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But as his sleeve seemed to move, it brought an impact to the air nearby, causing a violent gale.

A huge blue fist phantasm condensed in a flash above the monster’s head, and there was a circle of blue shockwaves rippling in all directions.

Suddenly, the space where the tortoise beast was at had layers of waves under the loud bang. Circles of blue light interacted with each other, sweeping away in all directions. It seemed to contain some unknown strange power.

After the giant tortoise’s body was rolled over by these blue waves, its whole body trembled suddenly as if it was stuck in the mud.

At this time, the huge fist in the air just flashed, hitting the beast’s huge body heavily.

In a loud noise, the surface of the turtle’s body flashed. It immediately fell to the sea, and the ocean waves were splashed up to a few hundred meters high.

A tragic howl sounded!

The tortoise turned into a red shadow flashing from the sea to the sky. Its red eyes showed strong anger when he looked at the youth.

The beast roared twice at this moment. Its tail hit in the air behind him. After the sound of bursts in the space, it then turned into a gust of wind and rushed toward the young man again.

Its body was really huge. This tail whip’s impact was like a mountain dashing through the sky.

The smile on the face of the young man in white robe didn’t diminish. There was a playful expression in his eyes. Afterwards, he calmly raised his arms, and his finger gently pointed at the huge sea beast that was charging him from the sky.

The dazzling blue light suddenly condensed out. In a blink of an eye, a huge finger with a length of more than one hundred meters appeared above the giant sea beast body out of thin air. After a slight tremor, it struck at the sea beast body.

In the continuous explosion, the space passed by the giant finger was occupied by the dazzling blue. It fell silently on the body of the giant beast in an incredible way.

In the rumbling loud explosion, the giant body crashed into the sea again, and there was a crisp sound of scales breaking in it.

When the tortoise emerged from the sea again, its breath was weakened a lot. Its hard and sturdy scales were broken in different places, and there was a trace of blood.

With the beast’s thousand year wits, now it finally knew that the strength of this opponent wasn’t something it could fight against. He was just hiding his breath when it was tracking him.

Immediately, the tortoise beast looked at the young man in white on the shore, it was full of fear. It didn’t dare to soar into the sky. Instead, it made a weird whining sound. After it turned around, it actually tried to run away.

The young man in the white robe didn’t move his hands and feet, but suddenly a astonishing breath burst out of his body. At the same time a huge blurred phantasm flashed away, charging against the tortoise beast.


As soon as the giant beast touched the huge phantasm, it shuddered in its heart. It involuntarily knelt in the air.Although its head was shaking desperately, a kind of pressure from the higher level bloodline made its limbs unable to move at all.

Seeing this, the young man smiled faintly. He flicked his sleeve, and another blue flashed by.

At the next moment, above the giant tortoise’s giant body, a blue ring appeared. As the ring contracted and expanded, it slowly covered the tortoise beast’s serpent head.

When the tortoise saw it, it didn’t dare to move at all. It was still making a weird whining sound.

When the ring fell on the tortoise’s head, the blue light suddenly disappeared. Then, a light blue snowflake-like mark appeared on the tortoise’s forehead.

Seeing this scene, the young man nodded with satisfaction. With a wave of his sleeve, the tortoise turned into a red light and disappeared into his sleeve.

Subsequently, he turned to look at the shore where he couldn’t see in the distance. After his figure fluttered, he flew away without looking back.

Time passed quickly.

In an instant, the one month agreement between the Black Flame Palace and Qing Qin and Chi Li was coming.

In an attic in Ironfire Valley.

Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged on the bed. His eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a hint of joy on his face.

“Now, the date should be coming soon. I should prepare for it, so I can grasp this opportunity.” After Liu Ming said this, his body jumped to the ground. He opened his five fingers, and there were a few blue exquisite formation flags in his hand. He threw them lightly at the corner of the attic. As he was chanting, a small green array immediately covered the attic.

After doing all this, Liu Ming was relieved.

He then turned his one hand, and there was a talisman emitting solf glow in his palm.

Talisman had a five-color halo circulating on itself. As the light slowly circulated, the halo shrank and flickered every time it turned as if it had life.

Looking at talisman, Liu Ming’s pupils shrank slightly. He slightly pressured with one hand, and the talisman was burst. Immediately, a strong mental wave swirled on top of him under a five color glow.

This day, the sky was not yet bright. The mountains, rivers and pavillions in the valley were covered with a light mist. From afar, such a scene was like an ink painting by a master artist.

At this moment, a sharp screeching suddenly came from outside Ironfire Valley. This sound came very quickly, and it spread a thousand meters away in an instant.

Later, there was one hundred meters long flying boat covered in white light shield. It immediately expanded over the Ironfire Valley’s sky.

It was Prophecy Fairy and Hong San of the Sea Creature Clan who were rushing all the way.

After Hong San broke through the anti air enchantment over the Ironfire Valley, the flying boat broke into the Ironfire Valley all the way.

At this time, the Black Flame Palace guardians in the valley were as if they did not see all this. They were still patrolling the street on their own, but they inadvertently avoided the vicinity of this flying boat.

Hong San’s face was solemn. He was standing quietly at the front of the flying boat, but his consciousness swept continuously underneath.

“We are finally here.” The Prophecy Fairy glanced over the dense buildings below, then he flipped with one hand, and a golden disc appeared in her hand.

Suddenly, her slender jade hand made a gesture and pointed at the golden disc. There were golden runes on the disc. A golden arrow was condensed, pointing at the street far away in the Ironfire Valley.

“Third Uncle, Elder Li and the others are there. Let’s go down.” Seeing this, Prophecy Fairy said with a happy face.

Hong San nodded. Prophecy Fairy immediately drove the flying boat to the position pointed by the disc and flew away.

Inside a quiet and spacious stone chamber under the Ironfire Valley, three black-robed men in masks sat cross-legged.

“Sea Creature Clan’s reinforcements seem to have arrived in the valley. The one month period agreement seems to still have half a day.” One of the black robed man suddenly said.

“Qing Qin and Chi Li will not allow them to meet each other; they will initiate an assault early. Should we come forward to stop them?” Another black robed man said slowly.

“At this time, why do we still want to help out?. Let’s wait and see how it changes.” A black-robed man in the middle hesitated for a moment, then he waved his hand and said to the other two.

After hearing the words, the two nodded silently.

The stone chamber returned to silence again.

After fifteen minutes, Sea Creature Clan people such as Hong San and Prophecy Fairy had landed in front of the house where Jia Lan stayed.

However, at this moment, suddenly a green light blasted out from a side house. After it landed with an impact, it transfigured into a semi-bald green robe macho man, blocking in front of Hong San and Prophecy Fairy.

Just shortly after the appearance of the green robe macho man, another red glow shooting from the house where Jia Lan was located. After it swirled in the air, it fell beside the green robe macho man and turned into a beautiful woman.

Hong San and Prophecy Fairy were not surprised as they expected them to appear.

“Qing Qin and Chi Li finally showed up. I originally planned to visit you two in person, but now it seems that it is unnecessary.” Prophecy Fairy gave a coquettish laughter, but there was no hint of smiling in her eyes. There was only a flash of cold killing intention.

“Hmph, it turned out to be Sea Creature Clan’s thief! I’m already waiting impatiently in this damn Ironfire Valley. Very good, now that all of you have arrived, then let’s solve it together.” Qing Qin said with cold snort. He didn’t plan to talk nonsense anymore. With a scream, his gesture formed. Suddenly, the green beast with a fish head and bird body appeared again.

With the beast’s slight movement, the surrounding space immediately showed a distortion.

The monster body that Qing Qin transfigured was 30% bigger than the last time he summoned to fight with Li Kun.

These days, he saw Jia Lan and other people at all times, but he couldn’t attack them. Now was naturally the good time to vent it.

“Hmph, a beastkin dared to be pretentious in front of me. I, Hong San, will let you know the consequences of offending our people.” Hong San snorted coldly. He swung his sleeve, then a crimson light flashed out from his body. It condensed above his head, and transfigured a giant palm…

The palm was more than two hundred meters long. There were golden threads interlaced on it, forming a very complicated large array. It was obviously blessed with some special functions.

Subsequently, in the loud booms, the powerhouses of the Crystallization Period, Hong San and Qing Qin fought.

Aside, Chi Li did not rush to make a move. Instead, she stared at Prophecy Fairy with a smile. She said with a somewhat playful tone,

“I see that you are still a junior at the Condensation Period. If you are willing to end your life yourself, I can give you a quick end to reduce your pain. Otherwise, it is not that simple to just lose your life when you agitated me.”

When she first appeared, she clearly perceived that the Prophecy Fairy in front of her and the Sea Creature Clan people behind her were merely at the Condensation State later stage. With the strength of her early stage Crystallization Period, she could easily trample upon them.

“Even though your strength is amazing, since junior dares to come here, I’m naturally well-prepared.” Prophecy Fairy said after feeling the red dress woman’s horror spirit pressure. However, she said indifferently. She waved her hand to the back.

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