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Demon's Diary - C291

"Is the Spirit Weapon so mysterious? If so, we'll have a much better chance of waking up." Liu Ming's eyes flashed as he asked. "Does Martial Uncle Yan know about the Nine Revolving Samsara Plate?"

"Of course, Fellow Yan knows about this matter. Otherwise, how could they be willing to let core disciples like you to take such a big risk?"

"If you are willing to do this, our Heavenly Moon Sect will naturally pay a sufficient price. You can even propose the specific conditions to the sect yourself. Martial Nephew, you can think about it carefully before answering. "
Ye Tianmei smiled and said.

"Can I?"

Liu Ming's heart beat faster.

What he was worried about the most right now was the matter of his body being possessed by someone else. With the Heavenly Moon Sect's strength, even though they might not have related Spirit Weapons, it shouldn't be difficult to find a few talismans that could prevent his body from being possessed.

Seeing that Liu Ming was silent for a while, Ye Tianmei said with a smile: "I know that you have already started cultivating the sword, but no one will sell the high level sword techniques in the market. If you are able to save Xiu Niang, I can teach you a set of high-grade sword technique which doesn't belong to our sect. Although this technique cannot be compared with our sect's, it is still possible for you to become a true sword cultivator."

"High grade sword technique!"

"Thank you for your kindness, Senior. However, I plan to focus on cultivating the sect's internal arts for a period of time in the future, so I don't need to learn the flying sword arts first."

The Taigang Sword Technique flashed in his mind and he immediately declined.

"That's up to you."

"But look at you. There should be something else you want more. " Ye Tianmei said expressionlessly.

"Yes, senior. I do want something, but I don't know if your sect has it." Liu Ming's eyes flashed as he spoke.

"Oh. Tell me what it is. Even if the sect doesn't have it, I can still personally promise to help you find it. "

Ye Tianmei's face revealed an expression of interest for the first time.

"Since senior has already made a promise, I shall state it clearly."

Liu Ming let out a light breath before revealing a serious expression……

After a while, when Martial Uncle Yan, Master Leng Yue, and Yuan Mo returned to the main hall after receiving the news, Liu Ming still stood respectfully in front of Ye Tianmei.

"Fellow Ye has already reached a consensus with you?"

Martial Uncle Yan was the first to ask.

Master Leng Yue also revealed an expression of concern.

"Brother Yan, don't worry. I won't bully the weak. Martial Nephew Liu has already agreed to help. And I have personally promised to give him a satisfactory reward. "
Ye Tianmei glanced at Martial Uncle Yan and said.

"Martial Nephew, is that true?" Martial Uncle Yan bluntly turned his head to ask Liu Ming.

"Thank you for your concern, Martial Uncle."

"Senior Ye has indeed promised me what I want the most." Liu Ming replied respectfully.

"Fine!" Martial Uncle Yan nodded in relief.

"Very good, Fellow Ye, thank you."

Master Leng Yue revealed an expression of joy.

"Since you and Martial Nephew Liu have come to an agreement. Let's start setting up the related magical formation as soon as possible. After all, with Martial Nephew Zhang's current situation, the longer we delay, the worse the situation will become."

"In addition, Fellow Yan, please explain some matters to Martial Nephew Liu. Fellow Ye, you can go to the Myriad Excellence Sectders and borrow the Nine Revolving Samsara Plateving Rebirth Plate." Yuan Mo ordered directly.

Facing the number one expert of the Yunchuan, the others didn't feel anything was wrong and immediately agreed to take action.

Half a day later, a golden formation had been set up in the main hall.

The grooves around the formation were not only inlaid with nearly a hundred different colored Spirit Stones, but there were also two jade platforms in the center.

On one of the jade platforms lay a pale, beautiful woman with her eyes closed.

It was precisely Zhang Xiuniang.

The other jade platform was completely empty. However, a seven-colored halo of light was flickering above it, and a palm-sized white plate was faintly discernible as it floated in the air.

At the edge of the formation, Yuan Mo and the others were standing there. Inside was the beautiful woman "Fairy Shi" from the Myriad Excellent Sect lady.

The woman smiled as she sized up the golden formation in the hall. No one knew what she was thinking of.

Liu Ming stood at a distance and there were more than a dozen talismans stuck on his body. Moreover, his robe was covered with many faint silver Spirit Marks that seemed to be a bit complicated. It made one feel dizzy as they stared at them.

"It is now noon. It is time to let Martial Nephew Liu enter the formation."

Yuan Mo was playing with a green misty ring in his hand. After raising his head to look at the door, he narrowed his eyes and said.


Liu Ming let out a light breath before slowly walking up from behind. After a moment, he laid on another jade table not far from Zhang Xiuniang's.

Master Leng Yue and the others saw this, they revealed a trace of seriousness.

"Martial Nephew Liu, listen carefully."

The time inside the illusionary world formed by the Gu worm in Martial Nephew Zhang's consciousness sea is completely different from the time outside. Perhaps you spent a year there, but to the people outside, it could only be an instant.

However, even if that was the case, it would still be impossible for you to use more than half of your spirit imprint to leave your body for too long. Therefore, You only have half a day to wake her up.

"If the two of you are unable to awaken yourselves within two hours, we will activate the Nine Revolving Samsara Plate and forcefully drag you into the path of reincarnation in the illusionary world. After that, you're on your own."

Yuan Mo said slowly. Although his voice was not loud, it reverberated in Liu Ming's ears. There was a strange and unspeakable power that made him memorize it in an instant.

Liu Ming nodded and agreed. He placed his hands on his knees and closed his eyes. At the same time, the talismans on his body and the various Spirit Marks on his robe instantly began to emit light of various colors.

"Hehe, I didn't think that there would be a day when I could use the Spirit Guiding Art again."

A faint laugh appeared on Yuan Mo's face. And then he joined his hands together before suddenly separating them.

Immediately, a green bead appeared in his palm. With a flash of light, it suddenly spat out a green spell and entered the formation.

In the next moment, the entire formation began to hum loudly. After the surrounding Spirit Stones lit up, countless golden talismans appeared on the ground and crazily rushed toward Liu Ming and Zhang Xiuniang. It seemed that more and more talismans appeared.

"Hong!" With a muffled sound, an exquisite illusion of a golden arch bridge appeared in the air between Liu Ming and Zhang Xiuniang. Both sides of the bridge entered their heads.

Liu Ming felt his head sink and his body lighten. After opening his eyes, he appeared on top of a green mountain.

"This is the illusionary world formed by the Gu worm!"

Liu Ming raised his hands in surprise and looked around. He could not help but show a little surprise on his face.

A white sun hung high up in the sky, while in other places, the sky was clear and blue. On the mountaintop, there were more than a dozen pine trees of different sizes and a few pieces of green rocks.

Apart from the Spirit Marks on his body, the rest of his clothes were the same as before he came in.

However, at this time, his body was heavy and his breathing was short. His spirit imprint could not leave his body. It was obvious that in this illusionary world, he was nothing but a mortal without any Fa Li in his body.

Liu Ming's brow furrowed and he moved his arms and legs. He vaguely felt that he still had some strength in his body. He walked toward a small tree nearby.

With a low shout, his five fingers formed a fist and shot forward.

"Peng!" the small tree in front of him shook a few times, and a shallow fist mark was left on its surface.

"It's alright. Although there isn't any Fa Li, the strength of the physical body is still at the same level as before. However, I don't know if the mortal secret arts that I previously cultivated can still be used here."

Liu Ming placed his slightly red fist in front of his eyes to take a look before suddenly taking a deep breath.

Then the sound of firecrackers came out from his body and his two arms suddenly became slightly thicker.
"It seemed that other than my Fa Li, all the other abilities were the same as before."

"I really can't believe that such an illusory world is actually created by a mere Gu. No wonder the Dream Binding Gu is ranked among the five great evil Gus. It's really quite strange."

Liu Ming looked at his surroundings and muttered to himself. With a shake of his arm, everything returned to its original state.

He then walked to the edge of the mountain and looked down from above. At the foot of the mountain, he saw a small village with green smoke coming out of it. It was obvious that there were people living there.

As for the rest, they were all black mountains with no end in sight.

"According to what Martial Uncle said, I was transferred to this world with a strand of Zhang Xiuniang's hair, so I should have arrived at a place not too far away from her."

"This place is so remote, could it be that she's in this village? If she were there, it would save me a lot of trouble." Liu Ming's eyes flashed as he muttered to himself.

He then took a big step and immediately followed a blurry trail to the foot of the mountain.

Although he did not have any Fa Li on him, he still walked fast. In half a quarter of an hour, he arrived at the village at the foot of the mountain.

Instead of rushing into the village, Liu Ming shook his body and jumped onto a nearby large tree. Using the dense foliage of the tree as cover, he silently observed the village.

The village was not big, and judging from the number of houses in the village, it should only be inhabited by a hundred families. There were only a few acres of farmland beside the village, which was filled with green seedlings. A few people dressed as peasants were busy in the fields.

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