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Chapter 655: Sword Soul Hall

In the cave house of Fallen Serene Peak, Liu Ming sat cross-legged in the secret room, holding the silver elixir obtained in Small Flame World in his hand.

The elixir was thumb size, and it was wrapped in tri-color flames. Its surface was bright silver. The aura from it was sharp and restrained. Everything was the same as recorded in the ancient book. This was indeed a sword fighting pill, and there were 3 golden elixir patterns on it which meant that it was even a flawless grade elixir. It was much more refined than the one refined by Elder Zhong Yi

Liu Ming carefully held the elixir with 2 fingers and looked at it over and over again. The more he looked at it, the more joy he became. He couldn’t help but smile.

With this flawless grade sword fighting pill, it meant that he had great hopes to advance to Sword Maru in the future.

But needless to think, to use this elixir, he at least needed a true spirit flying sword, and his cultivation must have a certain level.

After thinking about it, Liu Ming carefully put the elixir into the brocade box and kept it in the Sumeru Ring.

After all, he hadn’t even had a true spirit flying sword at this moment; he was still far from Sword Maru. He had to keep this precious elixir first.

In the following time, Liu Ming quietly thought for a while, then he got rid of the distracting thoughts and began to practice on the sword flying skill.

In the previous hard training, he had been able to merge his spiritual power into the flying sword. Then, it was the problem of proficiency.

Liu Ming read through the section about sword flying in Tai Gang Sword Tactics again, then he immediately got up and made a sword gesture.


The green flying sword flew out of his sleeve. It became 10 meters in size and flew under his feet. A green sword qi suddenly spread out.

Liu Ming leaped slightly, landed on the sword body, and made a sword gesture.


He immediately turned into a green light that blasted out.

The space in the secret room was narrow, and the sword flying speed was extremely fast, so he almost hit the cave house wall in the blink of an eye.

Liu Ming hurriedly changed the gesture to turn the flying sword, barely avoiding the wall.

But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he charged toward another stone wall with a flash.

In a few back and forth, Liu Ming and the green sword shadow bumped into the wall.

There was enchantment in the cave house. After this collision, a circle of white halo suddenly appeared, but it was not really destroyed.

However, Liu Ming just stood up like nothing had happened, then he continued to practice.

This narrow space was the best to train the sword flying skills.

As the saying goes, the so-called cultivation has no years. This time, he retreated for full 3 years.

In the secret room of Liu Ming’s cave house, green light was dazzling.

A green sword light was swaying freely in such a small space. It didn’t bump from left to right like before.

At the next moment, a green light dragged out dazzling afterimages, then the green light faded, revealing Liu Ming.

At this moment, he was suspending in the air, and the green flying sword at his feet was buzzing.

However, when he took a look at the secret room again, he was speechless. The walls were filled with cracks.

After 3 years of tough training, he had intimate contact with the walls countless times. Even the enchantment was sturdy, it couldn’t tank against collision for years. It was full of traces of flying sword impact.

However, fortunately, he had finally progressed the sword controlling technique desperately to great success, and he was at the beginner level for the sword flying skill. He was able to control it freely.

After that, he didn’t need to continue to spend his time on training this skill. After thinking for a moment, he walked out of the cave house.

As soon as he came out from the cave house, he checked the Thousands Spirit Mountain map. He then flew toward the direction of the Sword Soul Hall.

The reason why he practiced the sword controlling technique so painstakingly was to increase his chance in challenging this hall.

Before long, a green sword light came to a valley, covered by layers of white fog, not far from Tianjian Peak.

This canyon was very secretive. If he hadn’t found someone to mark the specific location on the map in advance, it would be really hard to find.

Liu Ming confirmed the valley with the map again, then he flew into the white fog.

After about 10 minutes, a green sword light came to the depths of the canyon. An ancient hall that looked very ordinary was located here.

After the green light faded, Liu Ming’s figure appeared.

He put the flying sword away, and he quickly looked around.

On a huge stone in front of the main hall, 3 simple and vigorous blood-red characters of “Sword Soul Hall” were engraved on it.

As soon as Liu Ming saw the boulder, he seemed to feel that his Sumeru Sword Embryo Spirit in the Spiritual Sea felt a little eager to move.

As he was surprised, he immediately took out the grey talisman given by Zhong Yi.

Before coming here, he also learned about this Sword Soul Hall. He knew that there were no guards around this hall, but there was a set of yin yang sword spirit great array. Anyone who dared to trespass would be sliced into meat paste by endless sword qi.

Liu Ming channeled spiritual power into the talisman.

As a result, the talisman was spontaneously ignited. Countless gray air rushed out from it, causing ripples in the nearby void. It instantly enveloped his figure.

At the next moment, Liu Ming only felt lighter, and he was brought toward a certain direction.

After a few seconds, when the gray air around him dissipated, he was already in a gray and boundless space.

“This is Sword Soul Hall?”

Liu Ming looked around curiously, but what he saw were gray mist and gray floor. It was a desolate scene.

“Huh, that’s not right!”

Liu Ming reacted instantly. In these so-called gray mists, bursts of faint sword intent were constantly exuding. The gray mist itself seemed to be a living thing.

The Sumeru Sword Embryo in his body seemed to sense something at this moment, and it immediately buzzed slightly.

With a move of Liu Ming’s heart, he made a gesture and guided the scattered sword intent into his Spiritual Sea.

When the gray air around was absorbed by him, the almost transparent Sumeru Void Sword embryo in his Spiritual Sea had faintly brightened. It began to emit a cheerful hum.

“What Elder Zhong said is really true. The Sword Soul Hall is full of sword intent energy that can quickly restore the damaged sword embryo spirit.” Liu Ming was overjoyed seeing this situation.

However, the freely roaming sword intent energy he absorbed was too scarce. At this rate, it would take at least 8 to fully recover.

The talisman Elder Zhong gave him, naturally, wouldn’t allow him to stay in the Sword Soul Hall for so long.

“It seems that I have to kill the sword souls here as much as possible according to Elder Zhong’s advice so as to absorb the sword intent energy as soon as possible.”

As Liu Ming thought of this, he immediately blasted out with green sword light wrapping around him.

Before he blasted out far, he heard a whistling sound from the side!

A gray light suddenly blasted toward Liu Ming not far away.

Liu Ming raised his brows. He was delighted. He slowed down slightly, launching a finger sword.

According to what he knew before, there were no other creatures in this Sword Soul Hall, only the sword souls condensed by the sword intent energy here. As long as he slew them, he could absorb the pure sword intent energy.

With a “pop“, the green sword qi smashed the gray light immediately, and it blasted directly to the ground without being weakened.

After a blast, a big pit appeared on the ground.

At the same time, a gray phantasm jumped out. In a flash, it rushed to more than 100 meters away.

Only then did Liu Ming see the appearance of the so-called sword soul. It turned out to be light human figure, but its body was covered with a layer of mist. There were 2 inch size lights flickering in its eyes, staring fiercely at Liu Ming.

Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned.

This human form sword soul seemed to have a certain degree of wisdom, and it had become a certain kind of spiritual existence. The sword qi fluctuation it emitted alone was no less inferior to the cultivator of the Condensation Period early stage.

According to the records in the Scriptures Pavilion, the Taiqing Sect ancestor who moved the Sword Soul Hall, had set a special enchantment in order to make this hall a forbidden place for training sword cultivator disciples. In this space, cultivators could only use flying sword and sword skills. Once they used a different skills or spiritual weapons, they would be immediately teleported away.

In this way, he could only use the sword controlling technique to fight this sword soul.

Liu Ming’s thoughts turned sharply. He quickly made a gesture, and a green light blasted toward the human form sword soul.

The human form sword soul on the opposite side also reacted extremely swiftly. Facing the quick green sword light, it retreated abruptly while spouting a gray sword light that was thicker than before.

How many sword souls can Liu Ming kill within the limited time?

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