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Hong San was slightly startled as he heard it. There seemed to be a flash of surprise in his eyes, but he suddenly realized something. He asked with a happy face, “Is it possible that Prophecy Niece has figured out the acceleration enchantment of these flying boats?”

“To be honest with Third Uncle, I have obtained a lot of mechanic items during the ‘Prophecy Event’ in Haiyue in these years. There are a few flying boats of excellent grade. When I was bored, I tried to modify the Gale Array that cultivators used in group battles and use this enchantment in the flying boat. After ruining a lot of flying boats, I researched a new temporary array called “Hurricane Array”. It can increase the speed of the flying boat 3 times.” Prophecy Fairy hesitated for a while and nodded slightly as she said.

“Wonderful, Prophecy Niece is really the first array mage of our Red Scale Clan. Then let’s be hurry and use this array.” Hong San was delighted as he heard it.

But Prophecy Fairy’s eyebrows frowned slightly. She looked a little difficult. After a while, she only nodded and said,

“Third Uncle, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Although this array is good, if we want to maximize its effectiveness, we need a wind attribute spiritual stone of upper grade. I currently have only one intermediate grade wind spiritual stone, and its power is almost depleted. I’m afraid the effect will be greatly reduced, and I don’t know if it can hold until we reach our destination… ”

“I have a piece of upper grade wind attribute spiritual stone. I exchanged it with one cultivator when our clan market was open. It’s quite powerful, can you see if it works?” Hong San interrupted without hesitation. He immediately took a green color crystal with the size of a fist.

“It’s great! Then I start the array now.” Prophecy Fairy took over the wind attribute crystal from Hong San; her face couldn’t help reveal a delighted expression.

This crystal was gleaming with green light, emitting waves of spiritual waves. It was powerful than the usual intermediate grade wind attribute stone.

Prophecy Fairy stepped back slowly, then she stood without moving, showing a hesitated face. She slowly glanced ahead as if she was calculating something.

Suddenly, she suddenly hit the storage talisman at her waist with one hand and a few green light shot out from the talisman. After it made a turn, it went back to her hand.

The six green formation flags with some runes on it appeared. They had two to three meters long.

Prophecy Fairy didn’t think much. She spat blood on the flagpole.

Suddenly the six formation flags were glowing.

Then Prophecy Fairy’s eyes were beaming, and she shook her wrists.

In his hand, the formation flags turned into six green mangoes and shot directly in front of the flying boat, and turned into the lower part, disappearing without a trace.

At the next moment, Prophecy Fairy’s eyes narrowed slightly and threw the fist size light green crystal in his hand in the air, then it suspended in the air.

The crisp spell chanting coming out of the mouth of Prophecy Fairy in varying tone.

Then an amazing scene appeared!

The crystal suspended in mid-air flashed a circle of dazzling pale blue light.

At the same time, the surface of the airship ahead had countless green runes emerging from the disappearance of the formation flags, and it quickly formed a ten meters light array that enveloped the green crystal in the middle.

The light array flickered in the sound of the spell, and the green light gradually wrapped the entire ship. In an instant, the crystal-clear white flying boat became pale green.

As Prophecy Fairy saw this scene, her pale face became slightly loose, but the dignified expression in her eyes didn’t reduce at the slightest. Her ten fingers changed like a wheel. Her hand gestures were absorbed into the light array.

After the flying boat shook violently, a whistling sound blasted forward. Its speed suddenly improved a lot.

Hong San was a well-informed person, but he couldn’t help being stunned as he saw this. He spoke to Prophecy Fairy after a while, “With this speed, we can get to Ironfire Valley in two days. We don’t have to worry about the time being too tight.”

Prophecy Fairy nodded as she heard it. Her delicate face showed a hint of chillness as she spoke, “Qing Qin’s and Chi Li’s strength shouldn’t be underestimated. We should be more careful when we reach Ironfire Valley.”

“If it weren’t for a sneak attack, even Qing Qin and Chi Li are powerful, they couldn’t injure Li Kin. I brought the holy medicine of our clan. As long as we can arrive on time, we can keep him safe.” Hong San said with a hum.

“I hope so. On this trip to Bieyuan Island, we have purchased enough ores from Thousand Treasure Mountain on this journey. When things Jia Lan’s side is settled, we can report to the royal family.” Prophecy Fairy’s eyes flashed as she said.

“When it comes to this matter, combined with what happened in the Crystal Valley not long ago, the human girl who killed my three nephews should be Ye Tianmei. This woman actually slaughtered my nephews relying on her Sword Cultivator status. This is really too much. “Hong San said coldly.

“Third Uncle, we still have to focus on the big picture! The most important thing at present is to solve the Siren King’s matter first to avoid causing more trouble. We can deal with Ye Tianmei’s matter later.” Prophecy Fairy shook her head and persuaded.

Hong San showed a thoughtful look as he hesitated. After a while, he exhaled a long breath, “Nevermind, there is always a chance to revenge afterward. It doesn’t have to be done now. We just joined the Sea Region Royal Family not for long. We really can’t afford to make any mistake.”

Seeing this, Prophecy Fairy was slightly relieved.

With Hong San’s love for his nephews, she was really afraid that Hong San would become hot-headed and provoke the unfathomable Ye Tianmei.

If this was the case, they would be in huge trouble.

In an unknown land on Bieyuan Island, in the low altitude air, a woman in white fluttering on a silver long sword was gliding quickly.

The woman’s face was pale and abnormal. There was no vigor on her face, but it couldn’t cover her unparalleled beauty. However, there was a patch of blood on the clothes on her chest.

It was Ye Tianmei who was pursued by Ma Shu all the way.

Because of the serious injury, the woman could no longer keep the sword at high altitude; she could only barely glide at low altitude.

Even so, its speed was still terrifying. She already appeared one hundred meters away in just a blink of an eye.

Ye Tianmei glanced back, and she still could not see any figure, but by virtue of her powerful mental power, she could clearly feel that Ma Shu was still following calmly for more than ten miles. He seemed to be afraid of her flying sword true spirit, so he did not dare to chase too close.

There was a sneer on Ye Tianmei’s face, knowing what Ma Shu thought in her heart. He was obviously thinking that she was bare casting her flying sword with her serious injury. He wanted to make a move when she exhausted her power.

As she thought of this, she gnawed her silver teeth. The light in her dim eyes flashed again, and then she made a sword gesture. Her speed suddenly increased, flying away in long distance.

Shortly after the disappearance of Ye Tianmei’s figure, a square bronze flying car blasted out. Ma Shu was standing on it with a grim face. He looked coldly at the direction of Ye Tianmei’s escape, thinking about something thoughtfully.

“This slut seems to be going in the direction of Ironfire Valley. Does she have any backer there? Or is she just panicking her way? Hmph, but Yan Jue is still in the valley now. Now that Ruyu was killed, he won’t be unrelated. It’s just right to seek justice for myself.”

Under a flash, the flying car dashed through the sky, chasing down Ye Tianmei.

In Bieyuan Island’s inaccessible coast. The deep blue water was hitting the round boulders on the coast.

The loud sound of waves seemed to be able to tear the eardrums of people. The sound was extremely astounding.

At this moment, a blue light suddenly flashed from the sea not far away. After looking closely, a young man was wrapped in this light.

The man was extremely handsome. His skin was fair. His white robes swayed like the wind and the sea breeze, giving people the weird image of extreme peace.

The young man in white robe had a faint smile on his face. His feet lightly stepped on the sea surface, and a clear blue water mass condensed out under his feet. When he stepped on it lightly, he suddenly traveled for a thousand meters away. His behavior was abnormally leisure as if he was strolling on the sea.

Just when he stepped on the shore, he suddenly turned around and glanced at the direction where he came, and he said lightly, “You have followed me for so long. Shouldn’t you come out now?”

But the waves on the sea still looked normal, but there was no abnormality.

Seeing this, the young man in white robe frowned slightly. He stretched out a finger and pointed to the direction of the sea arbitrarily.

A blue light flashed away, and it disappeared into the sea. It caused a ripple in the air nearby.

At this moment, a boom sounded suddenly!

A strange roar came clearly from the water. Suddenly there was a violent wave in front of the young man. The deep blue water rolled up and down, boiling continuously.

A hurricane swept through and rolled up the boulders on the shore, blasting toward the young man. However, the boulders burst into dust as they got close to him.

As a huge red light burst out of the sea, a giant object appeared in midair.

It was a giant sea beast with a height of more than five hundred meters. Its body was red all over. It was covered with layers of lantern-sized scales. It shone brightly under the sun.

This sea beast was not only huge in size, but it was also quite weird in appearance. Its body looked 90% similar to the turtle. It had a thick hard shell, a head like a python, and a tail like a sea dragon.

A few explosions sounded.

As soon as this giant beast appeared, the four feet gently stepped in the air, and bursts of sound immediately sounded. It was enough to cause a distortion in the space below its feet.

The strength of this stomp could be imagined!

“The tortoise beast of the Crystallization Period early stage. It should live for a thousand years at least. Hmm, interesting.” The young man looked faintly at the giant beast in front of him, and a casual smile slowly raised at the corner of his mouth.

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