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Chapter 416: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 7

“Since Ye Tianmei, the most suitable person, ran away, then I can only borrow your body.” Siren King glanced at Jia Lan in his hand. His face said with a blank expression no matter what she said.

Then he opened his mouth and spurted out a blue light on the pale and beautiful face of the woman in his hand.

Jia Lan Tan opened her mouth, but she had already passed out in a coma before she could say anything she wanted.

At this time, the young man in white robe took the woman to the front of the icicle, extended his other hand, and gently touched the woman’s face across the icicle. His gesture was very soft as if he was afraid of waking her up. He said with a soft voice at the same time,

“Sister Ling, sorry for letting you wait for so long. Soon, we should be able to meet again.”

As he spoke, his eyes flashed. His palm was shining a bright light, emitting a circle of light blue ripples.

An amazing scene appeared!

The icicle was melting at a rate that was visible to the eyes under the blue ripples.

And at this moment, the young man in white robe, who had been calm and comfortable, gradually had sweats on his forehead.

15 minutes had passed.

In front of the young man in white robe, two women were lying.

It was the previous woman in the palace costume frozen in the icicle and Jia Lan.

And under the two women, there was a small magic circle exuding the silver awn.

The young man in white robe shook his sleeve, and took out the painted scroll with a faint silver light.

He threw the scroll onto the palace costume woman, then the scroll floated above the woman and unfolded like a waterfall. It revealed a portrait drawing that was exactly the same as the woman below, but it became more and more blurred at the moment.

The young man raised one hand and pointed at the scroll, and he started chanting. The scroll was shining in great silver light. After that, it exploded in the air, and a cloud of weak black gas came out from it. The black gas flashed into the palace costume woman.

At this moment, a jade pendant hanging from his waist suddenly buzzed on its own.

As Siren King saw this, his complexion immediately changed. He took the jade pendant in his hand.

As a result, there was an anxious voice after a white light flashed o the jade pendant,

“Sir Siren King, it’s great that you are back! Sea Creature Clan has…”

Before the sentence was finished, the young man in white robe crushed the jade pendant with a blank face.

Then, the young man’s figure paused for a moment, and his ten fingers flicked out runes at the array below the woman as he chanted.

After the array buzzed, a great silver light was released, wrapping the palace costume woman in it.

At this moment, the young man in white robe said “raise”.

The costume palace woman emitted a golden light, a cloud of black gas that was bigger than before rose from her forehead slowly.

The black gas was flickering, and its aura was extremely weak.

The young man in white robe looked dignified. He extended an index finger and flicked it carefully to lead it to Jia Lan on the side.

When the black gass finally reached Jia Lan’s forehead, the young man in white robe’s other hand also pointed at her lightly.

Then the black gas flashed into Jia Lan’s forehead.

At this time, Siren King immediately chanted. A golden talisman flew out of his body. After a flash, it was stuck on Jia Lan’s forehead, flickering in a faint golden light.

Then Jia Lan’s body trembled slightly. She sat up in a cross-legged position. At the same time, unknown golden spirit patterns appeared and spread all over her body.

The young man in white robe slammed down at the silver array with one palm.


The silver array immediately let out a clear sound, and then dense silver light silks were launched from it. After surrounding Jia Lan in the middle, the silks immediately wrapped it into a ten meters high silver cocoon.

After doing all this, the young man in white robe felt relieved. He muttered to himself, “This woman’s soul has been suppressed by this talisman and array! In this way, I will soon be able to see Sister Ling. But unfortunately, I can’t find a perfect body for you.”

After saying this, the young man finally glanced at Jia Lan with a nostalgic gaze. He flicked his sleeves and disappeared suddenly.

At this time, under the situation that the Sea Creature Clan King and the six Pseudo Pellet State did not take action, the Sea Creature Clan had the upper hand in the war. They finally narrowed the encirclement to only a few miles from the Sea Emperor Palace.

On the side of Siren King’s forces, after the several Crystallisation Period powerhouses summoned the qirin-like giant monster with eight dragon heads, they cooperated with the four giant puppets and resisted the Sea Creature Clan army without stepping back.

“Booming” loud noise!

On the side of the Sea Emperor Palace, a giant puppet with thousand meters high blocked the joint attack from a giant boat and the Sea Creature Clan soldiers on the giant monster as the puppet’s left hand turned blurred. Its two eyes then glanced across the front line and emitted a dazzling golden light beam at the Sea Creature Clan soldiers.

An ears-piercing whistle sounded!

The dense white sword light immediately surged out from the giant blade on the puppet’s left arm, turning into a sea of ​​white blades and flooding a giant boat.

The giant boat could only shine a little, then it turned into a pile of scrap after muffled sound in the sea of blades. The Sea Creature Clan soldiers were sliced into pieces and turned into a layer of blood mist before they could scream.

Under the golden light, although the huge sea monster couldn’t open its eyes as well, it made an angry roar toward the sky. Under the drive of its instinct, it covered its body with scales that emitted faint halos. Under the surge of the sea of blades, it barely blocked the attack after a wave of metallic sound.

But the Sea Creature Clan soldiers who stood on it were not so lucky. Although most of the blade light was resisted by the giant sea monster under their feet, those who were exposed to the light at the slightest were immediately minced into pieces.

With just a few seconds, the Sea Creature Clan soldiers on its back were swept away.

When the giant monster opened the giant eyes, it saw that the giant puppet in front of it had already reached in front of it. The giant blade was already on top of the sea monster, and it was chopping down at a great momentum.

With a muffled noise, the giant sea monster was slashed into half under the single of the giant blade.

Its body protection aura couldn’t resist in the face of a thousand plus kilogram giant blade!

Afterward, the giant puppet raised its foot again, and in the deafening rumbling sound, it returned to the position where it was standing initially.

In a secret room on the puppet’s head that was transformed by building, some Beastkin Clan soldiers with spirit patterns engraved on their faces were constantly replacing the scrap spirit stones that only had a faint light with the top grade spirit stones in their hands.


On the other side, a qirin-like giant monster flew toward a giant boat of the Sea Creature Clan army like a powerful tide. It turned into a blue crystal light that rushed over at a lightning speed. After a loud colliding sound, the giant boat was crushed into pieces, and the soldiers on top of it were falling like rain.

The qirin-like giant monster stopped suddenly, turned around, and spurted out a huge burning blue fireball that burst into countless blue flames.

Many soldiers were wrapped by a strange blue light after contacting the blue flames, and they were burned into ash.

Seeing such an astonishing attack, the Sea Creature Clan soldiers who fell from the giant boat to the ground and survived by chance looked abnormally pale. In the face of another blue fireball launched by giant monster, a look of despair appeared on their faces.

Just then, there was a fast moving figure behind it.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of several people. It was a Crystallization Period later stage Sea Creature Clan powerhouse with green scales on his face.

As soon as this person appeared here, he formed a gesture with a growl.

Numerous red light spots appeared in the air nearby, then they suddenly increased in size and transformed into green lotus in a palm size that spun quickly. They were emanating waves of invisible suction.

The blue flames collided with the lotus and disappeared under the traction like a moth darts into the fire.

At this time, a few more whistling sounds came out!

Next to this Sea Creature Clan powerhouse, there were another three powerhouses.

These four people just looked at each other, and then they spread out tacitly. They were surrounding the giant monster from a far, and they launched waves of attacks from the spiritual weapon in their hands. However, under the amazing defense of the giant monster, it couldn’t be hurt at all.

The qirin-like giant monster was furious when it saw this. Its eyes revealed a murderous intention, then it stomped on the ground and pounced on one of the powerhouse.

The powerhouse seemed to have been expected. Its figure dodged the giant monster’s assault with just a blur of its figure..

While the other three powerhouses took advantage of this opportunity to launch a green talisman from their sleeves. The talismans exploded when they got close to the qirin-like giant monster.

Three green misty hurricanes formed in an instant and spun around the qirin-like giant monster quickly, forming an invisible strong force out of thin air. It trapped the giant monster in it tightly, and it kept pushing the giant monster into the middle.

The qirin-like giant monster didn’t panic at all in face of this attack. Instead, the scales on its back shone in dazzling light, transfiguring a blue light shadow that covered its body.

As soon as the two opposing forces collided, the rumbling sound suddenly came out!

The blue and green lights were crisscrossing. The hurricane was actually blocked outside by the huge monster; it couldn’t get close at all.

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