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Chapter 512: Deep Into the Cool Pool

A loud noise of “papapa“!

The densely packed icicles kept hitting the umbrellshaped shield. Even with the injection of spiritual power, the shield also quickly dimmed and trembled.

To make the matter worse, the blue glow of the small flag was originally water attribute. When encountering this extremely cold icicle, it was invaded by the cold air instead. It gradually condensed into ice and collapsed.

A crisp sound came, and the protective shield shattered like a spiderweb.

Jin Yuhuan’s face turned pale.

At this moment, a golden light flashed out. The sand curtain formed by Golden Fallen Sand appeared in front of the female cultivator, blocking the icicle’s attack at the last minute.

Immediately afterward, a figure appeared in front of the woman. He bent his fingers, and the sand curtain condensed into a golden big hand. As it clawed, it shattered the remaining icicles, turning them into crystal light rain.

“Thank you, Brother Liu!”

Jin Yuhuan glanced at the person in front of her and said quickly with joy.

If Liu Ming hadn’t appeared in time, even if she wouldn’t be killed on the spot, she would definitely suffer serious damage.

Liu Ming didn’t answer Jin Yuhuan. Instead, his eyes flashed a hint of ruthlessness. While continuing channeling Golden Fallen Sand to resist the ice rain, he kept making sword gestures.

The crimson flying sword blurred in midair, turning into a shocking rainbow. It flashed and appeared before the icesilk’s head.

The green light flashed in icesilk’s eyes, and the water cloud above its head rolled down with a burst of white light. It shot out countless icicles again, and the icicles burst apart in contact with the crimson sword light, forming layers of ice crystal to stop the falling of the sword light.


Seeing this, Liu Ming groaned. He flicked his sleeve, and the Golden Fallen Sand became fuzzy as it clawed at the icesilk.

The beast was shocked. As the black spots and green lights flashed on the surface of its body, it launched a thick light beam at the golden big hand.

It burst open with a “bang“. Before the golden big hand touched the light beam, it burst into a sky full of golden light. Countless golden light blasted at the icesilk.

At such close range, even the mysterious protective mystic art of this beast could only withstand some of the golden light.

“Puff puff puff” a burst of such sound came one after another. Several strands of green blood shot out from icesilk’s huge head immediately; several finger-sized holes were pierced open.

The beastkin insect screamed while shaking its head crazily. The water cloud on top of its head also tumbled in response to that. It couldn’t maintain its stability anymore.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed ruthlessly. He pointed a finger in the air.

The water cloud burst open, rolling up a cold wind mixed with ice crystals and sweeping away.

The crimson flying sword blasted down in a crimson light. After a flicker, it went through the icesilk’s head at extreme speed.

After icesilk’s body stiffened, its green eyes lost its brilliance. Its body fell dead to the ground

At this time, Liu Ming waved with one hand, and the crimson flying sword came out of the icesilk corpse and flew back into his big sleeve in a flash.

“Finally… finally, we killed it! To be able to kill this icesilk, it all depends on senior fellow apprentice’s effort!” As Jin Yuhuan saw this, she was unable to hide her ecstasy. She spoke politely to Liu Ming.

From the moment Liu Ming rescuing her to killing this icesilk with a swift move, it was just a few seconds. The woman couldn’t assist at all.

Obviously, with the power of Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, he could even deal with this beastkin by himself.

“Miss Jin is being polite. Now that I signed the contract, I naturally should do all these.” Liu Ming smiled slightly. After shaking his sleeve, he retrieved the Golden Fallen Sand.

Then he took a few steps next to icesilk’s corpse and grabbed in the air with one hand.

“Swoosh“, a fist-sized crystal core flew out of the corpse and fell into his hands.

After looking at it twice, he kept it away. He then took out a storage talisman and launched a symbol at it.

A white light flashed!

Icesilk’s thirty meters long corpse, along with the silk around it, were all gone.

This icesilk had been cultivating in this cool pool for a long time, so it must be a rare beastkin insect. Its corpse was naturally an excellent material. Liu Ming of course wouldn’t let the benefit slip away.

Jin Yuhuan had no opinion on this.

After all, Liu Ming almost killed this icesilk by himself. Once the insect was dead, she could also retrieve the treasure left by her ancestors.

“Well, do you and I enter the cool pool to get treasure now?” Liu Ming turned around and asked.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, please wait a moment. I consumed too much spiritual power in the battle just now. I need some time to recover.” Jin Yuhuan said with a flushed face.

“Alright, I also want to restore spiritual power.” Liu Ming nodded, then he walked to the side and sat down cross-legged. He took out two spirit stones and started to recover.

As Jin Yuhuan saw this, her eyes flickered a few times. After taking a light sigh, she also found a corner, took out an elixir, consumed it , and started to adjust her breath.

After an hour.

Near the cool pool, Liu Ming and two were standing quietly beside the water pool.

After some rest, Jin Yuhuan’s originally pale face regained its vitality, and her eyes were flashing with excitement.

She took a deep breath, suppressed the writhing thoughts, and immediately jumped down.

Liu Ming smiled slightly, then he turned and jumped into the pool.

As soon as he entered the cool pool, the cold resistant armor on his body suddenly lit up with a faint red shield, blocking the pool water from his body.

“It’s so cold!”

Even with the cold resistant armor protection, Liu Ming still felt the biting chill spread over in an instant. After a shiver, he channeled the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison. Black gas rolled out from his body, immediately driving the cold away.

Jin Yuhuan, who was in the red shield in front of him, only dived in for a few minutes, and her face also became pale. She quickly took out a fiery red elixir and consumed it. Only then her face looked better.

“Let’s go.” The woman turned her head and forced a smile, pointing at below .

The two immediately channeled the spiritual power to dive to the bottom of the pool.

As the two dived deeper and deeper, the coldness in the pool became stronger.

Liu Ming could still resist the coldness relying on his profound spiritual power and strong physical body.

Jin Yuhuan swallowed several elixirs and cast a lot of talismans, but she was still giggling due to the cold.

As the two dived deeper and deeper, the coldness in the pool became even more chilly.

Silky cold air actually wove into a net in the water, constantly surging at their bodies from all directions. The biting cold seemed to be able to devour them.

After diving to a depth of three hundred meters. The thickness of the cold air was doubled than when they first entered the pool.

Jin Yuhuan was apparently unable to endure it gradually. He quickly slapped her waist, and a red round bead spiritual weapon flew out.

She used her hands to make gestures. After the crimson spirit pattern on the round bead flashed, it released a faint red halo that emitted a hint of warmth.

When the bead flew slowly to the woman’s heart, she felt a trace of warmth. She then continued to dive down with ease.

However, after reaching the depth of five hundred meters, Jin Yuhuan still couldn’t bear the extreme cold even with the fire bead spiritual weapon to protect her heart. Her face became paler.

Liu Ming cultivated the yin attribute technique, so he still had some resistance to the cold air. Together with his pure spiritual power and powerful body, he still looked calm.

As the two dived to a depth of more than six hundred meters, Jin Yuhuan’s face had already turned green. A thin layer of frost was clearly visible on her limbs, and her body gradually became stiff. It seemed that her body had reached the limit. If she still dived deeper and got invaded by the cold air, in minor case, she would get sick and her cultivation would be greatly reduced. For a major case, she could even be dead.

Liu Ming glanced at her, and saw that the woman had no intention of returning. She still wanted to dive deeper.

This woman was so determined that he couldn’t help but a little admiration in his heart. After thinking slightly, he moved beside the woman. He flicked his sleeve and took out the crimson flying sword.

He poured all his spiritual power into the flying sword, then he flicked his index finger lightly to launch out the crimson flying sword. The crimson flying sword floated behind Jin Yuhuan.

After Liu Ming make a gesture, the flying sword buzzed in the water. The twelve red crimson patterns on the sword became clearly visible, emitting an astonishing red halo. A heat wave swarmed out immediately, dispelling some of the cold air.

After a while, the pale color on Jin Yuhuan’s face gradually faded, and a hint of redness appeared. The thin layer of frost on her limbs disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Thank you, Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu for helping me again.” The woman turned her head slightly to look at Liu Ming and sent a voice transmission with a hint of gratitude on her face.

“Miss Jin doesn’t have to be polite. It’s important to go down quickly and take out the thing. In this case, you can’t hold on for too long.” Liu Ming looked at the flying sword that became red and replied calmly.

Jin Yuhuan naturally nodded repeatedly.

After about ten minutes, under the protection of the heat wave emitting from the flying sword, the two successfully reached the bottom of the pool more than a thousand meters deep.

At a glance, a huge white disk array at the center of the bottom of the pool suddenly appeared. There were weird symbols imprinted on it, but there was a broken part at the center of the disk array.

“Is the coldness in this pool related to this disk array?” Liu Ming looked at the incomplete part of the disk array in front of him with a pensive expression, thinking in his heart.

At this moment, Jin Yuhuan took out a white crystal fragment and threw it into the air with one hand. After making a gesture, the piece flew into the broken part of the disk array in a white light, which embedded into the disk array.

Then the woman spat out a cluster of blood essence from her mouth. After pointing at it, it turned into a few drops and shot into every corner of the disk array.

The next moment, the weird symbols on the disk array disappeared for a moment. It was replaced by a large looming white spirit pattern. It wriggled on the disk array in a ring shape, and the speed was getting faster and faster.

Accompanied by a dazzling halo, a crystal clear white sword flashed from the center of the disk array, and then a terrifying cold air gushed out from below the sword.

“Not good.”

Liu Ming frowned. He couldn’t make a gesture in time. After the cold air surged out, the hundred meters radius around the pool water and the two people were frozen instantly.

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