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Chapter 668: Superb Five Light Liquid

“Oh, even the superb five light liquid is available, then my trip here is not in vain.” Liu Ming nodded and took a sip from his teacup.

In addition to the spiritual tea and spiritual fruit, there was also a white jade plate on the square table with the words No. 55 written on it.

“Mister, in addition to the five light liquid, there are many other treasures in this auction. Superb spiritual weapon, crystallization period spiritual pill, and even magic weapon prototypes, mister can bid anything you like…”The girl in a green dress stood by and carefully watched Liu Ming’s face, gently introducing the items to be auctioned.

Liu Ming glanced around at the venue while talking to Lu Yun casually. Soon, the auction was going to start.

At this time, there were hundreds of seats in the venue, and all of which were fully occupied. The few people in the front row were even above the Crystallization Period, making Liu Ming couldn’t help taking a few more looks.

Not long after, a man with a square face walked out slowly from backstage, stepped on the high platform and announced the start of the auction with a clear voice.

“I heard that Miaozhong Market is under the jurisdiction of the Green Savage Tribe. Is the direct disciple of Wind Demon Master Mo Jie the emcee on the stage?” Liu Ming tapped his finger on the table and asked while looking at the man with a square face.

The man on the high platform had reached the Crystallization Period later stage, and he seemed to be cultivating some kind of demonic mystic arts.

“Mister is really humorous. Master Jie Luo is a Real Pellet State powerhouse, how could he lower his status to host an auction.” When the girl in a green dress heard Wind Demon Mo Jie’s name, her body shook slightly. She said with a stiff smiling face.

Liu Ming was moved. Although he heard that the direct disciple of Wind Demon Mo Jie was guarding the market, he didn’t know his name. At this moment, he only learned that it was Jie Luo.

While they were talking, 2 brawny men in green armor were already carrying a jade box onto the stage. There was a piece of pitch black ore the size of a millstone in the jade box. At first glance, there seemed to be countless black qi swaying on it indefinitely.

“This is a superb yin attribute ore, demonic marrow ferrolite. It is the best material to forge the magic weapon prototype. In addition, such a large ore is enough to forge 4 to 5 superb spiritual weapons.” Lu Yun introduced gently.

Liu Ming’s face was blank, then he retracted his gaze after a glance.

He was not interested, but not the others. This item was bid by a man in black clothes for the high price of 2.5 million spirit stones.

“Next, a superb spiritual weapon Demonic Bone Rod…” The man with a square face waved his hand, and another jade box was carried onto the platform.

In the following time, pieces of treasures were brought to the high platform one by one. As Lu Yun said, they were all rare treasures. Not only there were superb spiritual weapons, forging and alchemy materials, cauldrons, but there were also 2 offensive magic weapon prototypes.

With the emergence of the magic weapon prototypes, more and more Crystallization Period cultivators could not sit still, and the atmosphere in the venue was gradually heated up.

However, there were still Real Pellet State powerhouses there, so the Crystallization Period cultivators present could only bid for fun.

In the end, the 2 magic weapon prototypes, Wind Thunder Fan and Xiaoyao Bipolar Rod, were bid by the 2 Real Pellet State powerhouses sitting in the front row at a high price of more than tens of millions.

Liu Ming had always been lacking interest in these. He seemed to be indifferent to these treasures which made Lu Yun standing by the side disappointed for a while.

When the auction was halfway through, a sentence from the man with a square face finally lifted Liu Ming’s spirits.

“The next item is a local specialty, five light liquid! It can be used to refine elixir, yun spirit pill, huayuan pill, etc., which can be used to improve Crystallization Period’s spiritual power. Everyone can bid as much as you want!”

With the announcement, 2 brawny men in green armor blue armored men carried a box as high as one person onto the high platform. After opening it, it was filled with hundreds of white jade bottles. There were a total of 3 layers.

Liu Ming looked solemn when he heard the words, and he immediately sat up straight.

“Mister, according to the previous tradition, the five light liquid auctioned will be divided into 3 batches. This batch is the intermediate grade spiritual fluids that are only one step away from the upper grade, but the quantity is also the largest. There will be a batch of upper grade five light liquid later, but the quantity is relatively much lesser. As for the superb five light liquid, the quantity is the smallest. In fact, only 1 bottle is sold this time.” Lu Yun immediately said softly when she saw Liu Ming’s expression changed.

“Oh.” Liu Ming looked thoughtful upon hearing that.

He was aiming for the intermediate grade five light liquid in the auction this time.

But even so, after a round of fierce bidding, this box of spiritual fluids was divided into several batches and bought at high prices by several Crystallization Period cultivators.

After all, five light liquid was a needed material to refine different kinds of elixirs of the Crystallization Period.

“There are not many upper grade five light liquids this time. Everyone, please be prepared!” The man with a square face slowly glanced across the venue and said so.

At the same time, a jade plate was placed on a high platform, and 10 small white jade bottles were placed inside.

The man with a square face picked up 1 of the bottles randomly, took off the cork and tilted it slightly. The Crystallization Period cultivators present were all people with keen eyesight. They could clearly see that there were no impurities inside the orange spiritual fluids.

Liu Ming couldn’t help but be pleased. These five light liquids were obviously of better quality than the so-called upper grade five light liquids he bought in various markets.

“10 bottles of upper grade five light liquid. The starting price is 4 million spirit stones!” The man with a square face saw the fiery eyes of everyone on the scene, and a trace of proudness flashed in his eyes. He cleared his throat and announced the price.

There was a commotion at the scene, and the sound of bidding came one after another. In a short while, the price was increased to 6 million spirit stones.

“7 million!” Seeing this, Liu Ming also raised his hand.

“Hiss…” Many people around secretly took a breath; many of them looked over at Liu Ming.

Increasing 1 million with 1 bid immediately shut most of the people.

“7.5 million!” A young man in blue on the other side glanced at Liu Ming, showing a sneer. He waved his hand and immediately added 500,000 spirit stones.

Liu Ming glanced at him and saw 5 servants in black. Obviously, his status wasn’t ordinary.

He remembered that when auctioning the intermediate grade five light liquids just now, this person spent tens of millions of spirit stones to buy a lot. Unexpectedly, he also wanted the upper grade five light liquid.

“8 million! Who is that person? He seems to have some background!” Liu Ming also bade without a slight change in his expression, and he casually asked Lu Yun about the identity of the man in blue.

“Mister should be careful. The man is Li Huang from the Black Miao Tribe. This person is surly and ferocious. He is also famous for making enemies in the southern wilderness. He will often fight to the death with his enemies, using different kinds of cruel means. Because his father, Li Kaiyan, is a Real Pellet State cultivator, so people rarely dare to provoke him in the southern wilderness.” Lu Yun’s face turned a little pale, and she leaned and spoke softly into Liu Ming’s ear.

Liu Ming noted down this name secretly, but he wasn’t worried too much.

“9 million!” The young man in blue squeezed his fingers with a murderous look on his face, and he looked at Liu Ming with a grin.

“10 million!” Liu Ming still didn’t give up. He was obviously determined to get this upper grade five light liquid.

“Who is this person? I haven’t seen him in southern wilderness before. He actually dares to fight with Li Huang? Where does this fool come from?”

“No, you see that person is unhurried. Obviously, he is also a person with a lot of background, maybe he is from a big family or big sect outside the southern wilderness.”

“Tsk tsk, he is really rich. He can increase 1 million spirit stones for every bid!”

Seeing Liu Ming increased the bid like throwing small smalls to the ground, everyone present also began to whisper.

At this moment, the man in blue had already bared his teeth. After biting his teeth, he gave up on bidding it. However, he was playing gently with the white jade ring on his finger with a cold smile.

The first batch of upper grade five light liquid in this auction was finally bid by Liu Ming at a high price 10 million.

“Congratulations, mister. Do you want to settle the payment now or…” Seeing this, Lu Yun said with a soft smile immediately.

“There should be more five light liquids later right? I can settle the payment later.” Liu Ming waved his hand lightly and said casually.

There was a hint of joy in Lu Yun’s beautiful eyes.

The more things Liu Ming bade, the more reward she would receive.

Sure enough, the next product was another batch of upper grade five light liquid which was also 10 bottles.

With previous experience, Liu Ming just waited for everyone to raise the prices, then he participated in the bidding. Finally, he got them with 8.5 million spirit stones.

The price was a lot lower than before, but it was still a bit high compared to the average upper grade five light liquid.

The previous man in blue unexpectedly did not take part in the bidding this time.

“The following product is one of the hot items of this auction. A bottle of superb five light liquid. Only a small bottle was collecting by killing a Real Pellet State five light queen bee by the join forces of several Real Pellet State powerhouse of our Green Savage Tribe.”

As the man with a square face said, he waved his hand. Soon, someone brought up a small disc. An exquisite crystal jade bottle was placed on top of it, emitting a faint light.

Judging from just the appearance of this jade bottle, everyone knew the item in it was extraordinary. After the man with a square face removed the cork, a golden mist was emanated from it.

Liu Ming was joyful as he smelled a sweet fragrance that was far superior to the previous five light liquid.

“1 bottle of the superb five light liquid. The base price is 5 million spirit stones. Start now!” The man with a square face plugged the cork back into the bottle and announced immediately.

“6 million spirit stones!”

Many people in the audience were here for the superb five light liquid. They were all staring at the jade bottle in the man with a square face excitedly. As soon as the announcement was made, someone immediately made a bid impatiently.

After 1 person started the bid, the bidder shouted one after another. After a few rounds, the price was easily doubled.

TL: Liu Ming should still have 30 million more right? Will he spend all the spirit stone to get it? Seems like he will fight a Real Pellet State powerhouse in the near future🤔…

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