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Chapter 667: Miaozhong Auction

At the same time, Liu Ming suddenly felt hot on one of his arms, and a strange rune appeared on his skin inexplicably. Then, he couldn’t feel and control his arm anymore.

At this time, the yellow mist had already come to Liu Ming’s side. The muscular man waved his mace ruthlessly at Liu Ming.

The black beetles had swarmed from behind.

The 3 actually cooperated seamlessly. Apparently, they often teamed up to fight against enemies.

Liu Ming turned into 2 phantasms after a flash of black light; the giant mace had gotten rid of a phantasm with a gust of wind.

The other phantasm shook and turned back into Liu Ming, and he launched a thick silver lightning arc at the beetle swarm, instantly bursting them into countless silver threads.

After a burst of crackling sound, black beetles fell from the air with black smokes.

The remaining half of the black beetles were obviously very afraid of the power of the thunder. They swirled on the spot, not daring to approach Liu Ming anymore.

As the muscular leader roared, he spouted a bloody light at Liu Ming’s head.

However, Liu Ming’s body turned blurred and collapsed into black light spots.

The next moment, Liu Ming appeared behind the muscular leader. He raised one 1 hand and launched a thick silver lightning arc.

The muscular leader was also alert enough. The moment he sensed a strange fluctuation behind him, he turned around and spouted out a golden spiritual weapon. It spun around and turned into a faint golden light curtain. He also crossed the mace before him.


The silver lightning arc pierced through the mace, and the golden light curtain shattered as it contacted the lightning!

After a burst of ear-piercing crackling sound, there was another loud bang!

After the silver lightning arc disappeared, a huge blood hole appeared on the muscular leader’s chest.

Although this savage tribe cultivator of the Crystallization Period intermediate stage wasn’t weak, he was simply looking for his own death by blocking Heavenly Thunder Spell as an ordinary thunder spell. He stumbled a few steps back with an unbelievable expression, let go of the mace and fell from the air.


A group of black fist shadows broke through the air, instantly smashing the head of the muscular leader. Even the soul hidden in it was annihilated. Only the body fell heavily to the ground.

At this time, Liu Ming retracted his fist and looked indifferently at the 2 savage tribe cultivators on the other side. From channeling the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison to killing the muscular leader, there were only 3 seconds. A Crystallization Period intermediate stage cultivator actually died so easily!

One was still desperately controlling the beetle swarm while the other was still forming the strange gesture.

Before the 2 of them recovered from the shocking death of the leader, there was a crackling sound coming from Liu Ming’s uncontrollable arm. He used the power of silver lightning to regain his arm.

Liu Ming flexed his arm lightly while checking his arm.

The strange rune that originally appeared on his arm was also missing in the lightning.

Liu Ming smiled slightly when he saw this.

Although he didn’t know what kind of spell the thin savage tribe young man was using, it seemed to be full of evil qi. After channeling the power of lightning into his arm, he easily broke the spell.

After all, this kind of evil spell was originally restrained by the power of lightning, let alone the Heavenly Thunder Spell.

“Big Brother!”

The scarred savage tribe cultivator finally came back to his senses. He shouted and appeared beside the corpse, ignoring the dying black beetles that were hit by the Heavenly Thunder Spell.

“You kid, I’m going to kill you!”

When the scarred savage tribe cultivator raised his head again, he roared furiously. He moved his arm again, trying to launch another attack.

But at this moment, a figure appeared beside him. It was the thin savage tribe young man. He grabbed his arm and said quickly,

“Second brother, this person can easily break my spells and kill big brother. He should be a Real Pellet State cultivator. He is just pretending to be a weakling to bait us out. If we don’t leave now, what are we waiting for?”

Then, before the scarred man could say anything, the savage tribe young man smashed a talisman in his sleeve. A blue light rolled out and wrapped around them, turning into a blue rainbow that blasted away. With just a few flickers, it had appeared a thousand meters away.

But how could Liu Ming let the 2 escape so easily? He smiled slightly and released a golden flying sword.

“Body and sword fusion”

After a golden sword light soared into the sky, it turned into a 200 meters long golden rainbow. It pursued the blue rainbow with a twice as fast speed.

After a while, 2 screams sounded in the air almost at the same time. 2 corpses that had been slashed into pieces rained down from the blue light…

After half an hour, Liu Ming continued to move forward in the valley.

The 3 people did the robbery all day long, so their net worth wasn’t low.

Liu Ming looted more than 4 million spiritual stones, some elixirs ranging from the Condensation Period and the Crystallization Period, about 30 spiritual weapons of the intermediate grade and upper grade, and a few superb spiritual weapons. with a total value. The total should be tens of millions of spirit stones.

In addition, there were some valuable materials. Judging from what Liu Ming had seen and heard in the past few months, it seemed that they were used to draw the totem mystic arts unique to the savage tribes.

Liu Ming didn’t take a closer look at the time he was in a hurry. Instead, he put these into the Sumeru Ring and continued moving forward.

After that, he tried his best to avoid some remote routes, carefully concealed his true face and aura, and finally returned to the Miaozhong Market.

In the next 2 years, through refining the yun spirit pill continuously, not only his cultivation was improved by leaps and bounds, but he also accumulated a staggering number of spirit stones. The total was about 50 million spirit stones.

At the same time, the big auction of Miaozhong Market was finally held.

At the entrance of the north street of the central plaza, there was a huge palace-like white pavilion. From the outside, it had five floors. The area of each floor decreased as it went up, showing the shape of a tower.

This pavilion was the tallest and most conspicuous building in the market.

The triennial big auction of Miaozhong Market is held here.

On the day of the big auction, there were obviously more people gathered in the plaza than before. From time to time, people could be seen coming in and out of the white pavilion.

Liu Ming mixed into the crowd and looked from a distance.

At this moment, he was dressed in brocade clothes and holding a folding fan. He looked like a handsome young man.

Looking from a distance, at the entrance of the gate, a guard in green armor stood on both sides.

This Miaozhong Market was controlled by the Green Savage Tribe. These guards were obviously from the Green Savage Tribe.

After a while, Liu Ming walked to the entrance of the pavilion.

There was still a little time before the auction begins.

The 2 guards glanced at Liu Ming, bowed slightly, and let him in.

The current Liu Ming did not hide his cultivation base. It was more than enough to participate in the auction as a Crystallization Period cultivator.

There were many cultivators from all over the world who come here today to participate in this triennial auction, and the number of Real Pellet State powerhouses wouldn’t be less. If one’s cultivation was too low, it was a disadvantage in bidding.

After all, in the southern wilderness, everything speaks with strength; both mortals and cultivators followed the rules of the strong preys on the weak.

“This senior, welcome to our big auction this time!”

As soon as Liu Ming stepped into the venue, a clear female voice came over. A girl in a long green dress not far from the entrance bowed at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming glanced at it and saw that this woman was different from the 2 Condensation Period cultivators outside. She was only at the Spirit Apostle Stage.

Liu Ming hummed softly, then he ignored the girl and looked around the venue.

The space here was quite wide. Hundreds of stone tables were placed inside. Some spiritual fruits, teas, etc were placed on them. According to the needs of the guests, 1 or 2 spacious chairs were placed next to the table.

Before the big auction had started, there were already many people sitting here. Wherever there were guests, there would be a maid in a green dress standing next to them.

As for these guests, most of them were Crystallization Period cultivators like Liu Ming. They all sat crossed with their eyes closed. Only a few looked at Liu Ming, but they quickly retracted their gazes.

“Junior Lu Yun, please come with me, senior.” The girl in a green dress brought Liu Ming to a free seat.

“You don’t need to call me senior. You’re making me old. Just call me Mr. Ye. By the way, I heard that the Miaozhong Market is rich in five light liquid. I came here from afar just for the high quality five light liquid, do you have them in this auction?” Liu Ming sat on the chair carelessly, unfolded the fan and asked seemingly casually while fanning lightly.

“Mr. Ye can rest assured that this big auction will only be held every 3 years. Five light liquid is the key auction item. This time not only a large number of upper grade five light liquid will be auctioned, but the superb quality five light liquid will also appears. “The girl immediately changed the address after hearing Liu Ming’s words.

TL: Can Liu Ming bid all of the five light liquid with 50 million?

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