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Demon's Diary - C291

"They are much stronger than the previous disciples, but I'm afraid they are still not able to withstand the might of secret arts. Of course, among the younger generation, they could be considered to have extraordinary talent. I have two bottles of pills that are extremely beneficial to the Liquid Level Cultivation, I will give them to you."

Yuan Mo sighed and flipped his hand. Two light white bottles appeared. He then casually threw them out.

Liu Ming and the black-faced young man were confused. However, when they saw the pill being given to them by Yuan Mo, they subconsciously caught it and at the same time expressed their gratitude.

Master Leng Yue's expression turned ugly.

As for Ye Tianmei, she furrowed her brow before looking Liu Ming up and down a few times. Suddenly, she said coldly: "Martial Nephew Liu,why did you hide your strength? The mental energy that you're displaying right now is not your limit!"

"The last time you fought with that Spirit Master of the Sea Race, your strength was more than this."

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

Master Leng Yue and Master Ling Yu revealed an expression of astonishment.

Yuan Mo looked at Liu Ming once more. He was somewhat surprised.

Martial Uncle Yan stroked his beard with his hand and gave a faint smile before instructing Liu Ming: "Martial Nephew Liu, since the seniors want to see how strong your Mental Energy is, there is no need to hide it. Just show your strength."

"Since Martial Uncle has already said so, I'll have another try!" Liu Ming replied.

Then he took a deep breath and put away the small bottle in his hand.

The hand seal suddenly changed and a powerful Mental Energy rolled out from his brow.

The misty crystal vortex that had been rotating slowly around he suddenly expanded. It was now more than half of its original size.

Although such a huge Mental Energy phenomenon was not considered astounding in the eyes of many Crystal Level Cultivators, it was extremely shocking for an early stage Middle Liquid Spirit Master to possess it. It was almost three times more than those of the same level and it completely made the hurricane formed by the Mental Energy of the black-faced young man tilt.

The young man couldn't say a word, while Master Ling Yu, who was standing to the side, had an expression of shock as he stared at Liu Ming with glowing eyes. Then he said "what a pity" repeatedly.

To this Crystal Level Cultivator of the Nine Enchantment Sect, If a cultivator with such a huge amount of mental power could be train in puppet techniques under the guaidence of the Nine Enchantment Sect, it wouldn't be a waste of his amazing talent.

When Martial Uncle Yan saw this, he revealed a smile. Clearly, he was also very satisfied with the strength of Liu Ming's Mental Energy.

"Okay, Martial Nephew Liu's Mental Energy can actually reach such a level."

"If that's the case, I should be able to give it a try." Yuan Mo clapped his hands and smiled.

" Fellow Yuan Mo, are you serious?" Master Leng Yue got overjoyed…

"I'm serious. But, if you wanted to save a disciple of your sect, Martial Nephew Liu would have to volunteer."

"After all, the method I'll use has a certain degree of danger and can also cause Martial Nephew Liu to become unconscious." Yuan Mo said.

" Fellow Yan, it seems that Martial Nephew Liu is the only suitable candidate in the city. What do you think?"

Marster Leng Yue nodded her head and spoke to Martial Uncle Yan with a serious expression.

"I said it earlier. If there is a suitable person in our sect, we will not obstruct him in the slightest. But it was so dangerous, If Martial Nephew Liu is unwilling, I won't force him." Martial Uncle Yan smiled.

"As long as Martial Nephew Liu could save Xiu Niang, we will not treat him unfairly." Master Leng Yue said without hesitation.

"In that case, I have nothing to say. You can talk to Martial Nephew Liu."

Martial Uncle Yan's expression became a little more relaxed.

When Liu Ming and the young man heard this, they vaguely understood what was going on.

However, at this time, Master Ling Yu stood up and clasped his fist at Leng Yue and Ye Tianmei, "Since your sect has found the right person, then I'll leave with Martial Nephew Yun. Hehe, no matter what, if Zhang Xiuniang can be saved, then there will be a great chance for her to advance into a Crystal Level Cultivator, or even become a Fake Pill Cultivator in a few hundred years. To the people of Yunchuan, this is definitely an important force that we cannot give up in our current situation. If your sect still needs any help, feel free to speak up."

"Thank you, Fellow Ling Yu. If we really need anything, we won't be polite."

After Master Leng Yue heard this, she nodded and replied.

Then, Master Ling Yu bid farewell to the others before leaving with the young man.

At this time, Master Leng Yue's gaze returned to Liu Ming, who had retracted his Mental Energy. After thinking for a moment, She wanted to say something, but Ye Tianmei suddenly spoke up, , "Martial Sister, Senior Brother Yuan, Fellow Yan, can I have some words with Martial Nephew Liu?"

Master Leng Yue and Martial Uncle Yan were slightly startled.

"I have no problems with it." Yuan Mo said to the other two." Fellows, why don't we go to the side hall and talk about the alliance first? "

Leng Yue and Martial Uncle Yan looked at each other. Although they were a little doubtful, they could only nod their heads in agreement under these circumstances.

Thus, the three of them immediately stood up and left the main hall.

As a junior disciple, Liu Ming had no room to object. He could only respectfully stand where he was.

For some reasons, he felt quite a bit of fear when he was facing Ye Tianmei alone. He even had a strange feeling that his secret had been seen through.

"Martial Nephew Liu, after you heard what Senior Leng Yue said earlier, you should understand why our Heavenly Moon Sect is looking for you, right?" After the others had left, Ye Tianmei did not hesitate to said. "If you have any questions, you can ask now."

"I also heard from her that Senior Zhang has been unconscious ever since she returned from the floating city of the Sea Race. However, I don't know how she is doing."

"Saving her needs someone with strong Mental Power, wouldn't the seniors be stronger than the juniors?"

Liu Ming hesitated for a moment before asking.

"The reason why Xiu Niang fell into a coma was because of the 'Dream Winding Gu' that was planted by a Sea Race Fake Pill Level expert. At this moment, her entire mind was deeply immersed in the illusory world formed by the Gu. If we can't wake her up in time, she probably wouldn't be able to wake up."

"Therefore, we now needed another person with a strong spirit. Through some secret technique, Fellow Yuan Mo have to sent his spirit imprint into this illusionary world to forcefully awaken her."

"As for why we must find juniors like you, it is because Xiu Niang's consciousness sea has a limited space and absolutely cannot endure the consciousness of others who exceed the limit of her. Otherwise, the backlash of Fa Li would completely explode her consciousness sea."

"Therefore, the people who can help her this time can only be found among the early stage of the Middle Liquid. Right now, you seem to be the most suitable one."

Ye Tian Mei replied calmly.

"Dream Winding Gu? Could this be a type of Gu technique!? under normal circumstances, as long as the Gu worm is forced out of the body, won't it be fine?"

Liu Ming was somewhat surprised.

"If only it was that simple."

"This Gu was one of the five great evil Gu in the world. Once it enters someone's body, it would immediately form a symbiotic situation with the soul of the person. If they were forced out of the body, the Gu would only perish together with her. The only way to kill this Gu peacefully is to let her wake up by herself. Otherwise, even if others have supernatural powers, they can't do anything about it."

Ye Tian Mei's face showed a serious expression.

"There's actually such a demonic Gu worm?"

When Liu Ming heard this, his expression couldn't help but change greatly.

"The five great evil Gu in the world are something that could kill people without them noticing. The Dream Winding Gu was the gentlest of them all."

But now, Xiu Niang was already deeply immersed in an illusory world and was simply unable to wake up by herself.

"It was a good thing that Fellow Yuan Mo had a top grade Spirit Weapon. Together with a Secret Technique Array, he had the ability to send the spirit imprint of others into the illusionary world formed by the Dream Winding Gu."

"When this person entered the illusionary world, the more willpower and mental strength he possessed, the better it would be. Otherwise, he might also be lost in it. Then there really is no other way!"

Ye Tianmei stared at Liu Ming and said word by word.

Liu Ming's expression became unsettled. After a while, he let out a bitter laugh and said, "Senior, if I am willing to go, what are the chances of success?"

"I can't say for sure. It depends on how powerful this Dreamy Winding Gu is, and Xiu Niang's situation and your performance at that time."

"However, you don't have to worry. If your spirit imprint is also addicted to the illusionary world, we have prepared other backup plans that can help you." Ye Tianmei said calmly.

"Other tricks? Senior, Please explain it more clearly!" Liu Ming asked in surprise.

"The Myriad Excellence Sect has a top-grade Spirit Weapon called the Nine Revolving Samsara Plate. It is a well-known auxiliary equipment and is extremely mysterious."

"At that time, if your spiritual nature is also lost, we can use this Spirit Weapon with Fellow Yuan Mo's secret technique so that you and Xiu Niang can reincarnate in the illusionary world and last for as long as nine lifetimes."

"Every reincarnation will force your consciousness sea to clear up once. That is to say, you have nine chances to wake up. So the risks will be reduced to the lowest level." Ye Tianmei said slowly.

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