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Chapter 417: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 8

The previous Sea Creature Clan Crystallisation Period powerhouse snorted as he saw this. As he rubbed his hands together, countless green light spots appeared. After being activated by symbols, the light spots turned into fist-size green lotus, striking down at the trapped qirin-like giant monster.

As the hurricane and lotus collided, the momentum was abnormally shocking. After an ear-piercing explosion, a dazzling green light covered almost the whole body of the giant monster.

The monster’s body had blue light flickering on it. As it spun fanatically, it still blocked all the attack. However, its blue body became more transparent.

The other side.

The other eight Crystallization Period powerhouses seemed to be channeling a silver light array to trap two qirin-like giant monsters in the middle.

The two qirin-like giant monsters couldn’t get out of the silver light curtain for a while. In the surrounding ground, the corpses and blood of the Sea Creature Clan soldiers and giant monsters were splashing everywhere, soaking the sand below.

Beside several giant boats not far away, above a giant formation of hundreds of Sea Creature Clan soldiers, a purple demon wind suddenly surged out. Countless purple crystal lights were appearing from the wind, and they quickly gathered together.

In a blink of an eye, a thousand meter long purple ice lance emerged out of thin air, and under the channeling of the Sea Creature Clan soldier below, it launched at a qirin-like giant monster that trapped.

The ice lance flashed and turned into a purple rainbow that vanished into the air.

At the next moment, the purple ice lance blasted at the giant monster after a space fluctuation.

An earth-shattering explosion!

As soon as the purple light flashed, the crystal ice lance pierced through the qirin-like giant monster’s body like lightning and exploded.

The giant monster shuddered, then it roared angrily into the sky. The huge hole on its body quickly closed up at a speed visible to the naked eye as if it was never hurt.

But his body became transparent, and its aura was much weaker than before.

The same scene also happened in the encirclements of the Sea Creature Clan soldiers at the other places.

Under the absolute number advantage, Sea Creature Clan used three to four Crystallization Period powerhouses to deal with a qirin-like giant monster, and the soldiers at the back were channeling array to support. The mighty power of the qirin-like giant monsters was depleted quickly.

As for the four thousand meters giant puppets around the Sea Emperor Palace, they seemed to not be able to go far away from the palace. They were basically ignored except there were some soldiers launching range attacks on them.

At the same time.

In the endless gray sky, there wasn’t a single cloud strangely. Instead, black mist was tumbling indefinitely. It filled the whole sky, giving a heavy sense of depression.

Under the sky, on a barren and dry land, there seemed to be nothing but a rugged black boulder.

Liu Ming and others were flying at the low altitude of the land here.

At this time, they had been in this abyss for a while. They were tens of miles away from the node connecting the deep sea mineral vein.

When they entered, they found that there was a deep basin in the middle. It was really as Lan Xi said, they did not encounter a single figure of an evil beast.

It didn’t take long for everyone to come in, and the strange space fissure disappeared strangely.

At that time, Lan Xi took out a disc spiritual weapon, signalling everyone to follow, then took the lead to take off.

Liu Ming and others could only follow first, and they activated the dominoes around their waists to form a gray-white light curtain to cover themselves from the erosion of the evil gas.

They went all the way quite smoothly. At least so far, they did not encounter any danger. This made many people, who were initially worried, relieved. They also had a little confidence in Lan Xi.

Liu Ming looked calm on his face, but he became more cautious in his heart. He did not hesitate to release part of his spiritual power to always be alert to all the movements around him.

At the same time, in his hand, there were already two superb spirit stones, recovering the spiritual power that he consumed. It was to keep himself in the best condition at all times.

Judging from his previous life-and-death experiences, the more likely it was to die when it was at this moment.

After all, this bottomless abyss was not a good place. He was the first to not believe that they could easily find another node and escape safely.

In the team, Xin Yuan and some of the others were still looking serious; which was very different from others.

But what Liu Ming didn’t know was that it wasn’t just him, even Lan Xi, who always looked down at the disc in his hand in front of him, also sneered secretly. He also quietly remembered Xin Yuan and the others in his mind.

After they walked forward for a while, Lan Xi suddenly paused. After looking forward for a moment, he suddenly said lightly,

“It is actually the evil beast sea. You all drink the spiritual fluid now and stop moving!”

Everyone was shocked, stopped their bodies, and landed on the ground. They quickly took out the bottle of spiritual fluid extracted by Lan Xi from evil beasts’ essence blood.

Liu Ming also took out a dark gourd, unplugged the stopper gourd, and drank like everyone else.

Suddenly, a thick stinky smel liquid flowed into their abdomen and turned into a sense of coolness. It quickly spread to the limbs.

The spiritual fluid in this gourd had been checked many times by the slave miners. After absorbing it and confirming that it really had no harm, now they only dared to consume it.

At the next moment, Liu Ming felt an aura like an evil beast emanating from the pores of his body, and his skin turned into a layer of gray color like dead skin.

It was the same for everyone else. All of them were exuding the aura of the evil beast.

Liu Ming was amazed. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, it would feel like the day when he was surrounded by the evil beast horde.

At this moment, everyone looked at the gray haze that suddenly appeared in the distance ahead. Everyone felt anxious and fearful.

Previously, along the way, everyone also encountered some evil beast horde, but most of them were not a huge number. There were only eleven to twelve evil beasts, and the highest level was just the Condensation State intermediate stage.

Therefore, everyone did not consume spiritual fluid at that time, but they just worked together to deal with these evil beasts.

After all, although these spiritual fluids could imitate the evil beast breath and protect them from being attacked, it couldn’t last long, and the number was limited. Therefore, they needed to save it.

But the evil beast sea in front of him was a completely different concept from the evil beast horde. There were at least more than a thousand evil beasts.

In just a few seconds, the mist that was far away was near to them.

Even though Liu Ming and others were prepared in their hearts, they couldn’t help feeling terrified after seeing the situation in the gray mist.

As far as their eyes could see, there were ten thousand plus evil beasts running fanatically toward them. They stirred up a gray mist that was rolling incessantly.

The smallest evil beasts were only a meter in size; the large evil beasts were like a small mountain.

They were familiar with some of the evil beasts’ forms like wolf, dog, toad, etc, but they were some strange shape evils beasts that they had never encountered.

These evil beasts were mostly Condensation Period early stage. Only a few of them reached the intermediate or later stage. They either ran on four legs, flying with the wings on their back, or stirring up gray mist to carry themselves forward.

And at such a close distance, the huge rumbling sound of the evil beast sea even resounded in the whole wasteland.

Everyone could only stand still and let these evil beasts pass through them. Various kinds of rampaging aura surged toward everyone.

Even with Liu Ming’s strong willpower, he couldn’t help being shocked in contacting so many evil beasts at such a close distance. He even felt a feeling of depression like he couldn’t breathe.

He breathed out and glanced at the others, only to find that the other slave miners were even worse.

Some people held the spiritual weapon tightly in their hands and glared at the evil beasts passing by. Only then they could suppress the urge to escape into the sky.

Others dare not catch their breath. They clenched their fists so hard that even their nails pierced into their palm. There was blood flowing from their hands, but they were oblivious about it.

However, this group of evil beasts moved very quickly. In a blink of an eye, the evil beast sea ignored them and went far away.

Only then many of them finally let go of their anxious hearts.

But at this moment, a strange roar suddenly sounded from the evil beast sea behind them.

The sky turned dark as the voice sounded. There were six huge python heads of several ten meters in size emerging behind the evil beast sea.

The six heads were all wrapped in yellow rough scales, and the twelve eyes were all gray. The silver pupils were very slender.

Under the six heads, there was a giant lizard. As the four giant feet sprinting wildly, it stirred up the dust and followed the other evil beasts to come over.

Its six large mouths closed and opened constantly, showing the huge blade-like fangs.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but change his complexion.

Others even took a deep breath witnessing this scene.

“Not good, it seems to be the evil beast of the Crystallization Period! Everyone be careful. Although my spiritual fluid can conceal from the general evil beasts, I don’t know if this is effective against Crystallization Period evil beast. But even so, I advise you not to act rashly.” Lan Xi, who was standing in front of him, squinted his eyes and suddenly said this.

As soon as this remark came out, there was a sudden commotion in the crowd. There was panic in their eyes as they were looking at the Crystallisation Period evil beast.

Liu Ming was also shocked, but after a quick turn of his mind, he suddenly took out a Bone Wind Awl in his hand.

At this time, the six-headed evil beast had already pushed away the other evil beasts that were blocking the way and rushed in front of everyone.

Looking at its rampant manner, it didn’t seem like it was avoiding them.

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