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Chapter 511: Icesilk

After a while, the ripples in the pool became bigger and bigger. One or two bubbles could be seen from time to time, but there was no sign of the icesilk appearing from the surface.

After Jin Yuhuan’s reminder, Liu Ming also knew that this icesilk was very sensitive, so he didn’t dare to use Divine Thought to explore. He could only wait patiently.

Suddenly, there was a splash of water, and a mass of white was fleeting on the surface of the cool pool, which seemed to be part of the icesilk’s body.

Liu Ming frowned. As he was about to move, but after a flash of white light, the ripples on the water suddenly disappeared. The icesilk seemed to have dove back.

In desperation, he had to suppress his urge and waited quietly again.

As a result, after about ten minutes, the originally calm water suddenly rolled violently. A crystal clear white and transparent giant insect head emerged from it.

A pair of green eyes on its head swept around vigilantly, then its whole body crawled out of the cool pool and swiftly rushed to the unknown insect egg in the corner of the cave.

It was the icesilk beastkin that Jin Yuhuan spoke of!

This beastkin was about thirty meters in size. Its head and body were clear and white. Both sides of its body had eight black spots. There was a row or short insect legs which made it crawled fast. The speed was almost comparable to flying speed.

Seeing this insect’s timid look, Liu Ming couldn’t help but laugh a little, then he immediately focused his mind!

This icesilk had very high intelligence. It used the trick of playing hard to get before. With this intelligence, it had surpassed most beastkins, so it couldn’t be underestimated.

The icesilk reached the corner of the cave in a blink of an eye, bit the insect egg, and then crawled back to the cool pool.

At this moment, a white figure fluttered out from another corner and blocked the entrance of the cool pool. It was Jin Yuhuan.

The woman split and closed her hands together quickly, and a green blade light was launched out between her palms. It was the green long sword. Under a shake, a sword light the size of a length of ten meters condensed out and struck directly at the icesilk’s head.

The icesilk beastkin insect was startled. A green light flashed in its compound eyes. It swallowed the insect egg, then it spat out a white frost. As soon as it touched the green blade, it condensed into snowflakes and burst open.

The billowing cold air rolled out, abruptly freezing the green blade light.


Icesilk shot out an icicle again, breaking the blade light with one blow.

Jin Yuhuan was shocked, and she made a gesture and tapped on herself. The red leather armor on the body surface flashed with red light, and a circle of heat waves almost visible to the naked eye flashed out of it, firmly resisting the snow-white frost that came at her.

Icesilk was obviously irritated. As its upper body stood upright and wanted to make a move, a ten meters crimson sword light, mixed with a hot wind, suddenly blasted from a corner and slashed toward the back of the beastkin.

Icesilk also seemed to have noticed something wrong. It squeaked, then its body suddenly curled into a round ball.

At the same time, a sharp chill radiated from its white body. Its body froze into a silver ice ball in an instant.

Jin Yuhuan’s face turned dark. She changed her gesture. The green long sword in front of her became blurred, and another green blade light slashed toward the ice ball.

“Boom” “Boom“!

Two blade lights slashed on the ice ball one after another, then the insect was knocked back to the wall and it fell back to the ground.

Liu Ming raised his hand expressionlessly and called back the flying sword.

Just now, he suddenly made a sneak attack, but he could only leave a sword mark on the ice ball. It didn’t hurt the icesilk beastkin insect inside.

Jin Yuhuan’s blade lights didn’t even leave a mark at all.

This icesilk beastkin insect was actually capable of such a weird defense method.

Jin Yuhuan’s eyes flashed. She took out a yellow talisman and pressed on the ground. A yellow light went into the ground silently.

The next moment, several earth spikes protruded from the ground with a yellow light. The spikes accurately hit the ice ball cast by icesilk. Although it couldn’t hurt the icesilk, it could pin the ice ball on the wall tightly.

“Multi-earth spikes technique.”

Liu Ming recognized this talisman. He nodded slightly. He waved his hand, and a golden light flew out of his sleeve, turning into a sky full of sand. The sand condensed into giant scissors, blasting at the ice ball.

The next moment, the two golden blade lights interlaced as quickly as thunder, cutting at the ice ball.

“Kacha“, a loud noise!

The earth spikes that held the ice ball shattered one after another. On the two deep marks appeared on the surface of the ice ball, a stream of green blood flowed out of it.

There was a hoarse scream from the ice ball. With a crisp sound, the white ice cubes fell one after another, revealing the icesilk itself.

As soon as it stretched its body, it fell to the ground again at lightning speed. It waved its tail in anger, and the golden scissors were parried.

The surface of its crystal white body secreted traces of green blood. The pair of compound eyes flickering with green light stared at Jin Yuhuan who blocked its way back to the cool pool. It was obviously enraged due to the injuries.

“Be careful, it’s going all out.” Liu Ming quickly reminded. The crimson flying sword turned into a ten meters long crimson sword shadow and struck at its back.

When Jin Yuhuan heard the words, she felt a thud in his heart, and she immediately took out another talisman.

However, before the woman activated the talisman, the icesilk’s dozen feet transformed into a phantasm. It turned blurred and intercepted the crimson sword light, then it charged at Jin Yuhuan.

The woman was startled. She didn’t have the time to activate the talisman, and she quickly shook the green long sword in her hand, which immediately turned into a green light and flew out.

Icesilk spurted out a white and clear silk. The silk wrapped around the green long sword in a flash; the spiritual weapon couldn’t break free from it.

Jin Yuhuan urged the green long knife several times in a row, but couldn’t break out of the shackles of the filaments, and his face was shocked.

Although her long sword was only an upper grade spiritual weapon, most of the enchantment were increasing power and sharpness. She knew how sharp the sword was, but it couldn’t do anything to this white silk.

Icesilk’s figure flicked after the obstruction by the long sword was gone. It pounced toward the woman and shot out a sharp icicle at her.

A trace of panic flashed in Jin Yuhuan’s eyes. At such a close range, she couldn’t use other means to defend such an attack. She could only channel her spiritual power into the body protection aura to block this blow.

But at this moment, a golden light flashed in front of the woman’s eyes, a golden sand screen suddenly appeared. It rolled and turned into a cylinder, protecting her in it.

Liu Ming used the Golden Fallen Sand to assist her.

There was a burst of crackling sound!

A series of icicles shot on the golden sand screen, and they burst open one after another. Several chills rolled up and formed a thick layer of ice on the surface of the sand screen.

At the next moment, the golden light flickered as the frozen layer shattered bit by bit.

The icesilk spat out a white silk without hesitation. With just a flash, it turned into a huge net that wrapped the golden sand curtain and the woman in it.

Then the white silk screen suddenly tightened, trapping the woman inside.

Jin Yuhuan’s face suddenly turned pale. No matter what spells she cast, she couldn’t break free from the net.

Fortunately, she was still protected by the golden sand screen, so she wasn’t in danger for a while.

At this moment, Liu Ming flashed and appeared ghostly not far behind icesilk. He made a sword gesture. The ten meters long giant crimson sword light struck at the back of the icesilk.

Icesilk seemed to not notice it. The black spots on its back flickered in green light. Eight green light condensed and formed light beams, resisting the falling sword light.


Liu Ming couldn’t help sighing softly.

He didn’t expect icesilk to have this kind of method. As he was about to increase the spiritual power to break the light beams, the icesilk turned and spurted a white silk at him.

Liu Ming already knew how powerful this silk was, so he wouldn’t fall for it. His figure flickered and appeared eighty meters away.

This made icesilk was in a daze; it was unexpectedly stunned on the spot.

Jin Yuhuan took advantage of the moment when icesilk was attracted by Liu Ming. She bit her lips, and a blood essence turned into a blood mist coming out from her mouth. As she made a gesture, the blood mist went into the dark red leather armor.

Suddenly, the dark red leather armor’s abdomen was full of red light. A crimson array appeared. After the array flickered, it launched a purple red flame beam.

“Poof“, the silk net outside was immediately punched out a big hole by the pillar of fire.

Jin Yuhuan was overjoyed. She leaped and flashed out of the silk trap, then she flew backward. She waved and took out a small blue flag, casting a white cloud to protect her.

When icesilk heard the sound, its huge head turned around abruptly. Seeing that the woman escaped from the silk, it squeaked. A strange green glow appeared in its eyes.


In the cool pool not far away, the surface of the water suddenly tumbled violently. A water beam as thick as a bucket instantly rose into the sky, and it circled and stopped on top of the icesilk, forming a black water cloud of tens of meters.

“Be careful, this insect is going to use something magical again.”

Seeing this, Liu Ming squinted his eyes and waved one hand. The golden sand screen not far away immediately rolled back to him.

Jin Yuhuan’s expression changed when he heard the words. The spiritual weapon that she was good at could not be used, so her power had been greatly weakened. She didn’t say anything and went to Liu Ming’s side.

At this moment, icesilk opened its mouth and spat out a cloud of ice mist which melted into the water cloud above its head.

The silver-white brilliance flashed in the water cloud. The temperature in the cave dropped sharply. The temperature that was already very cold suddenly became extremely cold.

In the next moment, countless thick icicles blasted out from the water cloud like rains, covering a hundred meters more in a radius.

Jin Yuhuan’s face turned pale, and she could not bother running to Liu Ming’s side. She hurriedly channeled the blue flag in her hand, and a layer of blue glow swept out, forming an umbrellshaped shield above her head.

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