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Chapter 656: Hong Longzi

Liu Ming snorted coldly, and he made a sword gesture.

The green sword light transformed into a giant green sword. With just a flash, it struck the gray light away, then it surged toward the retreating human shape sword soul.

With a tearing sound, the sword soul was minced into pieces without making a sound. It turned into a gray mist. A fine clear sword qi that emitted strong sword intent fluctuations flow out from it.

Liu Ming was overjoyed. He quickly appeared next to the clear sword qi in a flash and absorbed the sword intent energy into his Spiritual Sea.

At the same time, the original Sumeru Void Sword Embryo that was floating quietly suddenly trembled. In a few flashes, the sword intent energy wandering in the Spiritual Sea was absorbed by it.

After Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought, he could clearly feel that the power of the sword embryo spirit seemed to have recovered a little. He nodded in satisfaction immediately.

Then, he recalled the green flying sword with one hand. As he was about to keep moving forward, another silver light blasted toward him.

Liu Ming was shocked. After seeing clearly, he immediately saw that it was another human form sword soul wrapped in silver light. Judging from its aura, it was not much stronger than the previous gray sword soul.

Behind it, another golden sword light was following closely, seeming to be chasing the former.

As he was about to avoid the silver sword soul, there was a rough voice from the golden sword light,

“The junior fellow apprentice in front, help me stop this silver bastard!”

As he spoke, the silver sword soul had already appeared in front of Liu Ming.

Liu Ming hesitated in his heart. Finally, he pointed, and the green flying sword under his feet flashed out again, turning into a huge sword light. 8 green sword shadows were launched at once, sealing off the escape route of the sword soul.


The silver sword soul seemed to be irritated by Liu Ming’s sudden move. It roared with a burst of silver light.

The next moment, “puff puff puff“, the green sword shadows hit the silver escape light!

Liu Ming was surprised by a strange scene!

The silver escape light only flashed wildly a few times before calming down, but the green sword shadows shattered one after another.

But even so, its speed was slowed slightly. Seizing this opportunity, a dazzling golden light had already caught up.

There was still a dozen 10 meters away from the golden sword light, but Liu Ming felt a hot air wave rushing toward his face. He immediately retreated in shock.

The silver sword soul was in the attack range of the golden sword light. As it was unable to retreat, it groaned and stopped. In the silver light, it waves its arms, launching numerous silver sword qi at the golden light.

Golden and silver light entangled together in the collision.

At this time, Liu Ming had already retreated 300 meters away. He didn’t intend to intervene.

In the end, the result was out in just a few seconds. Although the silver sword soul was powerful, it was just also equivalent to the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period cultivator. The sword intent contained in the golden sword light was of a Real Pellet State powerhouse. Their strength was on different levels.

The silver sword soul barely resisted 2 hits, then it was slashed in half by the golden sword light. It burst into 2 sticky silver mist.

In the mist, there was faintly a clear crystal sword intent energy. The fluctuations that it emitted were 8 times stronger than the gray sword intent he had absorbed before.

Liu Ming couldn’t help being envious seeing that.

At this moment, the golden sword light suddenly turned back and turned into a lifelike golden snake. As it opened and closed, the clear sword intent and the silver mist were swallowed before dissipating.

Immediately, all the golden light was retrieved, turning back into a golden flying sword as thin as a cicada’s wings. On the flying sword stood a muscular man with a curled beard.

Liu Ming’s eyes twitched slightly. The aura that this muscular man exuded was surprisingly similar to Yin Jiuling and other inner door peak masters. It was really a sword cultivator powerhouse of Real Pellet State. It seemed that he was most likely an esoteric disciple.

“Haha, I’m Hong Longzi of the Futu Palace. Thank thank you for your help just now. Junior fellow apprentice should be an inner disciple. You are able to enter this place now. You must be extraordinary. May I know your name?” After the muscular man with a curled beard absorbed a pure sword intent, he was in a good mood. He cupped his fist and said with forthright.

“Senior fellow apprentice is polite. I’m Liu Ming from the Fallen Serene Peak.” Liu Ming was moved in his heart, and he quickly paid his respect.

The muscular man was most likely an esoteric disciple of Real Pellet State, but he didn’t look arrogant at all.

“Oh, Fallen Serene Peak? As far as I know, among the inner disciples, most of the cultivators who practice the flying sword technique are from Tianjian Peak. I also started in the Tianjian Peak. I didn’t expect the Fallen Serene Peak that is major in ghost technique would have a sword cultivator. Eh… junior fellow apprentice seems to be practicing Tai Gang Sword Tactics?” The muscular man with a curled beard laughed at first, then he let out a soft eh.

“Senior fellow apprentice really has good eyesight. I got to practice this esoteric sword technique by chance.” An inner disciple practicing Tai Gang Sword Tactics was a little questionable, but this matter had been approved by the Law Enforcement Hall. He didn’t have to deliberately cover it up.

“En, Tai Gang Sword Tactics is not simple… But having said that, most sword cultivators like us are relying on this flying sword. I had a fierce battle with a strong enemy a few days ago, which caused this golden fairy sword to be spiritually damaged. So, I came here to slay some sword souls to nourish this flying sword. Since Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is here, why not act together with me?” The muscular man with a curled beard didn’t seem to mind Liu Ming practicing Tai Gang Sword Tactics. Instead, he invited warmly.

Liu Ming thought quickly hearing that.

He came to Sword Soul Hall for the first time, so he was not very familiar with everything here. It was naturally much safer to follow Hong Longzi, and he could also inquire about the sword soul along the way.

After all, judging from the 2 sword souls he just met, the sword souls here were also divided into several levels, and their strengths were very different.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming nodded and said,

“Then, thanks for senior fellow apprentice taking care of me.”

“No need to be polite. I just enjoy having someone to accompany me. I wandered around in this Sword Soul Hall alone for several days, I’m almost suffocated.” The muscular man with a curled beard grinned again when Liu Ming agreed.

In the following time, the 2 acted together.

The internal space of Sword Soul Hall was a different world, which was somewhat similar to Small Flame World. But except for the wasteland, it was the desert. Except for the occasional hillsides, it was an endless horizon. It was very monotonous. No wonder Hong Longzi was about to suffocate.

Hong Longzi’s cultivation was high, but he wasn’t arrogant. He was exceptionally forthright. When encountering some gray sword souls, he let Liu Ming finish them while he gave some suggestions from the side. When encountering some silver sword souls, he would crush them with a few moves. He would also give some sword intent energy to Liu Ming.

During the journey, Liu Ming also took the opportunity to inquire about a lot of sword souls.

It turned out that the sword souls here were divided into 3 levels; gray color, silver color and gold color.

As Liu Ming estimated, the strengths of these 3 levels of sword souls were also different. The gray sword soul was equivalent to the Condensation Period cultivator, the silver sword soul was equivalent to the Crystallization Period cultivator, and the highest-class golden sword soul was more powerful. It was actually at the Pseudo Pellet State. Considering the special environment of Sword Soul Hall, it wouldn’t be at a disadvantage even when facing Real Pellet State’s cultivator.

Fortunately, this golden sword soul was extremely rare, and most of them wander in the depths of the Sword Soul Hall. They generally would not appear here.

Of course, the sword intent energy contained in the golden sword soul was the most, silver was the second, and gray was the least.

After more than 10 days.

On a hillside in a wasteland, a green sword light of 10 meters was dancing around a silver human form sword soul. Slightly small sword lights were launched from time to time.

The silver sword soul roared and condensed waves of silver sword light to protect itself from the green sword light.

At the same time, Hong Longzi just watched from afar, seemingly not intending to help.

After 15 minutes, the silver sword light around the sword soul was about to collapse under the constant attack.

In the green sword light, Liu Ming was delighted. He seized an opening and launched a spiral sword qi.


The spiral sword qi hit the silver human form sword soul straight on its chest!

After the silver sword soul uttered a miserable cry, it immediately turned into silver sword light and tried to flee.

The green flying sword transformed into several sword circles. Dozens of flying sword phantasms appeared at the same time around the silver sword soul that had just flown several 10 meters and struck down.

There was a crisp sound!

The silver sword soul was slashed into several segments and turned into clusters of silver sword intent energy. They were all sucked by the green sword light.

Among them, the thick sword soul strand (named by Hong Longzi) greatly nourished the invisible sword embryo spirit in Liu Ming’s body.

“Great! Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu’s sword controlling technique is really getting more and more sophisticated. You seem to be able to deal with the sword soul of the same level without any problem.” Hong Longzi appeared near Liu Ming in a flash, then he complimented loudly.

Will they fight against the golden sword soul in this place?

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