles of almost unnoticeable faint spirit patterns.

After he pondered for a moment, he forced a drop of blood essence from his fingertip on it. At the same time, he made a gesture with 1 hand and flicked his 10 fingers to launch symbols into the slip. At the same time, he started to chant.

After a while, a layer of white light flashed wildly above the slip, then it snapped and went out.

Liu Ming was overjoyed when he saw this. He once again released Divine Thought into the slip.

This time, his Divine Thought easily entered the slip.

Liu Ming let out a sigh of relief, carefully reading the contents.

In this bronze slip, it was written with a kind of ancient text of the ancient times. Fortunately, he had seen a lot of ancient texts before from the ancient records, so he could barely understand the meaning.

It took him about 15 minutes to read all the content in it. He couldn’t help showing a strange look on his face.

In this bronze slip, the record was actually the totem mystic arts unique to the southern wilderness area, but it did not indicate any name related to mystic arts. However, judging from the writing, it seemed to be quite ancient.

In the bronze booklet, there was also an image of an ancient beast named “Che Huan”. It was a monster that looked like a bull. Its body was densely covered with dragon scales, and it looked extremely hideous and unusually ferocious.

According to the texts, as long as one painted Che Huan on him and sacrificial refined it with a special mystic art, he could absorb all the beast souls in the world, granting him some incredible magical powers.

Even this totem sacrificial refine to the end, it is really possible to summon a clone that is no less powerful than Chen Huan’s true body.

In addition, this unnamed totem mystic arts also recorded a method that didn’t need to absorb beast souls. As long as one painted the totem on him, it could completely conceal his aura.

According to the description on the jade slip, this method of concealing aura was very mysterious, even the Celestial State powerhouse might not be able to see through the concealment completely.

This made Liu Ming surprised. He was overjoyed secretly.

Speaking of it, Liu Ming had been in this southern wilderness area for more than 10 years, and he naturally had some understanding of the totem mystic arts created in order to imitate the Beastkin Clan’s talent in the southern wilderness.

The power of totem mystic arts mainly depended on the mystery of the totem itself, and secondly, the beastkin’s spiritual blood used when painting the totem.

General low level totem only required normal beast blood, but the totem could only increase a few hundred kilograms of strength, a lighter figure, or a slight increase in physical defense.

According to the nameless totem mystic arts he obtained, he needed the blood of the beastkin from the Real Pellet State at least, and only the blood essence of the beastkin bull could be used. Since the conditions were so strict, it could be seen that this totem must be of a higher level.

After Liu Ming looked uncertain for a while, he thought about the joint operation of the Wolf League to slay the queen bee.

According to the jade slip, the queen bee of the five light bee swarm had at least the strength of Real Pellet State or higher, so those who participated in this operation must also have Real Pellet State cultivation.

Although Liu Ming self-claimed that his strength was comparable to the Real Pellet State, his cultivation was still at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period. In the southern wilderness where strength is respected, if he went there abruptly, not only he would not be affected, he would even be killed by other Wolf League’s members.

After thinking about this, Liu Ming had decided to paint this totem before the operation to hide his cultivation.

But the blood of the beastkin bull above the Real Pellet State wasn’t easy to find.

But fortunately, there was a record at the back of the book. If he only needed to cover up his aura, he could use the blood of the ordinary beastkin bull to temporarily draw a totem.

However, if he did this, the effect of mystic arts could only last for a period of time. Once the time limit expired, the totem would gradually fade, and the power to conceal aura would also be greatly reduced which would expose him to the Celestial State powerhouse’s Divine Thought or even the Real Pellet State.

Liu Ming quietly thought about it for a day and a night at the residence, then the next day, he went to various major shops.

As expected, he went around the markets for a long time, but he didn’t even find the blood of the beastkin bull in Real Pellet State.

Therefore, he finally spent 100,000 spirit stones in a large-scale material shop to purchase a bottle of the blood of the Condensation Period later stage red eye bull.

After that, he went to a forging shop, spent about 100,000 spirit stones, ordered a spiritual weapon with a great ape mask that cut off Divine Thought, and returned to the inn’s secret room again.

Although the blood of the low level beastkin bull could only hide his aura for 1 month, he could only use it temporarily at the moment. Moreover, this operation would start 10 days later, so the duration of 1 month was more than enough.

As for whether there would be a Celestial State powerhouse or not, Liu Ming speculated that it was basically impossible.

As long as the people of the Wolf League were not stupid, they would invite a Celestial State powerhouse to join in this action.

In the following time, Liu Ming sat cross-legged on a yellow futon in the secret room and meditated. After adjusting his state a little, he was ready to draw this totem by himself.

Liu Ming first put the bronze slip on his forehead again to carefully examine the image of the fierce beast inside.

This totem mystic art was not too difficult to draw. He just needed to use the corresponding material to draw the corresponding totem, then channeled his spiritual power into it according to the method recorded by jade slip. It would be effective by then.

Of course, if the drawn pattern was slightly different, it would naturally have no effect.

After half an hour, Liu Ming deeply imprinted the image of this Che Huan in his mind before taking out a jade pen and a white bottle from the Sumeru Ring.

The blood contained the blood of the red eye bull in the Condensation Period later stage.

He opened the bottle, lightly dipped the jade pen into the blood of the beastkin, and started drawing on his left shoulder. Every stroke was extremely solemn.

In order to be foolproof, Liu Ming stopped his pen whenever he was unsure, closed his eyes, and meditated for a while before continuing to draw again.

Since the preparations were quite adequate, he drew stroke by stroke carefully. After an hour later, the outline of a spiritual beast slowly emerged from the left shoulder to the chest.

After more than half a day, a green bull with dragon scales and 4 legs was vividly drawn on its body.

Liu Ming looked at the picture, and he was moved. He compared it with Che Huan’s pattern in the bronze slip repeatedly. After reconfirming that it was correct, he nodded in satisfaction.

Afterward, he patted his shoulder lightly and channeled his spiritual power slowly onto the totem. Under the guidance of his spiritual power, a warm current circled Chen Huan’s pattern according to a specific route.

Immediately afterward, there was a muffled noise!

Che Huan’s pattern suddenly flashed a few times as if it was spiritual, then a translucent green bull phantasm emerged and roared a few times before returning to the totem on his skin.

“It seems there should be no problem!”

After seeing this scene, Liu Ming muttered to himself and kept away the jade pen and the blood of the beastkin bull.

Next, he bought some ordinary beast souls from the market and tried to sacrificial refine this totem.

Unsurprisingly, after several attempts, there was no effect at all.

It seemed that the blood of the beastkin bull was not effective enough to control this totem, so Liu Ming could only give up temporarily.

TL: Will he summon the ancient beast Che Huan one day?

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